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January 23, 2011


my tears to you....i lost my katie beagle 3/5/11 and the suddeness still hurts....she was my first beagle and i never thought such a small creature could have so much love.....i now have two *special needs* rescue beagles that i thank God for everyday, and know that he could take them anytime..... katie & briggs are playing with the angels now..... they will never be replaced, and will always be missed......

I have been very busy lately & haven't had a chance to catch up on news at RDR.

I am so very sorry to read this news. Briggs was a very special dog & thank you for all you did for him in his 3 years living with you. He had a good 3 years knowing what it was like to live as normal a life as possible & knowing he was loved & cared for. If you hadn't taken him in it is 3 years he more than likely would not have had. God Bless.

So sorry to hear of your loss. I have enjoyed the cute stories and pictures of Briggs over the past few years. What a special dog. Once again, because of you another dog with physical/medical issues has had a chance for a great life. Rest in peace Briggs.

My condolences to you all. I have to say thank you for putting links on the blog to allow us to remember what a great remaining life Briggs had with you. Now, on to new things for this sweet pea. Briggs will drive my Animal Rescue Site voting to the max. With the help of this option and many wonderful, wonderful supporters, it was (although heartbreaking) good to know what was actually going on in his little body and know it was time. Fly on with your new Angel wings lil Briggs ...

Hi Guys,
Just getting caught up on blogs and so sorry to hear about Briggs. At least he had the greatest three years of his life. We lost my Grey Bear over Christmas and I still haven't recovered. Just wanted you to know we were thinking about you and sending hugs your way.
Wayne and Jan

Steve and Alayne, you are my heroes. I am deeply sorry for your beautiful Briggs. He was so incredibly lucky to have received your care and love. I have just finished my last will and testiment and have awarded you my entire estate. I, myself am getting ready to check out. The world is a much better place because of the two of you. I love you both and have the deepest gratitude for you. Thank you everyday for the work and love you give each and every day.

So sorry to hear about the loss of handsome Briggs. He was truly loved by both of you. Thanks for giving him a wonderful three years.

My sincere sympathy. He had a wonderful few years with you. Blessings on you all.

There was a beagle name Briggs;
Whose charm the ladies would dig;
The Rainbow Bridge he saw
With anticipation and awe;
No pain, new flirts,
He smiled and waved with his paw!

Oh my gosh...I am heartbroken to hear this news! Steve and Alayne-my heart gies out to you both....Briggs was so incredibly lucky to have three magical years of love, kindness, and respect. And I know you both feel lucky to have basked in his silliness and love...sending my deepest condolences for such a sad time for you both :( lots of hugs from all of us,
Sue and the crew

Briggs was just one of the very special animals you have and still take care of. Briggs is smiling down at you with the other babies you have lost in the past. We are so sorry to here about Briggs passing.

Louis and Jean Colorado

I am so sorry to hear of you loosing Briggs; I know how special he was to you and Alayne. He had such a wonderful life at the Ranch; a rough start so he was due to be surrounded by love and well cared for. He left you the same way he came to you; completely loved.
Angel blessings to sweet Briggs.

I am in the owner of 3 beagles, Briggs was one of my favs......... you guys gave him a good life & did the best you you prayers go out to you and may Briggs have a happy pain-free life @ The Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him so much.
Annette - Colorado

I am so sorry for what happened to Briggs. My heart goes out to you & Alayne. Others have said it so well, as I got here late, but please know that you are both in my thoughts.
Special big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I think the owner of Barbaro said it best: "Grief is the price you pay for love". Briggs will be missed by all who read his escapades. Our hearts are with you.

I'm so very sorry. Wish there were words to make it better, but there simply aren't.

Sending cyber hugs to all of you instead.

Steve & Alayne:
I mourn with you over Briggs. Although I never had the pleasure to meet him, I've heard all about him from Morgan and Andy. He was definitely one of Atlanta Beagle Rescue's Happy Tails as we got to see and hear all about his life in Montana and NH ... and with ladies of all breeds! Thank you for loving him and thank you for giving him the medical treatment and personal ove that enabled him to have such an awesome 3 years!

Still feel so sad! I keep on looking at his pictures. Briggs TRULY was a SWEETHEART!!!!

This is so very sad. We will all miss Briggs. This is so hard, how do the both of you cope with this as much as you do? I realize you get all the love in return but it is still gut wrenching. I still grieve for pets lost decades ago and constantly worry about mine now that are getting up there in years. Love to all of you.

Wow, what a heartbreaker. I started crying, remembering losing my precious dog just 3 weeks ago. It is never easy but you must force yourself to remember the joy and care you provide to all the animals who so depend on you...peace.

Dear Alayne & Steve, Both of you mean so very much to all of us. At times like this-you losing Briggs and then telling us with such tenderness and love-reminds all of us of that once again. Thank you...

How awful, I can't believe it, losing such a character. I hope he rests in peace. I will miss stories about him and I am sure the other dogs will miss him as well. Hugs to every dog on your ranch.

Thanks to both of you for all you do for all of the animals. I've only had to make that tough decision once - and it was more than enough. Briggs can definitely be the ladies' man in Heaven. You made his short time here quite wonderful. Just think of all the company you will both have waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge when your times come. God bless you.

I'm so sorry for your loss, I loved hearing stories about Briggs' ladies man antics...he's having a great time chasing girls up in doggie heaven now. Sucks that you lost him, but so great he found his way to you both. XOXO Lisa

So many have said it so give so much to these sweet animals and they give as much and more to you..I too believe that Mr briggs is looking down from heaven saying "hummm...thats what they looked like. nice"! Twosie Mae will keep an eye on Briggs and the two of them with the host of hounds will watch over us!

Thanks for doing what you do..

You are both such incredible people. Thank you for opening not just your heart, but your home as well to so many animals. Nothing can equal the love and the fantastics lives that you give them.
Sending Woof Lovings over cyberspace to you both and every animal in your home.

My condolences Steve and Alayne. What joy you brought to this sweet beagle. The stories you shared of his wobbly, love-filled antics brought smiles to many people. We're better off for having known him through you.

Rest in peace dear Briggs... such a beautiful soul you were.

Thank you for introducing us to Briggs and allowing us to laugh at his antics. What a cute, funny dog!
While your sorrow at his passing must be deep, aren't you two lucky to have known him???

Steve & Alayne,
What a lovely life you gave to Briggs...I know you are heartbroken now, but you can be comforted in knowing that you filled his final years with love and comfort and care.

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." ~Kahlil Gibran

Dearest Steve and Alayne, there is no easy way to lose a loved one, but it seems so sudden to lose your special little beagle. You are always so generous to share these sad moments with us-I hope you realize that though many of us are far away and haven't all met your animals in person, they are very real and important to us. All of these comments should tell you how Briggs made an impact much larger than his little body...his bigger than life spirit touched so many of us. He's making all of the ladies at the rainbow bridge happy now. Peace to you all, Libby

This was a tough one, very difficult to read but harder, I am sure, for you to experience. Thank you for sharing this account with us. It is a very thoughtful tribute to this little ladies' man, who had it good at the ranch. Rest in peace, sweet Briggs.

My heart breaks for beloved Lexie had a similar cancer condition & it was the most horrible day of my life to have to let her go. Know how truly special you both are, giving Briggs 3 years of love & care. RIP Briggs--say Hi to Lexie.

My deepest sympathies. Hard way to start off a weekend, but glad that Briggs didn't suffer.

He was a special little sentient being and had much love once he hooked up with RDR.

I know everyone there misses him too.


I'm up and down and happy and sad with each new blog entry. I share in your pain and thank God every day for people such as you and for the wonderful work that you do. You do indeed pay a high price, and I hope in some small way that our grief will help to ease your pain.

Oh sweet Mr Briggs. How sad. Poor baby boy had been through so much. Once again, it is so clear how fortunate he and all of your other 3 and 4 legged family are incredibly fortunate to have you help them through their challenged lives. He was such a lucky boy to have you there with him until the very end. Hugs to both you, and Alayne during this sad time.

Guides, please bless the soul of Briggs, the little Beagle who died. Please make his spirit happy in heaven. Thank you.
Cyber hugs to you both.

Thank you both for all that you do, I know it's not easy to lose these wonderful animals.

Bless your hearts. I know how tough it is to lose a beloved pet, and I can't imagine having to go through it as much as rescuers do. As others have said, and you well know, Briggs is all better now, and I bet he will be checking in on you from time to time.

One thing I know, when you two cross the are going to have so many wonderful reunions.

So sorry Steve and Alayne... my heart hurts with and for you all.

I know he knew how special you are, as he was to you. Thank you for every ounce of kindness and love you had for dear Briggs.

Parker will be on the look out for you over the Rainbow Bridge. Play in peace little one.

I was so sorry to hear about Briggs and do share in your sadness. We lost our beloved Aspen on Christmas Eve and I am still heartbroken. You provided Briggs with such a loving and safe home for the past 3 years that I'm sure between frolicking with his friends he is thanking God daily for making two such compassionate and selfless humans. Remember the happy times.
Jo Baker

This one really caught me off guard. I thought he'd be charming the ladies for much longer. So sorry Steve and Alayne, for your loss. I'm so glad that after a rough start, Briggs got three wonderful years of life.

Rest in peace precious little Briggs and Bless Your Brave Hearts, Alayne and Steve for giving him such a happy life while you could. Whether it be through stories of laughter or tears, the love shines through. Briggs had lots of it. Rest well, little pup.

I could hardly finish reading this for the tears. I'm so, so sorry, and I wish you could both feel all the hugs that we all wish we could give you! Thank you for the life that you gave to Briggs for three years, for the life that you give to so many animals who have so many needs, and yet, so much love still to give.

Alayne and Steve,

It broke my heart to hear about sweet Briggs. Your handsome little ladies man is out of pain and he will be the beau of the ball in doggie heaven.

Sincere Condolences,
Regis, Abby and Buster

I'm so sorry to hear about our sweet little Briggs! You both do so much for these animals and they know the love and devotion from you. Briggs is free from pain now...and playing with his friends from RDR up in doggy heaven. Please accept my sincere sympathy.
Rosemary from Montana

Aw, Briggs. Such an inspirational little guy. I'm sorry for your (and our) loss. I know he is in a peaceful and happy place somewhere - with no rebuffing from the ladies. My warmest thoughts to you for all you do, Steve and Alayne.

We love you and will miss the stories about you Briggs. We love you Steve and Alayne. How lucky he was to have three loving years with you two. How lucky we were to hear about his adventures. XOXO and tears aplenty.

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