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January 16, 2011


Good heavens, I thought it was a photo of a real pushmi-pullyu.

There was a two headed dog in Greek mythology as well as a three headed dog but the heads came out the same end!

Hey folks! Where are your votes??? I know we've been moving a bunch of snow but a vote doesn't take that long!

Hugs and Puppy Kisses,

Love the picture and expecially the sweet expression on Goldie's face. Wish we could see what she is dreaming about.

Fun to hear more about the people/dog accomodations at the ranch too.

Hope everyone is toasty warm today.

Hmm, looks like you are conducting some secret experiments, trying to create a Frankendog or two... Great photo! and I enjoyed the insight into your local territorial furniture disputes. :)

Like Mauro says, looks like "the Incredible Two-Headed Dog." Could be a new source of income for the Ranch.....sell tickets to see them: "They bark in stereo! They do synchronized napping! etc.....

Love Goldie's smile!

What an awesome picture of the BFFs (best friends forever) so comfortable together. I love when you post pictures like this showing how close the animals become with each other. Holly and Goldie are both beautiful...look at those faces!

Too funny!

Is there a dog-free room?!?!? Hmmmmmm... OK, I believe...

This picture reminds me of that movie, "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant." How funny! Good for you folks, saving two chairs for yourselves. Alas, they're merely ornamental, but at least it's comforting to know they're there, as you say.

Great picture! So far our furniture is holding up to the dogs and cats in our life, it is the carpet that is taking a beating. The cat found a weak spot and now the puppy sees it as his mission in life to finish the job. :)

Winnow- my word for the day. Thanks!

Holly is beautiful. Looks like a relative was a pit bull type dog somewhere in her line. Love the wrinkled forehead. And Goldie seems to be smiling in her dreams!

I really enjoy these type of posts. It's like peeping in and getting a glimpse of your and Alayne's life at the ranch. I have to admit I'm shocked to learn that Madison doesn't sleep at the side of your bed.

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