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December 09, 2010


I foster for our local humane society. I currently have a beagle that is blind in one eye. We have fostered blind/handicapped pets in the past & know the love they have to offer if we are willing to receive. Oh the lessons I have learned from my handicapped pets. I am a much better person, more understanding, more patient & more like God wants me to be because these pets taught me to be more God like. Thanks, Rolling Dog Ranch for all you do!

What an amazing new life for Suzi!!
Loving home and sweet owner and children to adore her too. It's good to be Suzi!
Best of luck to her and her new family!

OH! I am so happy to hear how well she is doing and see that she is loved so much. Tears of joy are in my eyes.

I'm doing my best to keep Rolling Dog in second place. I vote four times a day by using all of the internet services, Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Google.

What a beautiful post to end the week! I loved all the photos & thank you Marcia for giving Suzi a wonderful forever home with your beautiful labs. I, also, especially love that photo with your grand daughter and Suzi! That is adorable!
Sending warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a wonderful, perfect ending for Suzi, Marcia and those lucky Labs. Suzi's gift will continue on in what Marcia's grandchildren will learn about love and acceptance from a little blind dog.

Happy Holiday Homecoming! I love this story. The picture of Marcia's granddaughters & Suzi is angelic. The innocence in the next pic of Suzi w/ 1 granddaughter is priceless!!!!

OMG - this is a fairy tale come true. What a darling family. I know Suzi loves having those tiny little hands patting her pretty head. Thank you Marcia for providing this lovely home complete with beautiful black lab siblings and Beckie for the photos. Thanks Steve and Alayne for all you do. RDR rocks!!

Definitely choked up with happiness reading this. Suzi is such lucky girl with Marcia, four labs (I'm envious), and absolutely darling granddaughters to share adventures with. The priceless life lesson of acceptance of people/creatures with differences is not lost on these girls. You have a wonderful family, and Steve & Alayne, and many others caring along the way made it possible. Yay!

My face is starting to hurt from smiling!! Many, many happy days to you Marcia and to all your beautiful family, human and canine.

Yikes, how beautiful is that!

Thank you to everyone involved in helping Suzi find her home.

I love how the labs accepted her and knew "she was special". Even giving her their bed.

Once again, Proof! With out eyes animals can still function!! They live great lives, show and receive love and have a great time with their families. To all who give up on an animal who cant see....take a good look at Suzi, she lacks nothing in her life. Thanks to the people who sent her to RDR, Steve & Alayne and now to Marcia and her entire family; human and labrador.

Perfect post for a Friday Good News!!

I just love, love, love this kind of posts!!! They bring tears of joy to my eyes...

It's simply wonderful to know that Suzi has found such a loving forever home, with a great Mom, friendly Labs and adorable little girls. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?;-)

Thank you so much, Marcia, for giving Suzi (and the Labs) the perfect home. God bless you all.

Thanks, Marcia, for giving Suzi such a wonderful forever home. Those pictures just tell it all! What a joy to see how well Suzi has settled in with her new human and canine friends :)


Merry Christmas indeed! Thank you Marcia! Loved every photo~

Thanks, one and all, for these photos of Suzi! It's so good to see the warm, loving home she has. These are a wonderful end to this week. Suzi looks docile and happy enough to be willing to play beauty shop or baby doll with those cute granddaughters.

Brought tears to my eye too.

What a beautiful family. What a wonderful story for the holidays.

Thank you so much for posting these pictures. What a beautiful story!

Oh my.. that wonderful post brought a tear to my eye!!

I love a happy ending and this one truly is happy. The pictures make tears of happiness come to my eyes. I know Marcia will have a wonderful holiday with her new addition.

Looks like another wonderful home and everybody's happy! Adorable pictures, especially of the little blond granddaughter and her new blond friend!

Great Photos!! Love her with Marcia's granddaugthers! Thanks Marcia for giving her her forever home! I think we all would benefit from adopting a blind or any disabled dog for that have such a deeper level of appreciation and bond with least I feel that way with my special boy Levi!!

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