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December 16, 2010


god has a special place for you guy`s ! thanks for caring for these beautiful animals ! steve

Love these pictures! I am so happy that you have re-located in New Hampshire....... can't wait until the summer to come and visit all the furry ones!

Wonderful and amazing photos of the horses. They look to be having a fantastic time in the snow and it warms my heart to see this. You do wonderful work with animals and are so much appreciated. God Bless you, your workers and the animals.

Absolutely LOVE this post. Cash and Hawk are 2 favorites and they are so funny. I wonder what the 2 older gents have to say about the full of himself youngster. Cash sure grew into a handsome boy!! It is nice they are enjoying the new place so much. And to the Bedding and Accommodations can try to blanket a horse, but sometimes you just cant keep it on him. Oh well, you tried. ;)

Awesome post and fantastic pictures!
Gotta love Cash's tenacity! He's truly a prize.

I fell in love with Cash (and Rolling Dog Ranch) when I saw the video: "Blind Cash and the Zipper". Even as a foal he had "punk with spunk" written all over that adorable face. Thank you for the "heartwarming" Snowy Frolics blog... it's a gentle reminder that even 1100 lb. blind animals (young and old alike) can love life if given the chance.

B E A U T I F U L!!!!!

I couldn't love these photos more! We visited Rolling Dog in MT and met Cash when he was a baby. This series of photos SO makes me smile. Thank you, Steve and Alayne!

I love this post! Watching Cash play is so delightful! I'm sure it's really a "pain in the hindquarters" for Bridger & Hawk but they love to tolerate him & that's so sweet!! I just love this post!!! I know I said that already but it made my heart feel so good!!!

It is so wonderful when we get to see the animals play like this! Happy holidays to you and everyone there!

Great pictures! - am surprised they stopped for dinner - looks like the storyline is "We'd rather horse around than eat" - what a character funny Cash is - thanks for the laughs.

Cash looks like the pest of a younger brother! Have you continued on with the work you began in Montana of riding him? I think I'm remembering correctly that he was working with a trainer and doing quite well this past spring.

Thanks so much for a post about the horses! I always enjoy all your posts, but have been missing news about the horses. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

Great post. It was good to see a blog on the horses and Cash again. Looks like they've adapted just fine to NH and are enjoying themselves as always. Now we need to see the kitties and Margaret! Thanks, Steve.

Love this-
I burst out laughing....
Cash is like my mom's brother was...a loveable stinker!
He snuck up behind her, and with pinking shears, cut off her ponytail! STINKERS!

All the joy and love erases all the bad.

What great pictures and what fun to see how happy they are. Cash seems to be a typical annoying adolescent. I had no idea that horses played like that. Thanks!

This takes the term "horsing around" to an entirely different level! I had 2 dogs staring at me because I was hooting with laughter over those pictures. The shots you took showing the sequence of events are priceless. It's wonderful to see how much fun the horses have with each other. Cash is a piece of work!

Maybe you'll need a name change...Rolling Horse Ranch, perhaps? :)


Awesome pictures....looking at them it's hard to image that Cash is blind. I remember what a little guy he was when he showed up at the ranch, and look at him now so full of confidence and spunk. Give him a big kiss! WE love ya Cash and all the other critters too!

How fun. Thanks for sharing Cash's antics. What a punk is right. He reminds me of an annoying little brother. Never a dull moment. Great pictures.

Great post! I knew the horses had to be doing something noteworthy at some point so you could mention them on the blog.

Horses are well-adapted to deal with cold weather without a blanket, within reason. Read this article:

Cash is a young horse in good condition with a toasty barn for protection when it's windy. He looks like a woolly bear caterpillar in these pics.

I know absolutely nothing about horses and so this is amazing to me! Wonderful wonderful pics and pros.

Fantastic post and photos. Thank you Steve!

This is one of your best photo essays of the horses! I laughed at Bridger's expression when he felt Cash bite. You got it right, Cash is a punk, but so funny. I can imagine him laughing while he's horsing around. Thanks for this post.

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