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December 12, 2010


So sorry about Noodle, she can play with Jack at the bridge now and he won't be alone. I have the sister to them, Chelsea and she was considered "normal" Her disability is mental instead. Lately she has been having trouble with her knees and when I pick her up she also goes rigid. Jack was better at backward too. Love Soba, I would love to bring her home but with six already it woildn't be fair to her. Love you guys.

I haven't really been exposed to either but when I read how you describe cerebella hypoplasia, I'm reminded of someone who has tourettes. They try so hard to control what their body is doing but that usually just makes it worse.

Sad about noodle but I know they can't be with us forever. :-(

I love seeing these photos of Soba playing, being determined & meeting her goal...happy, happy girl! I'm sorry about Noodle. I don't recall seeing that but I'm glad Soba has been able to continue on w/ her happy life. Different as it may be only make it's that more precious.

So sorry to hear about Noodle. Soba is one beautiful doggy.

Ohhhh....poor Noodle! That was Bindi's (a.k.a. Nevada's) best friend at the ranch! I'm so sorry to hear about her, Steve!

Soba is a beauty...she absolutely amazes me!

Soba you amaze me and make me so happy!

Soba is gorgeous! I just want to give her huge hugs. Thanks for the great photos of her having a fun time.
I'm so sorry about her sister...I don't recall reading about that.
I'm glad Soba is doing so well.
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Poor Noodle! I missed the post myself, and just the other day I was wondering how these beautiful sisters were doing. Did your vet say anything about why Noodle had such a fast decline? Just wondering because of my little Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea does the same thing as Soba when you pick her up - she goes completely stiff and her eyes dart back and forth. When you set her down she just stands perfectly still - the only time she can - until her eyes stop
moving. But like Soba that doesn't stop her from being sweet and happy!

If only I lived closer.....When I move, I would love to have a pair of "Soba's."
(dogs with cerebellar hypoplasia)
Too many people seem to think they are disposable. Not true...Special is what they are!

Bless you Alayne and Steve.
Merry Christmas to all our loves at the Rolling Dog Ranch!

She sounds just like my cat!!! she is beautiful I would like a dog with CH at some point, but maybe a little smaller then her.

I think Soba would greatly intrigue Dr. Oliver Sachs. I wonder if he knows about RDR?
Her beauty and zest for life is a thing to behold. Thank you for giving her the opportunity for A Wonderful Life and updating us on her story.

What a sweetie pie. I love her persistence.

Soba is a beautiful girl with that shiny rust-colored coat - I am so glad she is having fun - she looks so focused. RIP sweet Noodle - I know you were happy during your stay at RDR.

Hey Steve
There is nothing like a focused Dog when it comes to getting a toy or treats. I also wanted to say, you hear all the time it is a wonderful thing you and the Ranch are doing for these great animals and I know it is hard work. I also know that you are forced to make the tough calls and you do that with love and grace for the animals. Thank You for that.

I do understand Soba's ability to move faster going backwards then forwards, I do this all the time when it comes to doing the chores around the house.

My Gosh! What a beautiful girl Soba is. Do you have any idea of the breeds that make up this beautiful creature? I like her determination. As for her go faster "back" than go faster "forward", sounds like yet another mistake on the part of the electrician. Got his wires crossed yet again! Go, Soba!! Whichever way you please! Steve and Alayne are always there to help,

Mmm. I think I might be the only one who does remember you mentioning the loss of Noodle, maybe because it made me realise that having the same condition and being sister doesn't mean that the process is similar...

Nice to see a longer piece on Soba, always good to learn something new (the rigidity verses relaxation) and maybe one day there is a video nearby or the camera can 'tape'? It would be nice to see play like this in action!

Soba looks great!!! I'm sure she was happy being in all that grass!!

Soba sure is a beautiful dog, with perseverence! Bless the little dancing dogs of the world, including her sister Noodle. What a boring world it would be if everyone was just like everyone else. I am glad you and Alayne celebrate the differences of the individuals in the animal world. Stay warm, Anne

Its so good to see an update on Soba. I'm so sorry to hear Noodle is no longer with you. She was such a special girl.

I'm sorry about the loss of Noodle, I don't remember reading about that either. But look at Soba! It's so wonderful to see that dogs like her don't give a moment's thought to what is wrong with them and just go about their business as usual. For Soba, her persistence paid off and she got to enjoy playing with her Kong. I think a treat is in order :)


I don't think there has been a mention of Noodle before this. I remember one of the sisters was always more strongly effected by this disability. So sorry to hear about Noodle. Soba is looking good though.

aw yeah, I don't remember hearing about Noodle either, poor baby. But I'm glad to see that Soba is still doing very well, what a sweet doggie :) Thank you for taking such good care of her.

Yes I must confirm we missed the post on Noodle. I always thought the sisters were a good looking pair. No offense Soba but Noodle was a very good looking girl and will missed by many.

How about some horse

I"m sorry to hear about Noodle's passing away. I don't remember that post. I was just thinking about Soba and Noodle, so I'm glad to see this story on Soba. As the happy owner of two wobble-cats, I have a soft spot in my heart for animals with CH.
Soba's reaction to being carried sounds like a type of seizure; how unusual!

Hope she got a treat after all that hard work!!

sad about Noodle, she was one of my faves. But I am glad Soba is doing well. Good to see her beautiful face.

"but she will persist". That says a lot doesn't it? She plays, just like a dog without her condition. And boy does she look good!! So shiny and soft.

RIP Noodle and thanks again for all you do Steve and Alayne. Especially the goodbyes.

I sure hope u gave her that treat after all of her hard work.....

I don't think you did mention the loss of Noodle...belated condolences. I'm glad Soba has adjusted well to being without her. Those two were "the" sisters until Molly and Priscilla came along.

Happy is as happy does and this girl looks tremendously intent on accomplishing her task. Job well done Soba! Sorry to hear about Noodle (I musta missed that blog, shame on me!)

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