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December 19, 2010


So happy to read that RDR once again won $5000 dollars in the challenge. Congratulations. Way to go RDR supporters
I also like the 'Dark Horse' $1000 that goes to groups that haven't won anything before.
Next challenge starts in January. I'll be voting. For RDR of course.

Oh, I just love Clyde! What a cutie! Thank you for taking him & giving him a warm & cozy place to call home for Christmas.

What a cute Christmas gift you got! Clyde wouldn't even fill up a whole stocking he's such a little package. Love on him for us out here because he's adorable. Merry Christmas to all!

Hi Steve and Alayne!
When i saw his picture i said out loud, "Oh no they didn't!" As in, "Oh no they did not just get another unbelieveably cute dog." I am so happy for you both but have to wonder how long he will stay. I can't help but think someone is going to email you about adopting him. :)

Much love to you all.

Oh my goodness, another way to cute for words.....just like little Roo. Coming to RDR is already a happy ending, but maybe a happier one - adoption - will be in his future. Gosh he's adorable!

Awww - Merry Christmas, darling little Clyde. Santa has already done right by you!! Now that I have read my favorite blog and gotten my usual big laughs, can go on to other email (satisfied my RDR blog addiction :)
Clyde has a superb welcoming comittee in Dexter.


Ahhhh... Clyde, Fuzzy and of course Teddy---as we are two people who belong to two yorkies we immediately fall in love with these faces! Maybe Clyde and Fuzzy will end up being buddies after all---one can hope!

OMG I just love Dexter and how cute is Clyde!

So happy for Clyde. Good luck with him and all your lucky animals.

I'm in love. Give Clyde a kiss and a hug for me.

Isn't it wonderful to know that cute little Clyde is home for Christmas, just like in a fairytale?:-)

Welcome home, sweetheart!

Alayne & Steve: thank you so much for opening your heart & arms to yet another furkid in need. A big thank you, too, to Rebecca Y. for rescuing Clyde in the first place.

God bless you all.

What a cute little dustmop!! :-)

A sweet addition to the RDR family.

Oh bother, new computer and I sent mid sentence I think....I agree with Kathleen, 'Clyde' does seem to be a bit weighty of a name for such a sweet little thing. Would it be a terrible thing to think of a more fitting name?? One that would fit small, cute, brown and full of curiosity little dog. Hmmm....

Oh, he's adorable...look at that face! Clyde has definitely found a new friend in Dexter (I still laugh at that picture of him looking like he lost his dentures).

Clyde, you are one lucky guy to be at RDR. Good things and good times await you!

What a cutie, and a very sweet sweater too! To have him put down would be sad indeed, but that's the case for all of the unlucky ones ofcourse... Better days for this little furball!

"Clyde" seems a rather weighty name for such a small package. He'd adorable and will thrive now he's with those that will not only love him but see that he gets the proper medical care he needs. Dexter gets more handsome by the day and is probably feeling much better without all the tooth aches. Isn't this a wonderful story of love, renewal, and hope for this time of year!! Happy Merry from Kathleen and Roo!!

Clyde is a cutie! It doesn't seem like 8 is that old for a small dog, at what age to they say a dog is a senior? I'm sure Clyde will be having a fantastic holiday by the fire with all his new friends!

My blind dog only recently discovered fire. We were at my parent's house and they had a fire in their stove and it was popping and hissing. She was crouching under a table nearby and my mom was convinced she was about to go to the bathroom, but then she ran around to inch closer to the fire in another direction and then back under the table. She just couldn't figure out what the smelly, hot, noisy thing was!

Yay! for Clyde and many great discoveries in his future!

Was this boy a stray or surrender? Well, I guess that doesn't really matter, does it? He's home now. I love the photo of Dexter and his special hello.

This is such a lovely story for a cold and snowy Sunday morning. Looks like tiny Clyde made a pal already. Maybe he can help Dexter find those dentures he lost. :)

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