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December 22, 2010


I found myself looking forward to the daily reminder emails just so I could vote for you!

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS! to you, Alayne & all of the dogs, cats & horses. God is truly watching over you and providing you the means to continue giving a wonderful life to everybody. To further expose the Ranch, I'd like to suggest you contact CBS to see if they will do a story on their Sunday Morning Show & with Steve Hartman on the nightly news.

Congratulations. If only there were more opportunities like deserve so much more.I am in awe of what you do. Thank you

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Hooray! I'm absolutely thrilled you guys took second. I put that address up in my hotlinks bar and visited it first thing every morning to vote -- it became sort of a ritual, so I'm almost a little sorry it's over!

Congratulations. You guys absolutely deserve every penny.

Really glad to see it! And hoping 2011 will be more generous, so that maybe we can get back to contributing some, now and then.

COngratulations to all of you - you most certainly deserve it. Clicking every day is the least we all can do to help a little.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Totally awesome! Congrats on winning $5,000. I know it will help tremendously!
Merry Christmas Steve, ALayne, and all of your furkids!

Congratulations for a contest well won. I also love the "Dark Horse" awards for rescue groups that haven't ever won before. What a great contest.
Merry Christmas from me in Tacoma, WA to all of the pack/herd at RDR, NH

YAY!! I was so happy to see RDR take the $5000 prize, would have loved even more to see them take 1st, but next year!! Congrats to Alayne and Steve and all the little lovies at RDR.

Wahoo!! A nice Xmas present for all our four and three-legged animals!


Merry Christmas to all of you guys humans and animals. Enjoy your 1st new hampshire christmas.

Love, Kevin Cheryl Elena Alexandra Daniel and our crew of animals!!!!!!!!


WHOOPIE!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I got the email last night & couldn't have been happier to see RDR win so much $$$ to help all the furry friends. You all deserve it. And, I'm so glad to see that the public is becoming more aware of the wonderful lives disabled furry kids can live if given the chance!

Congratulations from NJ! All of you deserve the very best! Thank you for having such a special place and such huge hearts.


Merry Christmas Alayne, Steve and all the animals!

Congratulations! I discovered you a little late in the game, but once I did, I voted every day! It is well deserved, for everything that everyone there does. I enjoy reading about the work you do and the animals you care for, my heart and well wishes go out to you for the holidays and the new year. I think of your animals everytime I cuddle with my own three-legged wonderbeast, um... dog, at home. Congratulations again!

WooHoo!! Have a very Merry Christmas Steve, Alayne and your furry children.

My heartfelt congratulations, dear Alayne & Steve! You two guys deserve this prize and oh so much more!

Keep up the great work and God bless you.

Woo hoo! I knew we could do it! Thanks to everyone who voted so RDR could get $5,000 to help their crew!
What a great Christmas present!

The new $300,000 shelter challenge starts on January 10th. I believe since it is a new year that RDR will be eligible for the grand prize. Let's vote, vote, vote to make RDR #1!

Happy holidays to Steve, Alayne and the crew from South Carolina!

{happy dance}

Bless you all!

The best deserve the best---richly deserved---Merry Christmas from Kansas!

Congrats...I am so programmed to vote every morning it takes me a few days to remind myself not to click.

HURRAY!!! And on that note, Merry Christmas and Happy New New Year to all of you at RDR:-)

So happy for all of you! Well deserved.......have a celebration party - party hats on all the critters! Merry Christmas to you and Alayne.

Woo hooo!

It's wonderful to see that the money is going where it's so well deserved! I'm glad I could do my small part by voting everyday & urging my friends to do that as well. Thanks for all the work that you do, the huge hearts that you both have & the never ending labor of love that you give.
Merry Christmas to all @ RDR!
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations - I voted for you every day from California! Widget's happy dance is way too cute. Merry Christmas~~

A very merry Christimas indeed!

It's wonderful! Merry Christmas!

Congrats on a win that's VERY well deserved! Christmas came early to the ranch. As for the Widge, now that she's "in the money," I'm sure she's expecting something very special for herself under the tree this year. (maybe her own room so she doesn't have to share with those 3 hooligans anymore, lol)

Widget is doing her happy dance. Keep on boogie'in Widget!!!! Congrats to RDR!!!!!! What a great christmas gift. Good job evryone.... keep voting.... your vote really does matter!!!!

Congratulations!! Knowing you won second place just made my Christmas. I love your pictures of all the animals on your blog. It puts a smile on my face. You guys have an amazing place for these sweet animals. They are lucky to have you in their lives.

Yay! Congrats! I tried to remember to vote everyday, so I'm glad you at least got second. Isn't there some rule about winning two in a row? So you could win grand prize next time?

Yahoo!!! That's a nice Christmas present for you all!! Love the picture of you with the 2 little furry ones! I never had a small dog until a few years ago when we rescued a dachshund mix -- I'm a big fan now - They are so funny! Keep up the great work and have a wonderful Christmas in snowy New Hampshire.

Bob @ 1:00 PM ... huh???

I thought all the RDR dogs were dachshunds and honorary dachshunds! Even the horses are just dachshunds with long legs, right? What's a beagle? LOL

Congrats on the win - money is always helpful when taking care of these special babies.

Awesome - Big High Fives from Gena and Roxie the Doxie in Michigan......

congrats - i am glad i could be a part of helping - looking forward to the next round

AWESOME - congrats and well deserved!

Oh, I am most happy that you came in 2nd place...that's a good amount of money for the babies!

I voted every day - and it was fun to vote for a New Hampshire organization...

You make such a difference in the lives of these dear dogs and cats!

Congratulations! You do amazing work at the ranch!



Widget already has plans for the $5K. She was thinking of a spa treatment for her in Hawaii followed and a luau for all the RDR beagles and semi-beagles.

Wooo hooo!!! Congrats guys you deserve it!!!

YES! YES! YES! Congratulations! You certainly are deserving of this reward!

Awesome! Congrats!

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