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December 05, 2010


What a fantastic post! I'll be looking forward to your post about the cats' first taste of yummy, home-caught trout!

Training rope...that is hysterical. Thank you for a great laugh!!

Go for the Brookies!!!

Oh my gosh. Thank you for this post! I so needed that laughter - it felt wonderful. I'm glad you guys have so much fun doing what you do.

Steve, you are HIGH-larious!! Best blog writer this side of the Atlantic. I know you've heard it eight million times but you really need to write a book. A great sense of humour in animal rescue is not something we see all that often.

Since the cats are occasionally referenced we know they're still around; what about the horses? It's been quite awhile since you've posted any updates on them and/or any specific cats.

Although it would not help the deaf dogs, the others might enjoy the music of Through a Dog's Ear. They are offering free downloads this week only and offer free CDs to rescues! That would be you!
(I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I just like free stuff, especially for my dogs.)

hahahahahahahahaahha......oh, my~

OMG, I was laughing so hard at this blog I had tears rolling. You made my day. I love the way you tell a story! And, YAY, for the kitty's getting their own private fish pond. Can't wait to see those pics of them lining the shore!!!

I know you felt it decidedly unmanly to be hitched to shore by a "safety" rope. However, if I was Kate, I'd have been thinking this, "If for some reason it was a windy day and Steve capsized from let's say whitecaps on the pond, how am I going to get my canoe back?" Once you swam out and got out of your heavy, wet clothes into dry ones and had your hot choc. could anyone talk you into putting on a swimsuit and swimming out into December cold pond water to fetch back the canoe? I don't think so!! However, if they offer to bait your hooks next summer, that would be the time man up and put your foot down. Great blog!

Are you sure Kate isn't 7'1" and you 4 something? ;p

Steve you need to get some male volunteers to sacrifice, oops, I mean help.

Two over-protective mother hens.

Steve, if it helps, think of it as a transect line and you were gathering data at one point only!

Mmm... so the whole fun of this is to first set all the fish free in the pond, and then spend hours with a rod on the side to get them out again? I was never one to see the peace of mind in that :).

In the first pic you could have been in a lake, but on the others.. yeah, it's a pond alright. Where would the canoe go, only to the other side...but still the rope came in handy, if only to keep you from reversing, hehe.

Ah...just looking at a canoe gives me shivers! Had a real bad experience in summer camp way back in the day. Needless to say, I leave any kind of canoeing to others! I got a good chuckle out of the roap...I'm sure Kate and Alayne were thinking of your well being and not the canoes! But then again...LOL!

And I love the high tech device you used...maybe it'll catch on :)

Hope Brody is doing better. Keep us posted on Daisy and the others, too!

What a great post! I loved this - - the best part was the "training rope" on the canoe. I'm happy that the pond is deep enough to be stocked. The cats are sure to be delighted watching all the fish whizz by into the pond come springtime. Seeing all this happening in New Hampshire in December makes me think you folks must be Viking by heritage - - you're definitely much hardier than I!

Gosh, I laughed so hard at the first picture of Steve in the canoe with the "training rope".

Glad you made it to shore Steve and we look forward to hearing more about the progress with the pond.

Steve on a pond in a canoe in December. Not a blog I thought I'd be ready today. And wasn't there snow on the ground the other day when Brody went to the vet? Has it been warm enough to melt it? And how is Brody doing? And how about an update on not just the cats and horses, but on Margaret, too. I'd think we'd all like to hear. Thanks!

I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't read the blog!!!! Too funny!!

Glad you successfully made it back to shore, Steve, and that your cheering section was ready to greet you. BTW, my brother had a similar sized pond in Ohio and the fish disappeared due to a snapping turtle... who also took a few unsuspecting ducks.

Well, at least some of the cats were kind of mentioned in the post so I suppose it is safe to guess that RDR still has a few of them around. How is Brodys treatment going? And please insert a blurb on how Daisy's ear healed up, she is just so cute. Oh, and Welcome Kate, the other day was first mention of you I think. We hope you like all "our" critters and their wonderful and sometimes silly caretakers. You are in good company if you care for animals too. Have fun and welcome. (Hey Kate, will you give some kitty chins and ears some scratches for me?? Thanks) Anne

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