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December 21, 2010


Adorable photo! I have two yorkies, they are quite the characters themselves!

Ha ha ha! - great wakeup to read this column - No ole' duffers at RDR - only McDuffers! - Since you have a matching outfit you can fit right in with the next raucous all nighter :)

Fuzzy looks bored as all get out; Clyde looks like he can hardly wait to check out something, anything, right now; Steve looks like a proud dad with his boys. Congrats on the win!!

Congratulations & happy holidays!

Awww...more cuteness from RDR!

And hey, look, you guys won the $5K grant! YAHOO!!! Congrats!!!

P.S. Hooray for winning the $5000 second prize!!! I know you'll squeeze the most value for the critters out of every dollar.


Uh-oh, looks like I've been misspelling the Yorkie breed name all these years. To be correct, it's "Yorkshire Terror!"

Great laugh, terrific photo. Thanks, Steve and Alayne, for all the joy you give these critters, not to mention your two-legged fans.

Merry Christmas!


I've got a terrier here who would love to get a room at the annex with Widge and the McDuff boys! It's ok Widget, he's been neutered. We always say that if he was human he'd be the fraternity boy who always has a bit too much to drink and likes to tell off color jokes until the wee hours.

What a happy post and right before Christmas. Seasons Greetings everyone!

I must say,I would be hard pressed to decide who has the better Goatee. Stay warm and stay safe.

So, the "Dog Wing Annex" is the new "All Night Party Room"?? This picture is just too good! I love it! Thank you for the laugh to start off my day!

Finally Yorkies at the ranch... the little Dachs better beware....
Love that photo of Dexter greeting the new arrival!

OK, let's just hope that it didn't take the photographer 50 some tries to get just the right photo while the furry ones were "waiting to go!" But I have to admit, that is one nice photo of the two new ones. (and Steve, too!) Any word on the Shelter Challenge results?

Steve, I've gotta tell ya...the way you wrote this made me majorly laugh my derierre off! Not one of my better days and it sure cheered me up! You should write a book, it would be an instant best seller :)

You, Clyde and Fuzzy make a great fashion statement if I do say so myself, very chic! I have a picture in my head of the 4 "frat house mates" partying it up with Widget as leader...and the leader isn't going to take any guff off of Clyde McDuff!

all 3 of ya look pretty darn cute!

Well now, there was an original "Widget's House" for a reason, no? LOL

Ah, poor Miss Widget, always gets blamed for everything. And then to be forced to have sleep-overs with these two "trouble makers," well, the indignity of it all. Is this like banishing the princess? I feel for ya Widget. I'm sure you'll pay for that Steve somewhere down the road. lol

That is an adorable picture, all three of you! I can never carry my two that way, they are just a little too wiggly and big for me to balance, even though they are only 5 lbs bigger then these two--they just don't stay still without two hands for each.

Oh dear---like we wrote yesterday after reading Clyde's introduction---there just isn't anything cuter than yorkies!!! It's that terrior face and attitude that gets us everytime...

"Lay on, Mcduff, And damn'd be him that first cries, Hold, enough"

Widget proved herself a "lady". No dude named CLYDE was going to have his way with her! He might look cute but he acted like a beast! Way to go girly-girl!

Are you like the wooly worm and your beard gets thicker if it's going to be a cold winter, Steve? In any event, all 3 of you are quite handsome but shame on Clyde!

Steve's beard, Fuzzy and Clyde -- whoa, the fuzz factor in this picture is HIGH! Alayne, this is a handsome photo. I chuckled over the description of how your resident partiers have their own "Animal House" style frat house. That's great.

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