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December 02, 2010


A short update on Brody, even as a footnote in your next post, would be greatly appreciated by this lab lover! Thanks Steve.

I normally never offer advice to people who know WAY more about animals than I do, so you can take this "advice" with a grain of salt. I have a Pekingese who has epilepsy, and would experience a combination of petit mal and gran mal seizures. Sometimes, he'd fall over and go stiff, other times, he would just sort of stumble around and drool a bit.

We had him on phenobartbital for a long time, but it didn't really change much, and even though he was on a low dosage, it started affecting his liver (according to vet tests). We put him on a raw food diet (I swear, I said I would never do this, because it's expensive and it's a pain in the rear, and I didn't want to be one of THOSE DOG OWNERS) and he's only had one very minor seizure since then.

It's all a part of the ketonic diet (high protein diet), which is sometimes used to treat human kids with epilepsy as well. It's just really hard to get kids to stick to a diet of mostly (cooked) meat, but with dogs, they couldn't be happier.

Of course, we only have two itty bitty dogs, so feeding them raw food isn't a big cost.

A scare for you guys and Brody! I'm so glad he's much better today and you know what the problem is and can treat it so Brody can get back to enjoying his ranch. : )
Awesome that you have Kate to help you rock Kate! You're job is a dream job for many of "us". Enjoy yourself everyday!

Oh Brody! My heart went into my throat when I saw you all carrying him on the stretcher. I am so glad his initial treatment is working for him & I hope he continues to improve. I cannot express how wonderful you all are & have such strong hearts to be able to care for these furry babies & go into action when something happens that can send us reeling.

Keeping all of you and Brody in our prayers. Keep responding Brody!!

Glad to hear the Brody is responding well to the meds:) Thanks as always Steve for a good chuckle regarding the height comment - of course I had to check out the pic again and had a little giggle!! Thankyou for all that you and Alayne do!

Brody! Saw that picture of you on a stretcher and my heart sank. I'm a big fan of yours & pleased to hear things seem to be headed the right direction.

Steve & Alayne- after all the huge efforts involved in your move, it struck me that your quick access to vet care, without the 90 minute drive, is paying off now. Hopefully this doesn't happen often, but how priceless when it does. Good luck!

I will be praying for Brody.

I'm so glad that Brody has responded very quickly and positive to the treatment. Please give him an extra hug from me, (that's a healing hug) and hugs all around for everyone else!
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

We're keeping all of you and Brody in our prayers. How great that he is doing better!
Shirley Parr

I am glad to hear Brody is doing better. I dont remember a post about him since I have been a RDR blog reader. Give him a big, warm hug from Florida. Oh, and how is little Daisy's ear doing? Hopefully the babushka bandage is gone, although she may want one back for warmth now that cold weather has arrived.

PLEASE Keep Voting. Why?? Days like today, with Brody, that's why. This was not a planned visit to the vet. This is what I would call a 'semi-budgeted bill'. You know there will be unplanned vet bills so you try to budget for them. With all our continued votng RDR may win $$$ from this contest and it will go far to help fund things like the 'surprise' vet visits, extra medication and the little things pets always seem to need. 3rd place is SO close!! Please vote every day. We value these furry little friends and their family of 2 leggers. Please keep up the good work...16 more days. :)

We love you Brody!! Hoping that you start feeling much better very soon.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Brody. I'm referring not just to the recent medical attention but for noticing he doesn't like the crate and then providing him with alternate accommodations.
Hope he's feeling like his ol' self soon!

Oh Brody! Very glad to hear he responded so quickly to treatment - I'm sure he was trying to figure out what was going on too to say the least). Will keep fingers crossed he continues on this smooth course, thanks to your love and care.

My prayers are with you and Brody! - hope he gets better and better.

Like Connie, I've had a couple of dogs with vestibular episodes, and it sounds very similar to what Brody had. It's pretty scary to watch your dog having one of those. One of my greyhounds had one a couple of weeks ago, and he's back to normal now.

Glad to know Brody is doing better.

As soon as I saw Brody on the stretcher my eyes watered, fearing the worst. After reading the post I am hopeful. So nice for you & 'the kids' that the vet is soooo much closer now.

How great to have the vet so close at hand for such emergencies!

Brody must have been so frightened that morning wondering what was happening with him and so relieved to have his "mother & father" there with him. He is a very lucky guy to have such love in his life.

Yep, I agree with all above, and phenobarbitol is a wonder drug as far as I'm concerned. I had a dog on it for about 10 yrs. I thought I'd have a drugged looking dog, but if the blood levels are kept in range, they do great on it, and it greatly improved the quality of life. Thank goodness for such a solution for Brody. Bet you felt so relieved at the news.

Many dogs take phenobarb and respond well. I hope he continues to improve. You may have many noses to count each day but y'all are right on top of things. Way to go.

I'm sure Brody doesn't care at all that his Daddy is 4'11" tall. What matters is that Daddy is always there to love him and help him when he can't help himself. Glad to hear the meds are helping. I'll be praying for Brody and you too, Steve. You're a "big" guy in all of our eyes!! :)

So glad Brody appears to be responding well to his meds! Please keep us posted on him.

Wow! You know my son Trevor had something very similar. Petit Mal seizures. His kindergarten teacher recognized it first. He would, like you said, kinda check out for seconds at a time. It was like he was day dreaming. After he was diagnosed with them I felt so bad for all the times I'd be saying something over and over..."Trevor put on your socks"...."Trev!!!! Socks!!" "Hello??? Trev!! Socks" and he'd say "Oh, I didn't hear you". .....he probably hadn't! Hope Brody is better on the meds. Sweet boy. Trevor has kinda out grown most of his and has learned coping skills over the years. The meds he was on were terrible and made him depressed and talk crazy suicidal talk (at age 6!) so we decided to just let Trev be Trev and have him learn to cope with it. Luckily it wasn't that severe and he's been fine.

I felt so relieved when I got to the second half of your post, Steve!

It's great to hear that Brody is responding well to his therapy and is almost back to normal.

Please keep us posted about his recovery and give him a big warm hug for me, will you?

PLEASE PLEASE KEEP VOTING EVERYONE!!! There is only a .2% difference between them and third place - that means a difference of $3000 in prize money! Think of what a difference that would make - just like Brody's vet bill here - PLEASE HELP make sure they get the whole $5000!!!!


I'm so glad that Brody is doing better! I've had friends who had dogs with different types of seizures and the phenobarb worked wonders. Sometimes other medication had to be added, but the difference with the phenobarb alone was amazing.

I know a lot of last minute vet visits that you go to take place during the day, but is there an off-hours emergency vet available to you? Seems that whenever anything bad happens with one of my dogs, it's always after hours, and naturally our emergency vets here aren't all that close to me :)

Oh, I love Brody--glad he is doing better--such a sweet guy!

Your comment about the height difference in the photo cracked me up!

Thank goodness Brody is responding to treatment so well!
No matter how many wonderful animals you have helped; it must still make your heart hit the floor when one is having a tough time.
I am looking forward to great posts... hearing how well he is responding!

Poor, handsome Brody! He's been so healthy that we haven't heard much about him for a while. I'm sorry he had a bad time, but relieved to know he's already better. His future sounds good.

Very good to hear he is responding so well. The right meds seem to be doing well. We had a scare earlier this year with a vestibular episode that caused our 12 year old Lab to walk down the sidewalk like a drunken sailor. She was so dizzy but determined to take a walk. We got her back in the house and after a few weeks she was back to her normal self but with the slight head tilt. So the moral of these stories is even if it looks bad, time or the right meds can do wonders.

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