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November 04, 2010


Steve and Alayne, I just saw the comment that bitch yes I did say Bitch with a capital B put on the blogg about our little Callie, how can she live with herself in saying something so terrible, "Denise" "the you know what" should hide her head in shame, You both do so much for these beautiful animals, I know if I ever came back as a disabled animal I want to go to Rolling Dog Ranch. Thank you both for being there for Callie and I know she is watching over you for all the love you gave her. God bless you for all of your good work.

We were so saddened to read about Callie and Blind Helen. I love the video of little Miss Selective Hearing with wiggle tail. She looked like a coo-coo clock. They are little angels looking down on the ranch.
Your new location is built with as much attention to the needs of the gang as the Montana facility. They are so loved. We vote everyday on the Animal Rescue site.

RIP Callie...what a wonderful dog you were.

Steve and Alayne, I felt as if I'd been kicked in the gut when I read Denise's comment so I can only imagine how you felt reading it. If only people would think of the anguish they might be causing when they send out such thoughtless comments.

Not only does it take a huge amount of courage and integrity to do what you do but it takes an even larger amount of courage to let other people into your world and into the ups and downs you experience on a very deep and personal level.

Thank you for being brave enough to share the true realities of rescue with us and for allowing us to get so close to the animals in your care. We all learn so much from your honesty and the journeys you share with us.

Don't give a second thought to those who lash out...they are vainly trying to fix something broken within themselves.

Dear Steve and Alayne, once again my heart goes out to the two of you. I was gone from home for a few days and just now read about the loss of sweet Callie. Please accept my condolences,it is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Let me say how the two of you always make the correct decision based on helped from a vet in regard to these precious animals, I know it is never easy. Callie was just where she should have been in Alayne's arms at her home in the hours before she had to leave you. I didn't read Denise's comment but have no doubt in my mind you, with the help of your vet did exactly what I would have done...spend as much time as possible loving and caring for this sweet girl. Keep up the wonderful job you do. Along with many many other people I thank you for taking care of the dog, cats and horses that come your way.

Animals who find their way to your loving home are the luckiest animals in the world.

I would like to add my condolences to the many who have posted before me. Callie is obviously a special little girl and she was lucky to have such a caring "mom and dad". I often wondered why we didn't hear about the passing of others (Brynn and Copper Kid, for example), but after the comments of Denise, I can understand how it can be even harder for you to lose one of your babies if you have some of us passing judgement when we aren't sitting in your shoes.
I have an elderly cat who some would have had me euthanise for his issues, but he has since been correctly diagnosed and is in full health again. Had I not listened to my heart and my main vet, he would not be enjoying this time with me here. I have no doubt that Callie's last days at home with you made her passing easier for her and for both of you.
My heart and happy thoughts to you and your critters..XO

Steve & Alayne, you guys are inspirational. I learn something new about animals every time I read one of your postings or look at your website. The animals you recently lost had wonderful lives thanks to you and your compassion. I am saving the video of Callie wagging her little tail while on her sweet. The very best to you and all the animals you care for.

Steve & Alayne, I am so so sorry to read this news. You two are the best. Please give all yourselves, your dogs, cats, horses and goats a hug from me...

I am both saddened and inspired by the recent deaths of Helen and Callie. Saddened by their passing and inspired by the care and compassion they were shown by you...there is simply no acceptable exit strategy but you seem to instill the process with love and dignity. Among our six dogs we have a blind Callie whose name is Helen...they could be twins...Callie's passing makes holding Helen all the more precious. Thank you for what you do....

I was crying when I read about your precious Callie. My thoughts & prayers to you, Steve & Alayne. I know how hard it is to lose an animal. Callie had the absolute best home. RIP little one.

So sorry to hear about Callie. That last day for her with you both would have meant more to her than 'some' can appreciate. Please continue to post events that affect all critters at Rolling Dog. The good and the bad, (hopefully very few bad) we want to know want is going on.

Steve, I am so saddened to learn of Callie's passing. What a sweetheart she was and she will remain a sweetheart angel in your memory too!

The video of her on her back, wagging her tail instead of getting up to go outside! What can I say??? So precious. We have one just like her, and Roxie will do the same thing, especially if it's raining or snowing outside.

I am embarrassed for and angry with Denise who wrote such an insensitive comment and so proud of you for replying to her. In your grief, you didn't need someone to make it worse.

Keep in mind that for every Denise, there are hundreds who know you and Alayne are the best thing since slice bread for these wonderful animals lucky enough to live with you.

Hang in there, keep good thoughts of Callie Tail Wagger. She was special.

But hey, they all are, aren't they, just like you and Alayne.

Hugs from Michigan

Soooo sorry to hear of yet another loss at the ranch....first Helen and now precious Callie. Thanks for sharing her with us...she certainly had quite the personality and charm! You gave her loads of love and care. My sympathies to you both.

Callie had the best home for almost 5 years; and in return made you and Alayne (and "us" smile with her doxie antics and devotion. I know she'll be missed but will also be remembered much love and with smiles someday, at the moment I know it's very tender and painful.
Love to Callie and her friends at Rainbow Bridge

I always tear-up when one of your little one dies. It's because you do such a wonderful job of letting us get to know them. Love to Callie, Helen, and all those who went before.

As to "Denise", anyone who cares to know, if you go back to her post and click on her name it will bring you to her blog. I am sure she hasn't read the responses to her post.

Thank you Steve and Alayne for all you do and be assured that there is a lot more support and understanding for you than a bitter few.

I'm so sorry for your loss, losing two such sweet dogs in such a short span of time is heartbreaking. I hope that you are a little comforted by all the love and joy you gave them and how very happy they were with you.

I wish I had Denise's email address!

I just wanted to say Ive known Steve and Alayne for 5 years and spent those 5 years volunteering at the sanctuary when it was located in MT. I have watched them lose many animals over the years and never once questioned the care they gave or the decisions they made. It is truly heartbreaking for them each and everytime someone passes. They love these animals!

Steve and Alayne have such a deep connection with each and every animal at the ranch. They know when its time for an animal to pass. They just know.

Steve and Alayne, on behalf of the majority of blog readers and ranch supporters, we trust your judgement and we respect what you are doing, how you care for each animal and the decisions you make. We know that sometimes its tough to make the call, but no one knows these animals like you both do.

Over the past few months Ive noticed an increase in "criticism" in blog posts. One about the dogs wearing collars, another about cropping pictures and now Denises comments. I just want to share with people that Steve and Alayne have been running this sanctuary for over 10 years! They are the experts, not us. They take time out of their busy days to make this blog for us as readers to enjoy! Not to criticize what they are doing. So please keep your negative comments to yourself because the ranch dosnt need it and neither do the majority of us readers and supporters!

We are here to support not criticize!

Oh I am so sorry for the rough few weeks you have gone through. I know the pain to lose an treasured member of the family. I just want to thank you guys for giving these specials animals a chance a great life. As sad it is to lose Calli and Helen the fact that you guys gave them a chance at a wonderful life, they other wise wouldn't have had is amazing. You two are such inspirations to me! Calli was one of my favorites and I will miss her.

Although she was an older dog, this post still took me by surprise. RIP Callie. I found the video of Callie on YouTube LONG before I knew what the Rolling Dog Ranch was. It was actually the video that made me start following the blog, the website, and telling everyone about this wonderful place. Two years ago our dachshund passed away and she looked EXACTLY like Callie. The resemblance was striking! My heart broke when I read this post. I'm just glad she got to enjoy almost 5 years with you!

I am so very sorry about Callie. What a precious doggie, in deed. I'm glad she had a good life with you.

Smiles come to my teary face when I watch the video clip of her. What a little stinker! Oh, don't you just love it? I'm glad ya'all had each other all those years.

May God bless and comfort you now.

I shead tears for two reasons, for Callie and for Helen. The second is for this person called Denise. Once you commit yourself to animal rescue it is for the life of the animals.I help in 2 animal rescue groups in Iowa and unless you see these animals in such need you will Never know what it is to truely love love to the end. Maybe if there were more people that were willing to help and not to just throw away a animal or a person for that matter, we would not be in the shape we are in for the care of animals and for people.Before you speak put yourself in there shoes and see if you are willing to give up alot to do what they do, and that is to Love To The End Compleatly.Thank you Steve and Alayne for what you do, and I'm going to continue to do what I do, and no that these animals that we help truley do feel love from someone in their lifetime.

So sorry to hear the news about Callie...You do such wonderful work in taking care of these sweet animals...

Hope your memories ease your sorrow.

I cried when reading the post of Callie. Even though I've never met these animals, I've grown attached to them through your blogs and posts. More than sadness though, I cry tears of joy, for Callie knew so much love and happiness on her last years on earth. Bless you for making the world for these animals so much brighter!

I'm crying guys and laughing too, that fabulous video, always one of my favourites - that little tail whirring away! and that wonderful picture of her on the examine table demanding belly rubs. She knew what the important things in life are.

You do such great work, knowing there always going to be times like this - heroes in my view.

Hugs, and thankyou for making the lives of animals like Callie so much better.

I'm so sorry to hear about sweet little Callie. You are both in my thoughts.

Having followed RDR for a few years now, it never ceases to amaze me how attached I've become to your sweet, wonderful and most amusing charges! Callie and Helen were both very special ladies, who will be missed greatly, but also very fondly remembered. Alayne and Steve, you truly do God's work. Do not be deterred by that pinhead Denise. Keep doing what you're doing -- giving a second chance, and a quality life to so many deserving animals. You are in our prayers (as are Callie & Helen).

Callie was such a sweetheart. It is sad to hear of her loss. I have laughed and cried while reading the post and watching the video. She was so lucky to have come to live with you and I bet you both feel you were also lucky to have her. I am glad she was able to spend her last day with you, and I am sure she was too. Rest in peace sweet Callie. You will be missed.

Hey Guys, so sad. I really really love that video of her and her tail. It is the best. You two do a marvelous job. She had the best life a dog could ever have with you. It is so hard to let them go.

I fell in love with Callie the first time I watched her video. I am so very sorry, Steve and Alayne. I take comfort in knowing she had an amazing 5 years living at Rolling Dog Ranch. RIP, dear one. You will be missed.

Oh no :( what horrible news...that little video of Callie wagging her tail as you call her is one of my all time favorites...I am so terribly sorry. What a horrible week :(

Sending a huge hug...

My heart is just breaking for your dear little Callie ~ what a very special little girl.....she was just so fortunate to have your love and care....most sincerely, Valerie from up in southern Manitoba xo

once again, I am so very sorry for your loss. What a sad week for RDR. :(

That said, I watched her video once again and once again roared with laughter. I can't decide whether it's the lovely round belly or that hilarious happy tail that makes me laugh more!!

Either way, it's obvious she is so loved. Thank you for all you do.

Steve and Alayne, so sorry about Callie. I'm glad you were able to take her home for a last day together. I'm so sorry also that you had to deal with Denise's comment at a time like this. As many other posters have said, there are always a few like that, and I know it can be very disheartening. But I hope you are heartened by all the support you are receiving from those of use who understand.

(Maybe you could find a volunteer to do the moderating and delete those things so you don't even have to see them.)

Thank you for sharing all the moments with us, both sad and joyful. And thank you for reposting that video... I hadn't viewed that one since it was first posted, and it's a perfect way to remember her.

Steve and Alayne,
I haven't posted for awhile, although I vote every day for The Ranch in the challenge. My heart aches for you both! I remember seeing the video of Callie on your website and the next thing I know it's being shown on The Ellen Degeneres show. She was a star! Now she and Helen have crossed The Bridge awaiting a reunion with you someday. I couldn't read Denise's comments. I gathered from the other postings that they were unbelievably inappropriate. Please don't let one bad egg spoil the entire bunch. The newbies to the website and others who have been following The Ranch for years have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for you and Alayne!!! You are truly angels walking the face of the Earth. Sending you bear hugs and love from Kentucky,
Carolyn Kupferschmid, Max, and Tonto

Steve and Alayne... You are the best...will be sending another small donation in memory of Callie. You have given your lives to care for these animals that no one wanted; and the love they have given you shows their appreciation. How sad you must be having to deal with Helen and Callie's loss only to have a truly unwarranted message from this woman, Denise!!!!!

Dear Alayne and Steve,
We are so sorry about Callie. Her U-Tube video was so funny, as was Callie herself.I love the picture in front of the fireplace,she looked so blessed & peaceful
Loving thoughts and prayers to you both.You are both in my prayers everyday for the love and attention you both give the animal babies.May god bless you & our furry friends always,Rip callie,xoxo steven,debbie & lanie

Thank you so much for giving Callie a wonderful home during the senior years of her life! She enjoyed a life well lived and all of us were so lucky to get to know her through your blog. My thoughts are with you as you fondly remember the years you had together.

Steve, Don't stop blogging because some of those who visit here aren't of the same mindset. Denise was insensitive and obviously doesn't know a lot about RDR and how much the two of you love the animals in your care. Anyone who would give up their job to spend every day of their life taking care of the animals must care about them enough to not intentionally harm them in any way. Don't let people like that get you down. The rest of us are here to support you. :)

Dear Alayne and Steve,
We are so sorry about Callie. Her U-Tube video is a classic, as was Callie herself.
Loving thoughts and prayers to you both.
Nancy and Lady in South Carolina (Lady is our new older baby--I'll e-mail you her story sometime!

Reading thru the other posts I am glad I missed Denises' post. If someone has read this blog for any length of time I think it would be clear that Steve & Alayne always take into account the animal involved, the situation and the reccomendatons of the veterinarians dealing with the animal at the time. Because of who they are and what they have done in the past I would never second guess how they treat any of their animals. Steve, Please dont be reluctant to share with us. Even tho we are not with them every day we love your animals too. Thank you so much for the time you spend sharing them with us so unselfishly. Keep doing what you are doing...Loving and caring for Gods little creatures. Anne

Steve and Alayne, I myself have had the experience of a vet telling me to spend one more, final day with a little furry friend. And I'm so glad my vet said that. It was the most peaceful, sad, wonderful day getting to tell my little Lily goodbye. I think that's wonderful that you got to share a day like that with Callie. You got to say goodbye to Callie and she got to feel all the love you had for her before she left on angel wings.

I know it was hard to you write about Callie's last moments and it's hard for us to read it. But never second guess writing it. The more people you tell, the more prayers are sent to Callie with love. My thoughts are with you and Alayne and this very sad time.

Aww, this makes me so sad for the two of you. Callie was how I first found this site; I saw that video of her playing dead and instantly fell in love! So sorry for your loss. Rest well, little Callie. You were well loved.

Farewell sweet Callie. My boys got extra hugs this morning and I'm sure I saw a star twinkling extra bright on our early morning walk.
Steve and Alayne, thank you for providing Callie with the love and care she deserved yet could not find elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your stories of joy and loss. I have learned so much from you. When I first started following, I had 2 healthy dogs. Over the years since then, one has gone blind and the other has cancer. What I've learned from your blog has taught me to provide the best medical care that I can and to approach these conditions as just a part of life. I've also learned from your stories of loss that we embrace these special animals until they (with the advice of good doctors) let us know that they are ready to go. I know that when I have to face loss with my boys that I will be stronger because of what I've learned from you.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Okay, I'm posting again. I didn't think I could get anymore upset about this until my friend and co-worker asked me this morning "Did you read the blog? Someone made a really shameful comment. Steve responded to her." So I knew it wasn't good, but Denise, when I read your words, I was floored. WORDS HURT. Especially words that are untrue. I want to believe you were mourning and not thinking clearly. To Steve & Alanye: I know her words hurt, but she is ONE person out of 78 that posted here in support of you. Please block her out. You have the love and support of so many people--please do not stop sharing with us. Most of us love your animals as much as we love our own, and we grieve with you like we celebrate and laugh with you. Please do not stop sharing. It does so much more good than you'll ever know. P.S. I'll be sending you a special Xmas donation in Callie's name.

I was thinking about her a few days ago... Goodbye, tough and funny lady!!!
:( :( :( :(

You two are angels in a world of darkness and hate. Unfortunately part of loving animals is having to let them go. I am in awe of the care you give these blessed, special animals. You find what is so important to them and fill that void. Bless you and all the animals you help and care for. You guys are truly an inspiration and really help to make this world a better place. Bless you.

So sorry to hear about Callie. I have followed her so for many month. My love goes out to all of you! *huge hug*

Bless your hearts, Steve and Alayne,
I almost cried on reading about precious Callie, but was caught by the loving and happy and funny part of the story, which was seeing her little tail wagging in the video while she was lying down not wanting to get up. So you know you are truly successful when the good overpowers the "bad" in the most difficult of circumstances. You are 2 of the bravest heroes I know!! Have fun with the angels, Callie.

I'm so sorry for you guys. A lot to deal with all at one time, with Helen, too. Callie was so well cared for with you and had a happy life. Her video is so funny and sweet!

You know what they say about opinions . . . never you mind. We who support you know how attentive you are to all aspects of your animals lives.

Denise, I'm truly sorry that your life is so bad that you take your hurt/anger out on angels like Steve and Alayne and I will pray for you.

Steve and Alayne have gone out of their way to ensure that all the sentient beings they watch over are treated with love, respect and any necessary medical care (above and beyond what most people would spend!) during their stay at RDR. These are beings that others have tossed out and deemed just so much trash.

I've volunteered at BrightHaven and know how much the animal companions as well as the human caretakers need to take the opportunity to make their farewells to another sentient being going through the dying process. Steve, I'm so thankful that Callie had the opportunity to enjoy Alayne's lap one last time and to have Alayne present at the last moment. When I had to have my precious Aussie Keanu put to sleep, I wanted my arms and face to be the last things he felt and saw as he crossed over.

Tears and laughter (from Callie's video) will be present today. Thank you for allowing me to share these precious moments with you.


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