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November 28, 2010


Steve, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Holly's story! I can understand exactly why Alayne couldn't part with her! Holly sure knew how to tug on Alayne's heartstrings! Way to go, precious pup! She knew she had a good going at the ranch! How is Buddy doing?

A story about Mom and one of her minions!

I love stories about Alayne, and this one is wonderful. And the picture of the fur kids walking back to the ranch with mom-priceless.

thanks for making my day RDR!

Holly, you should ask Steve and Alayne if you could do your pre-washing on the human dishes, too! No left on gunk LOL. Alayne sure knew what she was doing when she said Holly was staying :) Love the pictures and the way you wrote about Holly!


I loved this story! Seems Holly knows that Alayne went to bat for her, so she's keeping her end of the bargain. (better watch out for that mean guy, Steve. He may try to get me adopted out again!) The pics are fantastic. Please give Holly a big hug from me. In fact, hugs all around!
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

It is interesting how many of your dogs have found 'jobs' to do at the ranch. They find a way to fill their days and that is precious. I am so glad you appreciate them as the individuals they are. If only more people could look past small differences and see the larger picture.
Note to Alayne, I am glad you stood your ground. Some things are just meant to be and Holly joining your family was one of them. You knew you needed a Director of Home-Ranch Security AND dish pre-washer! Both in one medium sized, brown, furry package, What a bargain!!

ha-ha...You go Holly!!! Earning your keep & getting a couple of extra tidbits of, smart, smart! And, using the comforter to keep the bowl in place while you clean...again, smart, smart, smart!!!

I loved the story & the way you write, Steve. Someone said it earlier but I felt like I was right there during this "discussion". Just glad I wasn't at the other end of "the look"!!!

Laughter to start my week! I have (2) Holly's at my house:>)
Steve, I must say you can explain a "situation" like no other. My husband even laughed out loud on this post!

LOL :) too funny - I was thinking of Judge Judy when reading this - a tough cookie - in this case Judge Alayne prevails in doggie court - a tough biscuit maybe. Holly is a lucky pup - if you ever get a shot of her standing up in her boxing position, would love to see it.

With all the work you guys put into your Ranch, it must be nice to have a four legged assistant.
HMMM now if only you could get one of the crew to pick up dog pooh and clean litter boxes. Now that would be a good blog.

Steve, the real important thing here is you GAINED a can't put a price on that...Does she do windows????

Thanks for sharing that story. Our lab does an excellent job on the "pre-wash" cycle, too. Very handy.
Once again, as always, your telling of the story was just great! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of yummy bowls for Holly to lick!

I love this story. I have 3 dogs and none of them do cute things like this! Very entertaining.

Great job, Holly! What a bonus...
Love and entertainment; what a bonus. Lesson of the day:
Never doubt a woman's instinct!
Way to go, Alayne~

Whahahaha... such a funny piece! Steve, with the way you write I feel like I'm peeking over your shoulder right in the middle of the action (but I can be happy about that as I wasn't the receiver of those stares :)). And Alayne, no worries, we all love you even more for falling in love with dogs like Holly!

Well, Holly is definately earning her keep at RDR!!! The habits that animals pick up are so funny! I'm trying to get in extra votes every day at work because it looks like the contest is getting closer. Please, everyone, keep voting and telling others to cast their vote, as well. I know the extra $$$ would come in very handy at RDR!!!

Holly clearly carries her weight around there, what with the pre-cleaning cycle and all. AND she doesn't even scratch the wood floors? I'd say she was an excellent find. And I don't think employees count anyway...

Never a dull moment on the ranch! LOL!!

Purrrfect way to start the week! Way to go Holly in helping with the chores around the ranch!

What a great story, truly hilarious! Miss Holly certainly does earn her keep at the ranch. Definitely a keeper! And Steve, I think sometimes you may be "pushing the envelope" a little too far with your better half. Better sleep with one eye open. lol

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