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November 16, 2010


Just back from Paris and rushed to see who the "new kid in town" is...

Welcome home (and to doggy heaven), sweet Suzi!

God bless all your "angels"...

P.S.: I just loved Snuggles's "acrobatic" pictures!:-)

I can understand people's reaction to Suzi at the adoption fair, in that I don't think that for everyone it was so much a freak show as a shocking surprise. Most people don't ever get to see or even interact with many disabled humans, so they may not even conceive the notion of the existence a disabled animal. Certainly, you're not going to see many disabled animals on t.v. For many of those adoption fair visitors, it may have been their first time seeing/conceiving the existence of a blind, healthy, happy animal. Touching and seeing Suzi made her and others like her, human and animal, 'real' and therefore 'acceptable' to many, I should think.

I love when two friends find each other. That just makes my day. She is so beautiful. And, really, aren't we all flawed in some way. I will just never understand people that stare at what is a "flaw" and instead they miss the most beautiful thing of all, the soul!

Oh Briggs is one dapper guy, what a sweetie! And Suzie is lovely, people can be so cold sometimes. Probably Berke Breathed says it best in Flawed Dogs, a great book for the young and young of heart-
"So in this world of the simple and odd, the bent and the plain,the unbalanced bod,the imperfect people and differently pawed, some live without love-that's how they're flawed."
Suzi isn't flawed at all, she's loved.

How sad that people could see only what Suzi didn't have -- eyes -- and not all that she did have -- life, heart, and soul. Thank you for taking Suzi into your home and your hearts.

After a couple of tough weeks there on the Ranch. I am so glad that Snuggles found a forever home. Now you are blessed with such a sweet girl in Suzi.

Suzi may seem demure, but the way she rocks that 80's coiffure tells me she has the soul of a rocker. Joan Jett would be proud to share the stage with Ms. Suzi! (

Welcome Suzy!!!!


Oh, she is GORGEOUS!! Suzi looks so soft and cuddly, very squeezable, and with your description of her personality it seems like it fits her look perfectly. Welcome Suzi to the best place around, I know all about the shy and timid thing, but I'm sure you'll blossom real soon.
However I'm not so sure that Briggs will be able to hang onto this new girl for too long, she's bound to be snapped up soon!
Thank you to all involved for all the loving, caring and educating. Slowly but surely the message is spreading.
Hugs and squeezes to all.


Oh my gosh, Suzi is such a beauty! How anyone could think otherwise is beyond my comprehention. Many thanks to Anne for rescuing and taking such wonderful care of RDR's newest girl and to Lisa for helping to get her there! Suzi, you have come to the best place that you can ever imagine...Steve and Alayne are the best!

I laughed so hard at Briggs, what a Cassavnova he is. So glad that he has welcomed Suzi and I know that they will be the best of friends!

Briggs has such a hopeful look on his face. Hope that once Suzi gets comfortable she won't dump him. Maybe you could get him a pucca shell necklace so he looks more like the disco king he thinks he is. It'll build up his morale.

Adorable!! That tuft (thanks for the word Barb, I couldn't think of it earlier!) of hair is just too darn cute for words. I can't help but smile when I look at that first photo. :-)

I so enjoy posts such as this one that describe individual personalities. I feel like I know your animals, as if I'd spent time with them, thanks to your writing.

Thank goodness for rescuers like Anne and her friend Lisa. I so admire you all~~~

I still think you should have your own reality show like Pitbulls and Parolees, Best Friends etc. I still wish someone had documented your move to another state. I think it would have been fascinating. All the logistics and organization of that - amazing. You are wonderful people, What a wonderful life. I think I can imagine the backbreaking work it takes. I know it takes a lot just caring for one antique Dachshund.
So happy she is with you. I bet she will be adopted really quick... I just bet she will.
Love and Happy Thaksgiving. are so precious!
It looks like Suzi is about to be a very happy girl!Congradulations on a great choice for a girlfriend, Briggs~

Welcome Suzi girl! You are such a doll, and I wonder... what with Mr. Briggs & you hitting it off so well, maybe this will be your forever home? Hmmm ...

God bless you Steve and Alayne for taking in another precious doggie in need. It is a pleasure to help support the wonderful work of RDR and I encourage others to do whatever they can by donating. :-)

I am looking forward to hearing how Suzi blooms at RDR, you all know she will, look at how well Ella did. Hugs to Briggs and his suave charm. He'll show her around, in a blind leading the blind kind of fashion. Kelly in NY, you are right...even with eyes that have 20/20 vision, some people just cant "see" the wonder and beauty in front of them. Bless you Anne for all the work you have done for Suzi. You need not worry about her now. And thank you Gail for getting her to RDR safely (& Snuggles out west safely.) Welcome Suzi, here's lookin' at you ;)

Suzy is precious! Absolutely adorable. Her face is very expressive... how could you not love that? Thank goodness her rescuer didn't give up on her.

Coincidentally, there's a beautiful shepherd mix at Best Friends (in the Guardian Angel program) who just had to have her eyes removed for the same reason. She's apparently taking it quite well and adjusting beautifully.

Here's hoping both of them find wonderful homes!

Poor timid Suzi doesn't realize how much power she actually has. She just snagged herself the best place to live this side of heaven AND a boyfriend to boot! Soak up the love Suzi, you're home!

Suzi, honey, you HAVE come to the right place! Bless everyone involved in her rescue -- you all are so special. I wish you would adopt me!

Suzi Q, you're beautiful! I'm so glad you had wonderful Anne who loved you & helped you get rid of your painful eyes. I'm so grateful also for Lisa S. who paid for your transportation to the Haven on Earth, RDR! Some people are just ignorart, so I know now you are going to bloom. You are surrounded by love and lots of support where being "normal" isn't normal at all.
Sending big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Welcome Suzi. What a great photo with that fuzzy tuft of hair in front. She's a cutie. And it was most gracious of Briggs to welcome her and make her feel at home. I'm sure she'll be meeting more of the gang soon. So glad she's found such a wonderful place. Thank you Anne for caring!

Welcome Suzi!! You will have a wonderful life at RDR and make lots of new friends who will help you over your shyness!

I have to admit the first time I saw the horses, dogs and cats at the ranch back in MT, with no eyes it was a little freaky. But then I didn't notice it after awhile. It was just a part of who they were. My own dog Levi, had to have his eyes removed due to him developing ulcers, which were very painful. It was a hard decision at first as I didn’t want him to have no eyes. You know it’s this society of ours that tells us if we aren’t perfect, than we are outcasts. Well I wised up and Levi had his surgery and he is SO much happier!! I have to thank my sister (LuAnn) for introducing me to RDR and for Steve and Alayne for “educating” me on disabled animals! I would not have Levi or Timmy in my life without them. They are the best dogs!! Thank you!!

Shame on the heartless freaks that would "view" Suzi as a "freak" and hold her up to ridicule. They are the ones that should have been caged and held up to ridicule. They've certainly earned mine!!!!!

Have to vote twice at the other site to get RDR into both categories. They won't allow a vote in both catagories on one ballot. Go figure!

Briggs, I love your heart. Thanks for giving Suzi some confidence.

What a precious couple - and I had my usual great big laughs reading the story of the suave and debonair Briggs at work. I am all the more convinced you guys should write a book - it would be a hit!! Enjoy the love, little Suzi!

She's beautiful!

Welcome, Little Suzy! You have found a forever furry friend in Briggs & a very special place to live at RDR. My heart jolted when I read what Anne said in her email. It makes me so sad over the ignorance of some but I pray daily for that to change.

I saw RDR on the list yesterday & voted) when I was voting for "Surf Dog Ricochet" who is a pup that is helping others by raising awareness/funds 4 human/animal causes. You can see her story on FB. What's great about this voting is you can vote in different categories so you can vote for RDR in their category but can place a vote for another friend to animals that are all doing wonderful work just like RDR.

I'm so glad Briggs welcomed Suzi and made her feel at home. Very sweet!

I do know how people react to an animal with eyes. I adopted a one eyed cat at the vet when no one else wanted her. She was a total love bug and we were so glad to have her. She lived with us another 8 years before crossing rainbow bridge.

What a great story about another of God's precious creatures. Steve you almost made me spit my coffee all over the computer I was laughing so hard at Brigg's "cool and suave" manner. And we all know that the only "freaks" out there are all those who really can't see whether they have eyes or not.

Welcome to a great life Suzi, you deserve it.

So happy to see that Suzi has found a home with you. She's beautiful. With Briggs in the picture, she's sure to be in for some good times.

What a beautiful little girl - and not a 'freak' at all. People can be so cruel! I love how she has found herself a new 'beau' who can focus beyond her disability. They are a very cute together - a match made in heaven/Rolling Dog Ranch (one in the same)!

Oh, I would take Suzi in a heartbeat if there were a way! What a lovely, fluffy, sweet-looking gal. Look out for Briggs, Suzi, he cozies up to al the ladies - - or tries to!
Steve, I love that first photo. It's eloquent. Kudos to all the lovely people involved in Suzi's rescue.

Suzi's life is looking up! She may have had some bumps on her road that left her shy, but she seems to have a rosy future ahead of her. I bet Briggs and the crew will help her come out of her shell. No one can feel sorry for her anymore, she is a lucky ducky!

What a precious little girl (and couple!!!)

Wow~ talk about all of the emotions in one post! Tears, happiness, laughter, heartwarming. Way to go Briggs! You got quite a girl in Suzi!
Steve, thanks for writing such an eloquent post! Looking forward to hearing more on this "new romance."

Well, we know exactly how she'll be appreciated at RDR. And since when is blindness "freaky?" People need to get out more and realize that nature is not "perfect" and that blindness is not an imperfection. Suzi you just sit back and relax in the best place around.

What a heart warming blog--thank you Steve and Alayne. Voted for the other site--looks like it's a one time shot! Anytime I can vote of RDR it's is an HONOR!!

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