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November 11, 2010


that's funny. However, I suspect that when she realized that she's being manipulated, the retribution will be swift!

A mining she will go..............

This post had me laughing like I haven't for a long time! Your narrative, and the photos are Excellent! Woo Woo Woo...... Widget!

Now, that's a hoot! I have always had beagles, and that is exactly how these situations play out! My poor Henry only has one crate to mine, though..... :)

OMG This post had me laughing so hard! I love the descriptive way you write, it's so easy to picture the whole scenario of the mining/dining experience. Those pictures are great!

To buy ourselves some peace at meal times we toss a dog biscuit down the hallway. When Bailey the Beagle runs after it we put up the kiddie gate, and she is stuck on the other side. She surely has figured it out by now, but the lure of a dog biscuit is overwhelming and cannot be resisted.

Thanks for the blog about Widget's talent. That was a super funny story. Maybe Widget should become an actress.

Talk about "laugh out loud!"
That was hilarious.

I think that is the funniest blog entry I've read. I mean ever. Steve you write so well and it makes such great pictures in my head, I can just see Widget rooting around in those crates.

I second the comment that you should write a book. You could be the American James Herriot.

Thanks again for the best chuckle I had all week.

Voted on 3 computers today. The blind cats are catching up. Speaking of cats.....where are yours? What are they up to? And the horses? Is Rosies hoof all mended since last summer? And is Cash as good looking as the glimpse we got of him in the equine ear-swivel version of "outtakes"? I would love to see where little mama Cinder lives. And her now grown Ash & Spark kitties. I bet that little Spark grew up into a beautiful cat. Just a few suggestions for blog material. HINT HINT

Delightful! Thanks for sharing. (And they call dogs "dumb animals".

Oh Widget you are too funny!! Very clever you two, to keep her occupied til you are done with lunch!!

Great strategy! Gives her a little mental and physical exercise, too. Of course, then you have to go around and straighten out all the bedding. I'm sure you'll come up with a solution for that too, though. Thanks for the smile!

Y'all are so funny! I love reading your blog! Y'all are so special and I really appreciate all your efforts for these wonderful little beings. Thank you!

LOL - too funny! I'm with Lynn and Lynne above - your stories would make a great book if you could ever find the time to write it. No doubt, Widget could help. If could contain the word "antics" in the title perhaps or something like "Life on the Ranch with the Widge." Oh well, you can see how you make us laugh and get silly! Have a great weekend.

Steve and Alayne, You had me laughing so hard I almost forgot to vote! Thanks for a delightful "good morning" report.

I look to you for education...we are always seeking ways to divert the attention of our six when meal time rolls around. We only have two that are serious chow hounds but I may be able to use a variation of this technique to occupy them. Thanks for the insight...

Ha! Thanks so much for this giggle. Those dogs are a riot!

Too funny! Thanx for starting my morning off with a chuckle. I'll never be able to hear about Miners and 49er's in quite the same way...

that's hilarious! i can't believe the work you have to go through just to have lunch in relative peace. i wonder if something like that would work with our 2 toddlers and pug... hmmmmm

On the rare days when I haven't been able to jog with my dogs for some reason or another (it rarely rains here in Central Texas these last few years, so most days are jogging days), I work to entertain them in other ways. One of the tactics I use is putting them into my study where they can watch me through the double glass doors. Then I "hide" about half their kibble in various spots around the house. They can see me start the hiding process, so they know what I'm doing, but they can't see all the spots at which I hide it, so they do have to search. I figure in the wild, dogs had to use their wiles a bit more than they do now, so it's both physical and mental exercise for them. They get so excited when they realize what I'm doing. They're the same size and same skill level, so I don't worry about one not getting enough food.

BOL!!! That's hilarious. Very clever of the humans but extremely smart of the "Mining Widget"!!!

OMG, what a riot!!! This is truly a beagle story at it's best. They are so food motivated - but darn cute! Widget reminds me of my neighbors' beagle who can find and dig up (and eat!) as many as 10 peanuts in a day in the yard that the squirrels have buried. They surely have a great sense of smell. That photo with just the tail sticking out from under the blankets is a keeper.

Absolutely hilarious! Esepcially the locked crate since she sounds the alarm to let you know how much time you have to finish lunch. HA HA HA LOVE IT! : )

Such a cute story! Thanks for sharing it and the pictures. That made my day! I love Beagles.

I so wish you had the time to write a book about RDR. Your writing style is delightful! Each of your charges has a unique personality and you know your animals well enough to define each individual for us. This post is so funny!
We have a beagle/schnauzer mix who has the same attitude about food—"All I want is a little more than I'll ever get." It's a beagle thing, for certain.

Hahaha... the sentence "and her friends" seems to be really only about Widget, or does she have unwanted help with the mining??

Great story (and some photos of your rooms now that they have furniture would be appreciated!)!

priceless!! And the picture had me rolling with laughter!! Thanks for making my evening.

In the Rolling Dog Ranch book, Widget will have her own chapter! LOL

Silly human minions. The RDR Beagle Politburo Central Committee (RDRBPCC)(Comrade Widget the Chairbeagle) wants you to think you are "distracting" Widget. Actually she is using that alone time as a cover to deaddrop money, supplies and propaganda to other members of the RDRBPCC for their eventual uprising and takeover. Just a heads up for the naive minions.

What a smart beagle. We had a beagle who had three leg's and he always found food or crumbs whever they lay. His name was Barney and he lived to be 16 I think I will have one again in my life time.

Oh, my....hahahaha!
Thank you for the chuckle.

Widget, you are a fun little party girl. It sounds like you are one of my party dogs buddies.
Hug and a back scratch for you~

Holy hell, that's funny. However, I suspect that when she realized that she's being manipulated, the retribution will be swift!

Widget has to be the cutest miner who ever went searching for buried treasure! What a brilliant idea to get a little peace and quiet at mealtimes. Widget thinks she's outsmarting you folks, but you're having the last laugh.

Oh sure. You THINK you've outsmarted her. You THINK the extra bonus is that she's helping you clean the crates. But just you wait!

For what, I'm not sure, but I don't put anything past her.

What a cute and clever story! I'm glad you salt the mine because with a smart girl like the Widge, without some incentive to keep hunting, your lunch would surely be in peril. Good job!

Super hilarious story, I laughed so hard I peed my pants. I use to have a dog that looked just like Widget and we did exactly the same thing with her for exactly the same reason!!! We only had 3 other crates for her to "mine" through so we learned to eat faster. I can TOTALLY relate. They do keep our creative juices flowing don't they?

How clever are you and Alayne? At least as clever as that little 'crate-door-opening' and 'mining' little Widget! Thanks for the laugh Steve.

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