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November 14, 2010


I had a feeling we would not be seeing much of Snuggles b4 she found a new home!! Yeah!! And a new arrival?? Hmmm. Who will the next super lucky animal be? I am so glad Snuggles 1. found a new home and 2. left room for one more needy animal to have a slice of the good life. Maybe this new one will be just as lucky and RDR will only be a pitstop on the way to a new home. If not, this is the place to be.

Nice! This is wonderful to see, or perhaps I should say taste. Thank you to the Love of Dog Bakery!

Thank you Julie and Rob for helping RDR and all the other organizations that you contribute to! Will be putting in an order!

Well, break out the Milkbones, it't time for a celebration! Congratulations to one and all, and many good wishes to that cutie-pie, Snuggles!
Now I'm champing at the bit to know about the new arrival. All I can guess is that it wasn't a horse.
Have a happy week, RDR!

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