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November 23, 2010


Huge kudos to anyone who has ever rescued an animal and helped give or find it a home.

Yes, please. Cats and horses!

Thanks to Rolling Dog Ranch for giving so much!!

Look how happy Holly looks. And look at the grass in late November!! Can you believe it!! Have a good thanksgiving and maybe share some turkey with the cats. Like Diana, we'd LOVE to see them. We have not seen any posts on them lately, Horses too! (I'd love to see how that "little boy" Cash has grown up). Enjoy your break and the holiday.

Really Really cute. Dogs every where love to roll. How about some cat stories and pictures every once in awhile

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alayne and all the animals!!xoxo

Well, I sure hope I finally get to know who is/was the 6th member of the "Seattle sixpack"!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!

Looks like a beautiful day for rolling. And who's that on the ramp? (not sure I recognize that curly coat) Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alayne and all the animals.

Wishing Steve, Alayne and all their critters a Happy Turkey Day.
I'm sure there will be alot of "air scenting" going on this weekend!!! ENJOY

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Alayne & all the furry kids!!! Happy Rolling!!!

How are the cats and horses doing?
I have rescued a 15 year old Lab mix who was tied to a doghouse all her life. She loves to roll and I have told her a number of times I should change the name of the farm to Rolling Daisy Farm.

Steve, Alayne and the four legged "people" have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

So nice to see Holly, she was getting the ultimate back scratch and certainly enjoying herself! Looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading up on Holly.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Alayne and the entire RDR crew!

If we all took the time to enjoy a fine fall day with a roll in grass the world would be a much happier place. Roll on Holly!

I wish you and Alayne your happiest Thanksgiving yet, filled with blessings rich and glowing.

That is so NOT FAIR to keep us in limbo over the long holiday weekend about Holly's story!!! I shall wait with baited breath to hear the details next week on Holly's journey to RDR. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alayne, the blessed animals, and all the supporters and followers of the happiest place on Earth!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. THANK YOU both so much for all you do for the animals. It is wonderful.

Wishing You,Alayne,and all of your "fur kids" a wonderful 1st Thanksgiving @ RDR New Hampshire!
Enjoy your, not as snowy & cold as Montana, holiday weekend!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Alayne and all the critters, from us here in the frozen Northwest! Brrrrrr! Enjoy your holiday..we all have much to be thankful for.

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