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November 30, 2010


You guys must sleep soundly at night!

It continues to boggle our minds all the work that goes into running the sanctuary--no rest for the weary!!

Good Lord, the things you guys do....It makes me tired just looking at you, and I'm an active person!

Now that I know how you and Alayne spend your free time, I'm glad I don't live close enough to be invited to a firewood-collecting party. But I really enjoyed seeing these pretty pictures (probably because I never tire of watching other people work).

Have you noticed any wildlife on this RDR?? I remember you had a fox or two at MT RDR and of course little AnneAndrew the barn skunk. Any such luck here in NH with outside critters saying their 'hello's? I would almost be surprised if you didn't at least have some deer .

I am glad to see you taking the fallen wood first. Will you turn the acreage you eventually clear into more pasture or replant trees to renew the stand of timber for future years? Just curious what individuals do with their lots. (hope I'm not too nosy). You always took such good care of your land in MT that I know you will be as concientious with this land too. I voted on 3 computers here at work today and will do so on the home computer later too. Stay warm. Anne

Look at you! And I can say "I knew you when". This looks VERY different from the corporate world at an airplane manufacturer! Stay warm. It's obviously a lot of working keeping the whole gang warm.

That looks like fun! If a bit chilly ;-)

For the past six years I've heated with wood and have needed a maximum of six cords per year to keep a 2000 sq ft house comfortable.
I hope this info helps!

Whitefield N.H.

PLEASE KEEP VOTING, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW...THIRD PLACE HAS JUST ABOUT CAUGHT UP!! If you have more than one browser please vote using each one!

You sure do have a wonderful neighbor in Jim, it's great to know you have friends that are ready and willing to help out. You said that the buildings are heated with wood...does that mean that you don't have any other heating such as gas or electric? I don't know much about this stuff :)

And you did an A+ job getting that wood out!

The setting looks very beautiful and rustic. What a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. Outdoors, nature, fresh air. Doesn't get any better than that! And kudos to Jim for all the aid and support he's provided to the Ranch.

Wow...that is quite a job, you two have on your hands!
Will you also be using a log splitter? (it's been a while since I used one...I don't know what technology has come up with since I helped my parents with theirs.)
It's sure beautiful there. Hopefully you weren't too sore afterward!

Hooray for great neighbors! Can't help but wonder what Jim D. thought when "RDR Pet Sanctuary" was moving in next door. How wonderful that he's so willing to help out the way he does. Thanks, Jim!

The property is just beautiful. Sounds like all RDR residents - 2 and 4 legged - are enjoying the new digs.

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