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November 09, 2010


Adorable picture. I love how everyone at RDR is all about family & snuggling together!!!

What a cozy pair!

I love posts like this! I'm an avid reader of all the updates, including checking on the "off" days in case Steve feels the urge to post something extra for us; I'm not sure if you realize just how important they are to some of us. Btw, I realized today it seems like it's been awhile since we've had any updates on the cats or the horses.

Believe that Briggs being all Beagle thought that Madison had something that may possibly be edible (or had been edible at one time) and was waiting for Madison to move so he could grab it. In the meantime like any Beagle worth his/her salt, he caught a little nap.

Very clever. Cute pic.

Heartwarming! Great to see Madison & Briggs. Pure contentment!

SBC = TLC (they look cute) = DKF (doggie kissy face) -- all adds up to LOVE.

What a great statement this photo makes. 2 friends so comfortable with each other, from very different backgrounds, different sizes, arrived at separate times under varying circumstances and yet look how content. If only humans could turn such a blind eye to differences in others, see only the positives and just get on with the important things in life. Like sharing an after dinner nap on a fuzzy rug, together. Hugs to sweet Madison and beagle boy Briggs.

My first thought was that perhaps they are snuggling close for comfort due to the loss of sweet Helen and dear Callie. I wonder if dogs do that? Our 2 1/2 legged lab, Maggie, recently put herself between our small beagle mix, Jiggs, and another dog who was trying to hurt Jiggs. That was protection so why not comfort? In any case, the picture was an 'Aaahhhh' moment!

I love the pictures of the dogs when they are snuggling. It is so sweet. They look so peaceful.

Steve, you're just a learning machine aren't you? :)

"Paw by belly" too ?

If that's not the ultimate in contentment, I don't know what is!
Thanks for this wonderful picture of Madison and Briggs - and the definition of cheek to jowl, too!

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Couldn't be nicer application of the phrase!

Cute title! I never realized how big Madison is till I saw her cozied up to Briggs in this picture. Looks like these two got together for a little face time.

Looks like Briggs is whispering sweet nothings in Madison's ear. Oh if only humans could be as content! Another great pic.

The question is, of course: who got there first?!

Did Madison fall asleep and Briggs pushed underneath for some face warming, or did Briggs start to snooze and Madison come over and lay down on top of Briggs?

The next question is, naturally: what does it matter? LOL

They are sweet and comfortable, safe and sound, dreaming doggie dreams and making Dad proud without even knowing it!

Makes me smile!

That is beyond adorable! I capture similiar moments with my two, and they are priceless treasures. Love Madison, haven't seen her in a while!

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