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November 18, 2010


The stories of Suzi and Snuggles are sweet as Cockers are near and dear to my heart. I have a Maine Cocker Rescue love @ my feet and he is the 4th Cocker to allow me to be his companion in the last 20 years.! The last 2 were/are seniors, favorie.! Keep up the good work Steve/Alayne,..check forthcoming. Also, voting everyday and gotten dozens of others to do the same.! Best, Jim (and Copper)

Miss Snuggles looks like a sweetie!

Another great blog post, Steve. It brightens my day! Way to go, Snuggles!

What a beautiful and happy looking little RDR acrobat. Go, Snuggles.

..and I thought only cats could do that! Brilliant, Snuggles.

Snuggles needs to compete for the US Olympic Gymnastics Team. She's a shoe-in. I give her a 10.

My dogs love apple slices. Carrots, of course, but also cooked green beans and (of all things) steamed broccoli slaw. That last one is a particular favorite of my finicky Border collie, Jenny, and was a big hit with Jack... but then Jack ate anything! Broccoli slaw, a couple of spoons of unsweetened apple sauce, and some cooked chicken as a treat. YUM!

Wow, Snuggles has some hidden talents! And, how neat she did it w/out having to be asked. Guess the power of a cookie has more power than a human asking. And, she can now perform for Ellen for all the apples she can eat. Love all the action shots! She is quite talented!!!

10 10 10 10 10 10 10

(and the crowd roars!)

Thank you so much for a great laugh this morning! I find it so amazing the little secrets you discover about a pet's past when you engage in seemingly simple activities.

I never did agree with those who claimed cocker spaniels are dumb...quite the contrary!
Great work, Snuggles~

Didn't I see that series of photos in an issue of Sports Illustrated?

Her name is perfect! She is so precious. My dog Annie loved apples too, the Granny Smith sour ones!

If only they could all talk and tell you what wonderful skills they've learned prior to coming to RDR. How cool that Snuggles initiated the trick for the cookie without being asked. Smart girl.


Wow, Snuggles has quite the talent and is so full of energy for a "mature" gal! Those pictures are wonderful. Enjoy life in your loving new home, Snuggles!

I could just see Alayne trying that same thing on Widget and getting the "you've got to be kidding me, I don't do tricks for my minion, I trick you into doing everything for me" look! :)

That Snuggles is one sprightly pup for an "older" dog. And all that with one sorta good eye. I know I can't do that at my age! You go girl. It sounds like you and your new mom will have great moments together.

LOVE THIS BLOG....Love Snuggles!!

Now you can also call your sanctuary Twirling Dog Ranch ;)

Definitely an aerodynamic dog!!! Maybe you should try that "trick for treat" thing on Widget. Let us know how that goes! lol

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