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October 26, 2010


I am behind, and just now saw this post. I am so very sorry. Helen has always been one of my RDR favorites. My condolences to you all.

Steve and Alayne, I am just beside myself in sadness for your loss. I am so sorry. I appreciate the wonderful life you gave Helen. She was such a special girl. RIP, dear will be missed.

Oh my gosh, I am so so so sorry to just read this news. I always had such a soft spot for Helen and am so sad that she is gone. She was so lucky to have such a wonderful life with all of you...I love the description of her licking everyone to death. never gets easier to lose them, does it? Sending you both a monster hug...

I'm so sorry to hear about Helen's passing. I could feel this coming on; as I believe you did as well. I have RDR's newsletter and am grateful that Helen is pictured on it. A very sweet, strong and brave girl!
Forever loved and forever remembered for the gifts she gave...sending love to Helen at Rainbow Bridge....

It's always hard to hear about a loss of a beloved pet. I end up reliving the deaths of my own dear ones. I'm so sorry for your loss. Know you gave her the best life she could possibly have had, and that she knew it, too.

Keep on keeping on.


Dear Steve and Alayne
I am so sorry for your loss.
If you have to go then going with love has got to be the best way to do it. Helen went with love. And right now she's bragging to her mates as she looks down on Rolling Dog Ranch and asks, 'So do you honestly think you were loved as much as I was loved down there?'
Rest well Helen. Grieve gently Steve & Alayne and all at RDR.

I always check your blog on the days you post and when I saw that Helen had passed away it made me think of our dog that had passed a couple months before. I am truly sorry for your loss but glad that Helen had such a great life with you both.

I always had a special place in my heart for Helen. I had a Rottie/Lab mix that I lost 2 years ago to cancer. And I too had some misgivings when she first came into my life. But these wonderful big dogs have so much love for their people. Thank you for caring for Helen and loving her so much. I picture her and my Chloe, both at the Rainbow bridge, but healed and happy.

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear Helen. My dog had just passed away two days before her on Saturday, October 23rd. Reading your story about her made me feel a little less sad about losing my Huck. He had battled his own liver disease for the past 3 months and when he took a turn for the worse on Friday night we decided it was best to have him euthenised, as well. I think he would have died that day anyways, but my husband and I did not want him to suffer any longer than necessary. We were lucky to have Huck with us for the past 7 years and he was a great dog. I hope he meets your Helen up in dog heaven and they can become friends. Neither one of them is suffering any more and they both know they were deeply loved here on Earth. Bless you guys and the work that you do. You are my heroes.

Oh goodness, I am just now catching this.

First of all, my sincere sympathies for the loss of Helen. There is just not anything but time that takes away the pain of losing a beloved pet.

Secondly, bless your hearts for the work you do. I shudder to think what might have happened to her if you hadn't taken her in. With you, she knew love and caring and a wonderful short, a life she deserved to live, despite her abilities. We all know, she would have been put down had you not taken her. I know she will check in on your from time to time, and will be waiting to greet you and be reunited with you over the bridge.

Oh dear... I cried when I first read the post itself, but now I'm crying even more with reading all the loving and tearful comments!

Isn't it amazing and beautiful, such a big network of emotion around the globe. I'm in Europe in the Netherlands myself, and someone is in Italy and there must be more friends in other places... Helen and the others before her must have had a arrival at the bridge with the speed of a Ferrari ;-)

My deepest sympathies, its always so hard to lose them, but I feel, especially hard to a illness like cancer.

But thank you so much for giving her such love and happiness, you do such great work. It makes my week a lot better to see your posts and pictures of all the happy happy chaps.

It's not something that EVER gets any easier, and for me, it's not the dying, it's the breaking of that special bond, here on earth. Those bonds are so strong and special, that losing them, well, is nigh unto intolerable, but as time goes on, perhaps a bit more bearable.

The work you do is amazing - and I've only known about you since you moved to New Hampshire. I vote everyday and hope you win the funds you need.

I cried when I read about Helen - that was sad = but what a wonderful life she had with you!

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm going to miss your updates about her and the "tongue-hanging-out" pics. :( So glad she had you all!

I have been struggling to find the right words. Helen had a wonderful life because of both of you and the caring people who help all of the wonderful animals in your family.
My heart is with both of you and Helen. It is okay to cry. Peace and love to all.

I always rooted for Helen the most. So long, sweet girl.

I'm so sorry about your loss of Helen. It's so tough. I'm so glad she was with you at the end and she knows she was big timed loved by you both.

I am so sorry to hear about dear, sweet Helen. You gave her a life filled with happiness and love but she knew it was time for her to leave. Take good care of yourselves.

Thank you for giving Helen the life and death that she had, surrounded by people who loved her. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry you lost Helen. She was obviously so loved with you. You are so inspiring. I have a disabled dog and she is so special. She's in a wheelchair. Well done to you for the great work and so sorry you lost Helen. It was her time. xxx

I am so very sorry for your loss. Please be extra gentle on yourselves as well, big hugs to both of you. By the way, I think you both do this perfectly well.

I too am shedding tears but get some comfort knowing blind Helen is no longer in pain. Bless you both Steve and Alayne. As I was reading I was asking myself if ya'll still shed tears when you lose one of your furbabies and as I got further you answered my question. I don't do this well either. In my back yard are 5 crosses marking my loved ones. Having had to move around so much as an Army brat there are many all over the world but now I am settled and can visit with my buddies at Rainbow Bridge. You will be missed Helen.

I'm so sorry...Like others that have posted, there are alot of tears today. I know your pain and sorrow. Again I'm so sorry.

My deepest, heartfelt sympathy to all at RDR. Helen was a shining example of Rotties, one that will always be remembered for her gentle, sweet nature. She loved you as much as you loved her. Take care.

Steve and Alayne,
I have only a few things to say:
I am so sorry for your loss.
And I am so glad that you were blessed with Helen, and she was blessed to have you both.
Oh, and of course, this really sucks.
Am sitting her crying-again.
This is the second time I have looked at the picture of Helen sleeping so peacefully and adorably.
Only to have it rip my heart out…
Mo and I send our love and prayers to you both.
And we thank G-d for you both, for what you do for all the animals you love and care for, and for what you do for all of us here on earth.
Because you both are not only a gift to the animals you love and care for, but you are a gift to many of us.
We love you.
Randi, Mo and Parker

We love you Helen, Steve and Alayne. Tears here also. XOXOXO. Helen was so fortunate to have your love for the past eight years and you two were fortunate to have hers.

Oh God, I'm sorry for your loss; cancer is a detestable disease, and present research indicates that it is related to some form of virus...meaning it's almost impossible to eradicate. She told you when she was ready, and you responded after a lifetime spent in comfort and security. What more could be done?

She loved you; wherever she is now, the same still holds. You've done well by her...and she would thank you. She DID thank you every day!

It is never easy to say good-bye to a beloved animal, such as Helen. They grace our lives with their antics and love on a daily basis and we are lucky to be their keepers. My thoughts are with you as you mourn the loss of this special member of the ranch.

So sorry to hear about sweet helen, but so glad she got to spend 8 special years being loved by you folks.

Rest in peace sweet Helen, you were loved by so many people.....
Bless you Alayne and Steve for giving this incredible soul eight wonderful years where she was surrounded by so much love. There is a star shining a bit brighter in the night sky tonight letting us know Helen has arrived safely.......

What a wonderful girl, and what a wonderful life you gave her. We all will miss her. Go in peace, Helen

At RDR Helen lived and passed away knowing she was loved and cared for...what more can one ask in life. Steve & Alayne, you and Helen were both the better for knowing each other. Thank you for all you did for such a gentle soul. You made her life one of love and care and filled with friendship. A hundred pounds of licky happy dog, how lucky you were to have known her.

Crying with you... I am so sad knowing Helen is gone. May the Lord give you great comfort.
I am so touched at how you truly love each and every animal at RDR and share how each one is unique, special and very precious. God bless you.


So sorry to read this news :( It makes me cry.... Many hugs to you both....

I'm so sorry, this is always so hard even when they have had a good and long life and it's just time to go. You gave her a very happy life. I'd like to write more, but I have to go get a tissue.

RIP sweet, sweet Helen.. thank you Steve and Alayne for giving her the best care a dog could get..

Steve and Alayne please accept our heartfelt condolence on the loss of your Helen. We also had a Rotti and they are the sweetest dogs. You certainly are two Angels for all the blind pets that you care for!

Rest in Peace Helen. You were miles away since the move from Montana but you and all of the others at the ranch are always as close as my heart.

I wish all dogs could be loved like Helen. :) Thank you for loving her so much.

There are tears being spilled all over the U.S. for the loss of Helen. Add mine as I read the blog. We cry for her and with you and we absolutely know she got to live happily and as long as she did because of you. Good job and hugs to you Steve and Alayne. Bye-bye Helen.

Rest in Peace, Sweet, Lovable Helen! You endured so much in your lifetime and now that is all gone as you romp & play at Rainbow Bridge.

Steve, Alayne & all RDR residents I share your tears & sorrow. God bless you for giving her a wonderful life & a tender, sweet good-bye!

Yes it hurts.

My heart aches for you. Bless your care for all these precious ones.

Steve, no one who loves their animals "does it well," when it's time to say, "Goodby, love." Not, at least, if "doing it well" means being tough and not crying.

I'm so sorry you've lost Helen; each one, like people, is irreplaceable, but with each one that we love, our hearts grow bigger and able to love even more. God bless you and Alayne for all you do for His critters.

Oh I am so sorry for you guys. Having gone thru this myself just 6 weeks ago with two of my elderly horses, the pain is still so raw. Your post left me in tears at work. It is so so sad. You have provided a life so terrific for her. I know a piece of my heart broke and left with my guys, I am sure yours is too. Hoping your sorrow is not to long.

Sweet Helen is at peace now -- she was surrounded by love for all these years and for her final journey -- thank you to Rolling Dog Ranch for all you do for these amazing animals. Rest in peace Helen.

I'm so sorry about Helen. But we know that the pain we are feeling now is worth it because of the life you were able to give her. It's painful when they leave us but we know their lives were so good because of how much we cared about them. Thinking about you both during this sad time.

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