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October 19, 2010


I'm curious why you don't have labels on those doors. How many times have you had to open 6 doors before you find the right closet for what you're looking for?

This is not about closets, altho I certainly am glad you have so many. I was curious about how Madison is doing. I saw nothing in the dog list. Thanks.
I'll bet the dogs, cats, and horses are enjoying warm days in New Hampshire. Probably they are out soaking up the sun or some of the dogs and cats, in that nifty hallway.

I thought I saw a speck of dust on the window sill so I clicked on the photo to make it larger so I could check. Nope, just a shadow. Carry on.

I would love to hear the story of why your home wasn't occupied for so long. Enquiring minds want to know :)

And wow, what I wouldn't give for a couple of those closets. I do have decent closet space but it never seems to be enough!

The dogs look so comfy in the hallway. You could probably fit all the resident RDR dogs in that hallway!

* Please keep voting, use more than one browser if you have them! Let's work our way up! *

I am completely in awe of how clean your home always looks - the floors are shiny and the baseboards appear spotless! I have three dogs, and my floors are always filthy - tell me your secret, please!!

Those closets are certainly interesting. A unique feature indeed. Fuzzy and Snuggles -- cutesville indeed. When we adopted our dog his name was Tiny. We changed it immediately.

Ahhh, the comfort of cool floors! Madison & Helen know what comfort is all about!

This house was meant for you & the gang! It seems like such a wonderful place it's amazing to me it was unoccupied for so long! I'm glad Fuzzy wandered by & that he is doing well.

I am so glad to hear that Fuzzy gets to keep his name, it fits him. Oh, one there really a 'dividing line' of some sort between the "dog wing" and the "people wing"?? and who enforces it? (if it gets enforced at all ;) Anne


I chuckle every time you mention the dog wing vs. the people wing. Usually your comment follows a picture of dogs in or near the people wing, so I think the distinction is tenuous at best!

Wonderful to have that much storage space!

Don't forget folks, by using different browsers (I'm using Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox), you can vote more than once for Rolling Dog Ranch in the Shelter Challenge.

7 "extra" closets!! Oh what I would give for even 2 of them. What a nice plus for all your storage needs. Are your days still warm?? Or has fall started to cool you off up that way? We in FL are waiting for some truely cool weather to arrive.

It seems like that house was meant just for you and your gang!

Thank you for all that you do :)

So glad to hear that Fuzzy is adjusting well. I think I fell a little in love with him when I read the blog post about him joining the Rolling Dog family. And seven closets! I would love another seven closets!

Your beautiful farm home was unoccupied for years? If there's ever a day that you need a blog topic, why not tell us the story?

How cute is that Fuzzy...

I wouldn't trust those dachshunds not to put a rival in one of those closets should the need arise. If you should momentarily lose track of a NDC or " Non-Dachshund Cutie", I would check there first. Also, not sure why those doors are not decorated with a straw floppy hat with flowers on it. ;p

Envy you folks all that storage space. No one has enough closets. Love this site and you folks are just amazing. Fuzzy is a cutie....and so are all your other pets.

You truly found the purrrfect place! Love it!

Since I happened to be working tonight, I checked to see if the blog was updated yet. Sure enough, and what do I see but the strangest hallway ever. Those closets are a riot! You certainly will never run out of storage space. And I can see why the dogs would want to sleep on the cool tiles. And Fuzzy is such a cutie. Glad he inserted himself into the photo.

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