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October 12, 2010


When will you post all of the new comers for 2014?
You do great work and I can see that you have a beautiful shelter!!
Looking forward to seeing more!

All of the posts about fuzzy are from 2010.
Does that mean he has already adopted?
I guess I shouldn't have set my heart on taking him home myself:-(

I just found this website as I'm looking to adopt soon. It's been a while now was Fuzzy ever adopted?

Oh dear...add me to the list of The Smitten! I am in love!

What a cute "Fuzzy"! I too vote to keep his name! He is an absolutely adorable baby!

He has that same fuzziness and build as my little girl, who I just found out is going blind. I've so enjoyed reading about your dogs, and seeing hope that my girl can adjust to losing her sight. Bless you.

Couple of days late on this comment, but OMG what a darling boy....we're I able I would be at RDR by tomorrow to adopt him and bring him home to my little Sophie. He too reminds me of Teddy, while bigger he has that same quality that made me love Teddy...I could love him, guess I already do...he'll be adopted by someone special and I predict very soon

I vote to keep calling him Fuzzy -- it fits him! What an adorable little chap.

I haven't read through all the comments, but please...don't get too attached!!! He's going to get adopted before you know it - he is too cute for words!!

How adorable and his name, Fuzzy is perfect. It totally suits him.

His eyes look like one my ACD's eyes (his other eye went milky within the first year of adopting him). He was a working dog from Virginia and nobody really knows what happened to him, maybe a kick in the head or a run-in with a vehicle he went after. He ended up in rescue in Ontario of all places and now lives happily with us in New Brunswick. Such a handsome boy and nobody wanted a blind dog.

We think he has a bit of vision in one eye and being a high energy dog, his disability has not slowed him down one bit; however, he does tend to get over-excited at times and will run into a tree or slip down some stairs. Heartbreaking but he's very good at responding to "watch out" or "easy now"... it works 99% of the time.

I came across your site quite by accident but it's a happy accident. What you're doing is so wonderful. A lot of work, for sure but I'm certain the rewards far outweigh the burden.

Steve and Alayne, I vote to call him Sprout!

What a sweet face! And from what it sounds, he has a disposition that matches. I like his name. It describes him to a "T"!

Sorry guys, I think this one will be adopted soon. I think you should take bets on how long he stays. Personally, I agree with others-two weeks maybe-one month max.

Could I really be the only one who squealed "BENJI!" when I saw Fuzzy's pic? It's an almost perfect likeness. I too predict he won't last long at RDR before he gets adopted.

I was thinking Teddy look-a-like also. I think he is just the cutest little guy! What a pose for the camera, P-E-R-F-E-C-T :)

Gotta chime in with the "Fuzzy is the perfect name for him!" crowd!

Would love to come visit Fuzzy with my old, deaf & partially blind Westie "Sammy". If they hit it off, would love to bring Fuzzy back home with us!!

He is a precious little darling!!!! If you do not like the name Fuzzy, you could always keep the name Fuzzy but say it in a different language such as spanish.....Rizado.

BTW, any news on Roo, Herbie, Molly, Ella & Gabe (the 1st) & Timmy? Even though they have gone on to run households of their own I still think abuout them and wonder how they are doing. (hint, hint new doggie and kitty concierges, please send an update)

What's wrong with his name? It fits him and if he isn't deaf, he already knows it so why confuse him by changing it? If you have a lot of heartburn over the name, just know that you won't have to use it much. That fuzzy little Fuzzy is going to grab someone's heart as quickly as he's grabbed ours and he's going to be adopted very quickly. Welcome Fuzzy you little cutie pie!

OMG!!! I have fallen in love with Fuzzy! And, his name is perfect! Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear or rather..Fuzzy Wuzzy was an adorable pup!!

I can't get over how cute he is. His personality shines thru in these pics!! I would take him in a heartbeat!

Welcome to heaven on earth little Fuzzy!!

Fuzzy is absolutely adorable. Please don't change his name; reminds me of a childhood rhyme: Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, wuz he? :)

I think "Chewbaca" fits him even better!

Oh, my gosh! I'm in love with that sweet face. I'm so happy he "found" the two of you! He's got a great life ahead of him and he doesn't even know it. Thank you for doing what you do!!

Fuzzy is the perfect name for this guy. And I agree with others, he needn't unpack his bags. I give it two weeks. :-)

He's adorable! And I like his name. I think you should keep it. He probably makes your heart "warm & fuzzy" and that's why his previous owner called him that. Voting now!

I have said it before - don't know how y'all get any work done - and I know you do lots!! - if I had Fuzzy around, and all your other munchkins, I would want to play all day. Maybe I'd put Fuzzy in a backpack and just take him with me everywhere. What a little precious beeboo.

If he'll play with cats, this could be my dog!! He is so adorable.

Oh my goodness...welcome little one to RDR.

Would love to see some pictures of Fuzzy making friends with some of the other dogs at the Ranch.

He is such a happy guy.

Oh my gosh, how cute is this little guy? What an adorable picture . . . Glad he is in your loving hands!

Fuzzy suits him. If Ihad not just taken on another Cairn I'd take him in a heart beat. He looks like a cross of Cairn and maybe Brussels griffon or border Terrier. he is a doll and someone will grab him up soon.


OMG he is so cute!!!! Just look at that face!! I think I agree with everyone else, Fuzzy will not last long!! If I didn't already have little April, I would be bring him home with me, Levi and Timmy!!

For a dog to be that happy and well adjusted means it was well loved by its deceased owner. May he or she rest easy in Heaven knowing that Fuzzy, too, is in a good place at RDR!

No need to change this guy's name. He'll be in a new home with a new family in no time! Simply adorable.

Why change his name? He's named after the golfer, right? ;)

Just voted!! Hope Ya'll did too, RDR is JUST a teeny bit ahead of the next shelter....they are putting the push on, lets all continue to help the little fuzzies of the world (yes pun intended). please VOTE!

Don't you dare change his name! Fuzzy suits him perfectly. And he's totally precious. What a face. I'll be surprised if someone doesn't snap him up.

Take a good look now, I predict Fuzzy will be snapped up faster than Roo was. What a great looking little dog, and with the happy bouncy personality Steve is telling us he has he wont be at the RDR for long. Oh, Fuzzy how lucky you are to have found Steve & Alayne. Your life is getting better and better......

So handsome love the name...

Major cute overload. It's bad enough for a little dog to go to a shelter, can you imagine being blind as well? Good job Steve and Alayne!

I think I'm in love.

I love the name Fuzzy! What an adorable little dog!!

Oh, what a cutie! Life's merrier with a terrier!
Wow, he really is adorable.

Remember dear, sweet Teddy? Well, I think he's been reincarnated here in the form of Fuzzy and ready for another go-around. Welcome, Fuzzy-Teddy.

Oh my gosh, look at that face! Fuzzy is absolutely adorable! He just looks so happy in those pictures and he is so lucky to have been able to find a home at RDR.

If only I had the money to take care of another dog...I'd snap him up in a minute!

He's adorable and I have to say I love the name!

Looking at Fuzzy's pictures (and knowing he has landed in doggy heaven) just made my day!!

Welcome home, sweetheart!:-)

Welcome, Fuzzy, but don't get all settled in. I predict you'll soon be finding a home with some lucky RDR blog reader who just can't resist your obvious charm.

I can't believe they could not find FUZZY a home--thank goodness for RDR---I like the name and he's ADORABLE!!! You can tell from the pictures he's just so sweet and caputures your heart in a second!!! WELCOME little man!

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