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October 07, 2010


They sure look happy!
Blind and deaf Katie is my favorite. Her nose must be fantastic!

You can always buy an extra coffee pot just in case :)

Such a wonderful picture of friends hanging out together. Every animal at RDR is so lucky to be there!

Precious photo! All is as it should be at RDR-NH :)

Your description is perfect. They look like a bunch of guys in bib overalls talking about how things are going to pot today and how they had to walk 10 miles, up hill both ways, in the snow to get to school in the old days.

I laughed so hard at the image of you & Alayne waiting on the "usual suspects" w/ bottomless cups of coffee. Wonder what the topic of conversation is each morning or is it just a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz time? Best guess, small talk & then zzzz time! Thank you for the laughs!!!

Oh what a wonderful blog post!!! Sweet Aunt Libby and all her little friends! I don't remember the last time we saw or heard from Belvie and although we can't see blind Allie's face, it sure is nice you got her in the shot too!

And I love your coffee shop analogy. It made me think of my deceased father-in-law. He had a donut shop where he went every morning to meet his friends. I miss him.

Have a great weekend. And by the way, I know how hard you two work but darn if you aren't lucky to have so many animal friends!

I so enjoyed this beautiful picture of happiness on a too-busy day. Your little doggie-babies are SO fortunate to have this place, as are you to witness their love and good fortune. Bless you-- have a great weekend.

I can just hear the "old geezers" discussing the local high school football team's fortunes.

How heartwarming! Whatta gang!
Must make you smile every day, as it just did for me. :)

Willy would like to request decaf with vanilla creamer, please.

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! It puts a great spin on my day... Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! The blog posts to my homepage, and it just makes my day to see what is going on at the ranch.

Dog pile! Nice fencing by the by, although I still like the old one. :)

Adorable. Where is Ms. Lucy?

Loved the pics :) but am curious how many non disabled dogs do you have? And do they all get along well with the others? Please let us know, i am sure others are curious too! Cat update needed! Any word how Herbie is doing?

The picture I have of you and Alayne going out each morning to carry coffee to this crew are just priceless! So far, it seems as if the move has been good for all of you, contratulations.

This is so sweet. What a great image of you and Alayne serving bottomless cups of coffee to this crew.

And if that is what they wanted, I'm sure you would oblige.

Have a great weekend Rolling Dog Ranch!!

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