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October 24, 2010


Keep on cruising, Bailey! Love watching you on the move!!!

Maybe with all that green grass at the end of October the little guy thinks it's spring and needs to crank up for the year.....go Bailey!

What a cutie Bailey is. I just love his spunk! Go Bailey! And yes, I also see another dog peeking around the tree trunk behind Dusty. The trees you have on the property are wonderful...big and shady for the crew. What a life! :)

Bailey is 14 ("at least"), WOW!! Way to go little man. You keep truck'in around the yard. Move it or loose it is what I have heard. (I know you are just keeping an eye on Dusty, making sure he is ok in his little hide out.) Keep up the good work while the weather holds.

Bailey's jaunt reminds me of the little old schnauzer we have. He is having hindquarter weakness issues and frequently paces. I think he feels better when he's moving. I wonder if Bailey feels better as he moves along too. Maybe there is some inner wisdom that tells them to move so their muscles don't completely atrophy. Who knows.

Isn't there another dog head poking out from behind that tree? Seems like someone else is there besides Dusty. And Bailey seems to get a really good workout with his stolling. Looks like a long way for a little fellaow with bad legs. And how are the cats doing in their new digs? And what about Margaret? How is she?

Love Dusty in his den, and love cruising Bailey too. Thanks for blogging Steve.

How cute!!

Go Bailey Go!!

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