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October 28, 2010


What a great family! Everyone looks happy!
Thanks for taking another RDR guys rock! : )

Gorgeous! Love Ella's face in the first photo, and Gabe's happiness in the second. Thank all of you for giving these beautiful animals a chance at life.

This is a verrry happy blog to end the week! Great to see how well Gabe and Ella are doing! They are both blessed to have found such a wonderful home together! Thanks for the update!

I LOVE updates like this!! And the look on Ella's face really speaks volumes, doesn't it?? Such a happy new adventure for EVERYONE.

It's so great to see Gabe and Ella in their wonderful home with Paul and Jennifer. They are truly loved! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

These two dogs couldn't have went to a sweeter family. I know their owners and these dogs are more loved than anyone could ever know. =) Glad that Gabe and Ella have found their spot in a loving family.

Paul, Jennifer, Gabe & Ella,
You are such a wonderful family! I agree with Kelly 100%.

And I wonder how would such miracles happen without Rolling Dog Ranch, and their many angels, :)

Each time I read another positive story on this blog, I think, it can't get any better than this, and each time, I find it can! How Ella and Gabe would say.....thump, thump, thump, thump...

Absolutely wonderful post to end the week! I imagine Helen is smiling and giving a "way to go" Gabe,Ella, Paul & Jennifer!

Have a great fall weekend!

Thank you for the update. What a perfect match for those 2 wonderful pups. You guys deserve happy news.
Best wishes

Perfect, perfect ending to a hard week at RDR!

Paul & Jennifer thank you for giving such a loving home to Gabe & Ella! I can feel the love & happiness thru these pics. My heart soars for all of you!

Oh, darn! You have me in tears again -- this time, happy tears.

Love the pictures. Thanks Paul and Jenny for sharing them.

I have to admit to a touch of jealousy....I had fantasies of adopting Ella form the first post about her....glad (and not surprised) that she has a great home.

Warm, wonderful way to wrap up the week!! There are so many good people in this world!!

After going thru a box of tissues after Helen's passing and remembering the loss of my guy from cancer, thank you for the great update on two of our favorites and the special people who get to receive their love and kisses.

Wow Jennifer, you're a lucky lady; two wonderful dogs AND and great guy!! Best wishes for many happy days.

"I heard this strange thumping next to the bed. She snuck up to our room and was sitting next to the bed with her head up near mine, and the thumping was her tail on the carpet!"
Timmy did the same thing when I first got him. Now he is on the bed with everyone else!! He shoehorns in as well, but not as much as he use to. I am so happy Gabe and Ella are doing well. They look very happy and content as well as both of you. Thanks so much for adopting them!! Disabled dogs ROCK!!

This story has made my day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

What a happy looking family!! Thank you Steve, Alayne, Jennifer and Paul for making the lives of these 2 dogs so happy, full of love and contentment. It is so good to see both of them overcoming their different challenges and glad they have each other too. Thank you for sending the pictures, we out here fall just as in love with these animals as you do and are glad for the updates.

Love it! Ella and Gabe are indeed blessed to have found such a wonderful family.

That's such wonderful news. I love the updates.

What a warm and happy site. Thanks for all of the wonderful work you do with all of the animals. I look forward to reading all of the blogs and knowing how the animals are doing. I cried when reading about Blind Helen, remembering my dog when she ended he battle with cancer. It is amazing to me that they do know when they are ready to go.

Aw bless!! Gabe and Ella make a gorgeous pair!! Thanks for the update on them!!

What an absolutely H A P P Y blog! Made my day! Thank you RDR thank you Paul and Jenny! LOVE IT!!!

Thank you all for the wonderful post and pictures.

I bet Helen is smiling down on Gabe and Ella too. They both look so proud and happy with their new family.

Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump

(opens treat bag)


I love that sound :)

This post was indeed a PERFECT way to end the week! Smiles all around.........

Such great news!
I see the happiness.
What a joy to see and hear~

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