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October 31, 2010


When I want a smile, I come back to this picture. So sweet!

Daisy - not every woman could pull off this look and you are simply adorable.

Ear aches can be so painful. I hope you are feeling much much better.

Alayne- you have the best, most beautiful smile!

As for Daisy-Parker had the same thing. Hope Daisy feels better soon.

randi, mo and parker

Oh, This is too funny. Last night on "The Amazing Race" TV show, the contestants were in Russia and were required to dress up like the babushka women. I commented to my husband that I hoped we would see a posting this winter of our very own RDR babushka woman, Alayne. I guess I'll have to be happy with a babushka dog. :)

Glad that Daisy is on the mend from her ear problem. What a lovely picture of are one lucky guy, Steve :)

Daisy has that look of "this isn't exactly the fashion statement I wanted to make!" I come from a long line of babushka wearing Jewish women although I haven't reached quite that stage yet! Daisy, you and your babushka look wonderful!

Beautiful photo of Alayne & Daisy. The fall background is stunning. Hoping you feel better soon little Daisy girl!

To paraphrase a famous commercial: "Swollen ear -- a bother. Picture of Daisy in a babushka -- priceless."

Both of your babushkas look gorgeous!

Don't care what you say, there is just nothing as cute as a dachshund Weeny Dog! Love seeing yours.

Daisy prefers to think of it as a "turban"....more Joan Collins than old Russian worker woman....More glamorous!

Oh, I love this picture! Daisy looks adorable - I usually add muffin as a term of endearment to animals so I guess I will call her Daisy Babushka Muffin. And Alayne you look just beautiful. Your pretty hair would not show with a babushka covering it.

This is just oh, so sweet! And you'll never believe it, but we often call Frankie our little babushka when she is peaking out of blankets like a babushka. And yesterday dressed her up as a "grandma dog" for Halloween with her grandma babushka look. Thought you might enjoy the photo I took:

Give Daisy a big hug for us-- she look so darling, but we hope she will be well too.

I have always wanted Daisy to meet my Renaldo. I hope she feels better soon. :) Hope you guys are doing well.

A very stunning colour for the young lady, hope she feels better soon. (I totally understand why Alayne doesn't want to play your "babushka" game)You MEN, always an amusement!!! lol

I hope Daisy Babushka is feeling much better. Did she get any extra Halloween treats for that special outfit? I don't blame Alayne for not complying. Sorry, some things are just over the top.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Alayne (what a great smile she has!) and Daisy make a very pretty couple. And Daisy looks absolutely adorable in her "babuskha"...:-)

I wish her a very speedy recovery!

Very cute! And we just saw some babushkas on The Amazing Race, tonight. :-) Poor little Daisy; I hope her ear heals up well, with no residual damage.

I've been running into trouble with the voting, of late. I'll vote, get to the page to confirm it, click Confirm Vote, and then sit and sit, while my computer is supposedly workin' on it. If this had happened tonight for the first time, I'd think it was related to connectivity problems we had, today. But it isn't just tonight that it's happened. Eventually, after several attempts, my vote apparently goes through, because going back to the top gets me the message that says I already voted. But I will persevere!

Awww, poor Miss Daisy! I hope she is feeling better soon. BTW, my Czech grandmother also referred to it as a Babushka, brought back great memories of her. Hang in there, Daisy, it may be uncomfortable, but my grandmother is smiling in heaven at you!

Adorable--both girls!

Dear Daisy, take no offense with your bandages being called a babushka. Mr. Babushka calls Mrs' headwear the same thing and he loves her, is a form of endearment of the highest kind. Think how lucky you are to be wearing it!! It means they love you very much. I hope your little ear gets all better real quick. Love you Daisy. Hugs, hugs.

Very pretty photo of Alayne, the fall leaves and Miss Daisy too. Funny enough, I often wrap the sofa throw around my dog Piglet's head when I have company and show off her "Piggy Babushka" look....I actually call it that.

OMG...Daisy's sooooo cute!

Poor Daisy. At least she does not have to wear an Elizabethian collar. I can really relate to "babushkas. While I was growing up in northeastern Ohio in the 30s, 40s, and very early 50s, we referred to our head scarves as "babushkas". As I remember, the name began to change to scarves in the late 40s and early 50s. I wore whatevertheywerecalled longer than some of my classmates because my head, particularly ears, got so cold in the damp Ohio air. I was so proud of myself when I went to college, in Indiana, and no longer felt the need to wear any head covering. At least we had colorful head scarves and many of them had pretty patterns.
Lots of dogs around Montana wear "bandanas" around their neck.

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