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October 10, 2010


that is awesome! and inspiring. We're fostering our first blind dog right now... he's a senior dog and my other three dogs are all younger and try relentlessly to get him to play. He never does. I think he's arthritic too.

Thank you for blogging all of this - I'm learning so much!

Steve & Alayne, love the blow-by-blow commentary. Austin is so beguiling, who could resist playing with him? Glad to see sweet Allie enjoying some doggy fun.

As alway, THANK YOU for your wonderful hard work and the delightful blog. I don't always comment, but I always smile after reading it.

Debbie Burke (left behind in MT)

This was an outstanding post, Steve! You have a flair for writing about the animals. Alayne, these are great photos! You got a terrific series of pictures. I clicked on them to enlarge them and get a good look at the action and the background.
On a different subject, are all the horses clamoring for a private showing of the new movie, "Secretariat?" :)

How cute! You had your very own Pay-per-view wrestling match right out there in the yard! :)

My Libbey is part beagle mixed with border collie. She does the Ninja stance, just like Austin, on hind legs ready to pounce. I love watching them play. Who is the blond in the background who never moves once through the whole encounter?

Great pictures, but I would do some cropping to make them easier to see!

It looks like Austin really got Allie into a playful mood -- what joyful abandon -- thanks for sharing these great pics :)

Too cute! - no little-dog-itis syndrome for Austin. I love the one where he is straight up and looming - little but lethal. They are surely having fun - and I had fun seeing this - have a great Monday.

Austin. We all need a friend like Austin.

Great blog post! Thanks for making me smile and chuckle.

YAY! Allie & Austin are both winners! I love the play by play! And, it's awesome that Austin has that ability to find someone to engage in a good wrestling match!

Love your commentary! I can always count on Rolling Dog for a daily chuckle! Sending love to everyone from Washington!

It appears from the photos that the dogs have collars on. If so, a word of caution. Several years ago our dogs were playing, just as these two are. The collar of one of the dogs became wrapped around the lower jaw of the other and cut off her air supply. Fortunately we noticed it in time to rush her to the vet--it appeared she was already dead. A few more minutes and she would have been dead. So, no more wearing collars when in the fenced yard.

Great sequence of photos. Maybe the more Allie is engaged in play, the more she'll like it. Good for Austin for getting her involved!

How fun is that!! Way fun! Thanks for the action packed sequence.

Slobber Smackdownn at its best!

Cute overload! What a feisty little guy Austin is.
Those pictures are interesting for another reason. I have often wondered if the dogs are let out all together or if they have separate yards. How many yard areas are there? How are the groupings decided? By who gets along with whom? And is "whom" even the right word there?
Inquiring minds want to know.... :)
Vote early, vote often!

Way to go Allie and Austin!

I think I'd call it a tie, but kudos go to Austin for engaging Allie in this animated game!

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