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October 17, 2010


It is always nice to hear when animals are rescued, giving them another chance. What a blessing for her, right at Christmas.

Thanks so much for helping Snuggles get rid of her horrible pain & get her on the road to feeling so much better! You two are the best! What an amazing difference a dog that's not in agony anymore feels! She is precious.
Welcome Snuggles. You've hit the lottery when it comes to best places to land.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Another addition to the wonderful RDR family! welcome home Snuggles and I agree, theres a serious case of cutesville goin on with the addition of Snuggles and Fuzzy!

She IS a cutie and obviously ecstatically happy! Thanks for sharing her joy with us :)

She is beautiful! You are wonderful people to take this lovely girl and give her a new life that is pain free from the glaucoma. Hope her other eye can be saved. Welcome to a good life little Miss Snuggles!

Welcome to RDR Snuggles! Those pictures say it all...a pain free, happy girl. She's adorable, definitely cuteness to the max around RDR!

These pix of Snuggles just made my day. Imagine how great her senior years are going to be!

Clearly this rolling dog fits right in, and will show it with a few good rolls for the camera. My dogs hardly get a lot of good rolls because they are allergic to grass and dust and trees all the stuff they'd roll in outside, so they just roll on the bed.

Hurray for Snuggles! She looks absolutely delirious with joy as she rolls. Hugs to the entire RDR crew!

Three men, working into the night, for no pay, to save a little dog. Who says chivalry is dead??

Welcome Snuggles and thank you gentlemen.

And thank you Patty R.; I hope this success story sustains you during hard times.

Welcome Snuggles!! You definitely rank up there with all the other cuties that live at RDR!!! Welcome Home!

Thank you to the SPCA, Paul & Luke, Steve & Alayne for coming to her rescue, helping to take her pain away & giving her a wonderful place to roll, play, bark & SNUGGLE!!!

Snuggles is such a doll! I am so very glad she has been saved and is being taken good care of.

Oh how adorable!! I just want to snuggle with her!!

Thank you Paul and Luke and of course Steve and Alayne for helping this little doll. I think Snuggles knows she has won the roly-poly puppy lottery. Gives me much joy to see her happy and relieved with a joyful future in store.

I hope Paul and Luke remembered to turn the lights off when they left. :)

Oh, lucky Snuggles! Cute does not begin to describer her!

My mare had her eye removed with an IOP of 87! I was horrified to learn it went so high so fast. Her remaining eye will be coming out soon as well, although pressure is still "normal", it is painful from ERU regardless and completely blind.

I sure hope New Hamshire doesn't have a Tax on Cutiness or you guys might be in truoble.

Wow - she is a cutie. I hate to hear about owner surrender of an older dog, but in this case, it certainly was for the best!

Snuggles looks very comfortable in her new home! Thank you for taking immediate care of her; I'm sure she feels wonderful...obvious from her rolling. : )
Welcome Home Snuggles!!

Paul & Luke, remember, all good deeds will be repaid to you somehow, somewhere in life. Thank you for your time, plane, fuel, kindness & compassion. I am sure Snuggles really appreciated it, in a doggie kind of way. My dad was a pilot and I wish he had know of your organization. Thank you so much. Anne

I agree with Alayne.

Snuggles is adorable and looks so very happy. Cannot imagine her tolerance of the pain as dogs are so stoic. Thanks for taking her in.

What a great way to start a brand new week!! It's simply wonderful to know that Miss Snuggles (a real cutie-pie indeed) is no longer in pain and receiving tons of TLC!

As always, thank you so much, Alayne & Steve, for opening your arms and hearts to animals in need.

A special thank you, too, to Paul, Luke & the kind-hearted staff at Erie County SPCA.

God bless you all!

snuggles look very cute with a winking look about it. makes me want to go and get a pet as well! hope snuggles is settling in well.

I LOVE this post and it made me SMILE so!!!!! Snuggles is adorable and the pictures above are nothing short of JOYOUS!!!!

Already cozy in the laundry basket! Snuggles is a smart girl!
Also, I hope people realize how important good dental care can be for improving older dogs' lives. It can make a huge difference in relieving pain. Speaking from experience, my 10 yr old dog became a lot more willing to play with other dogs after some serious dentistry (extractions and root canals). Dogs use their mouths to mock bite and wrestle, and she was again interested in "engaging her peers"(!), and seemed a lot happier and more relaxed. If you can, invest in seeing a vet with dental experience (granted they are hard to find).

Aw, I couldn't stop laughing when I read how happy Snuggles was after the pain from her eye was gone. I am so happy for her!

She looks like a young pup!

All the best to you Snuggles.

You can tell from the photos Snuggles just cant believe her luck! Wonderful!

Love that last photo. What a little darling...

I have a Golden that came to us about 2 years ago (he's now about 14) that had uveitis that turned into glaucoma--We figure he'd had it for a very long time--But he was not a candidate for surgery to have his eye removed because of other health issues so I opted for the "Intravitreal Gentamicin Injection" instead--While the success rate isn't 100% for this procedure we were lucky in that it did work. I remain grateful and thankful for a good ophthalmologist and that my dog is now living a happy and pain free life, as Snuggles now will!!

RDR to the rescue again!! Such a lucky girl to be in your experiened and loving hands.

Simply adorable, and she fits right in!

Snuggles and Widget will look like they are winking at each other. RDR has met and exceeded its cutenss ration that's for sure. They are all cute if you ask met. The RDR blog is a highlight of my day and always has been. But I think the entries are getting even better.

RDR is gonna need a new Cute-O-Meter - I think you just busted the old one! :-)

We had the same experience with our kitty Sarah (3). She had the severe glaucoma in a blind eye. Once the eye was removed she became a playful kitten. Snuggles does look like a happy puppy. Thanks for all you do.

Wecome home Snuggles! Ican't even begin to imagine the pain she was in, although she looks happy as can be in your wonderful photos. Cutesville for sure!
Thanks Steve & Alayne for all you do.

Thanks to you, there is yet another happy, rolling dog on Earth. She is such a cutie!

Welcome, Miss Snuggles, and best wishes to you in your new home. I like to think Sunggles might associate feeling better with you two.
But the question arises: How *will* the dachshunds recover from this incursion into their cutesville territory? What with Fuzzy and Snuggles, the doxie lock on cuteness suffers a blow; gosh, even the newcomers' names are cute -- yow!

It is indeed CUTESVILLE going on at RDR where Snuggles is rolling around trying to fit right in. While I have been thrilled with all the flurry of adoptions of RDR residents......I have missed seeing many of them so now I get to look forward to hearing more about the new kids too! Still holding out for a photo of Roo with her new cart......

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