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September 23, 2010


Hello people & critters at Rolling Dog Ranch. I vote for you every chance I get. We love all the work you do and cry happy tears with stories like Ella's. We rescue animals too. Currently, we have 20 dogs & 11 cats & will get 3 more feral kittens tomorrow. We will socialize them & help them get adopted. We have a 3-legged cat, but she does not know about any handicap! She is the boss around here! We continue to admire your work and are almost envious of your pets!

Paul & Jennifer, God bless you both for opening your home to two wonderful & beautiful dogs.

Steve & Alayne, God bless you for all the wonderful and caring things you do for the animals.The world can use more people like you.

Yay for Ella!!!!!!

To all of you who do what you do THANK YOU from all us who do what we can to help these abused babies You guys really rock.

Paul, Jennifer, Gabe & Ella- how absolutely wonderful!!! I was likewise touched by Ella's sweet but shy face. She reminds me so much of my own Katie- who was painfully shy but "blossomed" into the most affectionate girl that makes friends, just a little bit cautiously. Can sure understand your emotions Steve & Alayne. Congratulations on helping her learn about good forever friendships and family.

So, so glad to read about Ella. Her face is just precious! She has come so far and I'm sure will be so happy to be living with Gabe in her new forever home!

Also wondering when you will be able to have volunteers at your new home in NH? My family and I are not too far (in MA) and would love to come and help out on various weekends when you are ready!

Just look at Ella's smile in that must have just told her about her new forever home!

Still waiting for an update on little Miss Roo.....does she have her wheels yet?

Oh Steve...I'm so sorry for your tears (I'm crying too) - as Ella is just the sweetest and most special little girl. But we're all happy for you too - and for Ella and her new forever home. I'm going to miss seeing her on the blog. Jennifer and Paul - we insist on lots of updates on Gage and Ella!! May God bless you and your precious pups.

Congratulations and best wishes sweet Ella. I hope your original rescuer hears this wonderful news. Thanks to her and RDR you are no longer that scared, injured pup you were just months ago. I'm so grateful to have come along on your journey to forever happiness and love in a family. Thank you Paul and Jennifer. I know you'll take good care of our special girl.

Wat to go Ella! Gabe has a sister now!!
Paul & Jennifer, Thank You for opening up your home once again.

I, like many others have stated, shed tears reading your post (happy tears!)

Oh my oh my - what a lovely story - should be titled "Trio of love, beauty, and courage." Steve, you and Alayne have such courage to do what you do. And the beauty and love jump out from the picture.Ella looks serene and lovely - can't wait to hear/see more about this sweet family!!

Well, sat here crying tears of joy for Ella. I'm getting a little worried that everyone is going to get adopted before I get to come over to meet them all. But believe me, that would be a disappointment I could live with. I know you will miss her but she's so lucky to be going to such a wonderful home.

Now that I've wiped away the tears ... my hands are free to write - Paul & Jennifer - how wonderful! Thank you on behalf of all us friends of RDR. I remember when Ella first arrived and the progress she made was wonderful and touching. Now this! Fantastic! You must have one loving home! God bless you. And doggie lovin's to Gabe, too! Awwww ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy tears... What a difference you have made to a dog who needed a chance to experience kindness and love.

Rhonda, I'm sending you a special hug of sympathy as you mentioned losing your dog. I'm so very sorry. Remember, they live on in our hearts.
I ditto what everyone else has said about sweet Ella going to her forever home with Paul & Jennifer and gorgeous Gabe! Looking foward to those photos!
Steve, you and Alayne work miracles all the time. Thank you a million times over for all that you do!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

AAAHHHH!!!! This is the absolute greatest news!!! Two of the the most special dogs-Gabe and now Ella. Thank you, thank you...

I'm sorry you cried. Your heart will mend and a new little one will steal your heart. It is always so hard.

Way to go Ella!! Just goes to show what some TLC will do. Steve I believe I would have been crying right along with you. Those kind of dogs just seem to tug at your heart strings just a little bit more than the others. I originally was thinking about adopting her when she was still in MT, but decided Timmy fit Levi's personality better! I know she will have a great home with you and Gabe. Now you just need to get room to adopt Cash!! HA :)!!

I am so happy for Ella! Paul, Jennifer & Gabe are so lucky to have her & she is lucky to get her forever home.

I know how hard it is for you all to say good-bye to your furry friends. It's bitter sweet! Saying good-bye but knowing they are getting their forever homes full of love & attention. And, knowing you are making room for 1 more baby that needs help. Thank you for what your do!

Thank you to Paul, Jennifer & Gabe for opening their hearts & home for Ella. Can't wait to see pictures.

As of Friday morning, 1st place in NH, 2nd place overall!!! YAY!!!

What wonderful news! Ella is beautiful. I am sure she will miss the ranch but be very happy with her new home and friends.

Great Great news

Your post made me cry this morning. I'm happy for all and especially moved by your unwavering ability to coax out an animal's true nature. The Beatles were right—all you need is love.
By the way, RDR has jumped up to number 2 on the shelter challenge!! WOOOHOOO!

Way to go Paul and Jennifer. WooHoo Ella. A new special home with attention only divided by two...lots of love coming your way.

Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! Ella and Gabe will be reunited. What fun it would be to see their first greeting.

There's something very special about these two dog angels.

Sending loving thoughts to you all!

Love all the dogs, but wondered why you never show any other animals. Would love to know how the blind horses are doing. We have a blind foal and she is thriving ... the vet wanted to put her to sleep! But she has a home for life with us.

I can't even describe the joy I'm feeling right now at hearing of Ella's adoption...

It's simply fabulous news!

God bless you, Jennifer & Paul. I wish you, Gabe & Ella a long, healthy, happy life together.:-)

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

How wonderful that Ella is going to such a loving home with Paul and Jennifer and that she'll be with Gabe! I was seriously going to check on adopting Ella, but one of my dogs has a bit of a jealousy problem with new dogs coming in so that took care of that. She is such a beautiful girl. Can't wait for updates!

Oh, your emotional departure of Ella really made me feel emotional. Ella is so beautiful and has come so far! RDR literally saved her life. Jennier and Paul you will be truly blessed! Thank you all!!

Oh how I will miss hearing about Ella and seeing her beautiful self! She tugged my heartstrings from the moment she arrived, and seeing her blossom was so joyous. I know this is the best possible outcome for her, and she will be so happy in her new home, but it's hard to see them go nonetheless. Godspeed to Ella, her new family and her new brother Gabe!

How wonderful!! Ella's come SO far, she deserves a wonderful forever home!!

Woohoo! I've been a little tenderhearted lately about losing my dog, and Ella's story and attitude was so similar to hers that now I'm teary eyed too. What fantastic news for Ella.

What a wonderful ending to a very sweet dog's story! You and Alayne did wonders with beautiful Ella. Not only does she get a home of her own, but, like Molly, it's with a built-in friend as a roommate. I couldn't be happier for them all even while I sympathize with the tears for you and Alayne as you said goodbye.

Oh I am just SO SO happy for darling Ella.. You have done a fantastic job showing her how humans are supposed to be..

She is ready for the rest of her life with new loving parents!

Bless you, Paul and Jennifer!
How wonderful for Gabe and Ella.
Such happy news!!!
My heart feels for you,
Steve and Alayne. I know this is what you work so hard for. Loving them also means you will miss them. They are so worthy of all this love~

Yay for Ella! Thats fantastic! Cant wait to see pictures of Ella and Gabe together :)

What another wonderful turn of events for a sweet little girl. Bella Ella, I will miss you, but I know your new mom and dad will keep us all in the loop. I could tell from your early pictures that you were just looking for a reason to trust again. You've lucked out about 3-4 times that I can count! Kisses on your little nose.

OH YEAH, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!!! Paul & Jennifer you are the BEST! Ella will be very missed but for what a GREAT reason!! The picture of her with her vets arm around her showed how far she has come under Steve & Alaynes love and care. The fact that she is going to a great home, with a built in friend that she already knows, is just icing on Ellas cake. I know letting her go was very hard on you Steve & Alayne, but you know where she is and the fact that she CAN go should make you feel awesome. Love can be bittersweet. Thank you for transforming so many lives. Please, Paul & Jennifer do send updates on Ella and Gabe. I miss Gabe and we love to hear the follow up on "our" friends. Thanks. Anne

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