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September 26, 2010


This is so beautiful!!!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Absolutely beautiful foliage and mountains!

Fall in New England, doesn't get much better! Your photos are beautiful. The sights, sounds and smells bring back so many memories! Enjoy making new memories!!

Ah, the thrill of fall in New England! My first husband (now deceased) and I grew up in Ohio and southern New Jersey so we were relatively used to beautiful fall colors. However, on a trip to hike and camp in the fall in NH, we were astounded at the exquisite colors in VT and NH. Words simply cannot describe the beauty to be found in the foliage in New England in the fall. We ate dinner in Bennington, VT just as dusk was settling in. While waiting for our meal to reach our table, we were purchasing post cards--rejecting some that seemed "too gaudy". Too gaudy? The next morning the sun was out and the postcard colors were, indeed, NOT too gaudy. Please enjoy the colors. Thanks for sending the pictures.

Thanks for sending all the pictures and comments you do on the blogs. My husband and I really enjoy them.

Phyllis Snow

Being new to the east with horses, beware of the red maples. The leaves whether fresh or dried are extremely toxic to horses. We lost our beautiful boy to red maple toxicity here in North Carolina. Keep up the good work you do.

How beautiful. Your first New England autumn will be memorable I am sure. Enjoy.
I must say that the MT autumn colors are pretty spectacular in the Kalispell area where our son used to live. I'm missing MT, can you tell? ;-)
Congrates on the #2 position. It is just one position away from #1!!

Thank you for the beautiful photos. Even though we get the same colored foliage here in New Jersey, I don't live where there are mountains in the view! How very lovely.

I have not been able to travel to the part of the country you are in, although I have been all over the rest of the United States. Have always wanted to see the trees changing - thank you so much for posting these beautiful pictures. If I do get up that way (and I will) I will most certainly visit the beautiful RDR!!!

Ahhhhh! Don't you just love New Hampshire.

Oh such beauty! I wish all the animals could see them, but would they appreciate them?? Maybe it is just a human thing. Enjoy them while they last, lucky you.

Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful autumn tree colours! That's something I really miss living this far south. (I'm only about 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, so if there are any leaf changes, they are few and far between.) I have a distant cousin that lives in VT that I visited one Sept. & really enjoyed hiking around. She lives between the White Mountains & the Adirondacks. Gorgeous! So glad that you & Alayne are reaping some much deserved benefits! Enjoy and thanks so much for sharing the beauty!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Thank you for posting such beautiful photos! I just love autumn colors, too. I'm happy for you folks that you have a spectacular leaf show to enjoy.

Welcome to beautiful New England. You are a wonderful addition.

How perfectly lovely!!! Keep those photos coming.......I just love autumn and the colors are awesome.

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