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August 03, 2010


Hi Colleen, only now (and in the previous post) I noticed that you sign with "in memory of sweet kitty Erin"... I'm so sorry! I always liked your signature and I am sorry for your loss.

Awwwww! It's great to see he's still independent. Gotta love the little munchkin.

Bailey is probably miffed and more than a little worried that Little Miss Roo received way more comments on her blog debut than he did with this photo shot at the bottom of the long ramp. Don't worry Bailey, you have many fans in the blogosphere. We love you, little man!

Gotta love Bailey! He's so cute and an independent little guy. So happy that he's all healed up now. Go, Bailey!

That is just the cutest photo!
Steve, we surely won't tell little Bailey we know about the "lift and carry"

Like most of your blog devotees, I immediately enlarged the picture to actually see Bailey at the end of the ramp ("EOR at RDR"). What a trooper. Good on ya Bailey. This is a poster post for disabled dogs "I can do it myself, thank you very much".

I wonder what Bailey is thinking. I saw this article today and would love for you to do a blog on your thoughts.

I almost got eyestrain trying to make out Bailey....That might have been a "gourd" at the end of that fine looking ramp with the dachshund rails. Thrilled to hear our adorable Bailey is on the mend!

"The Little Doxie that Could!
I think I can, I think I can!!! Woo-hoo! I can, I can, I can!"

That has to be one of the sweetest pics & what a wonderful little guy to be so determined that nothing is going to hold him back.

Could it be that Bailey was trying to lure Roo out to the Forest of No Return?

Or...perhaps you guys didn't get the hint you were suppose to bring the laundry basket full of fuzzy blankets out for him to lay under the tree.


Bailey you are so cute!! Knew you could go up that ramp on your were just waiting and until you were darn good and ready!!

This is the ramp to the "people wing?" I think the take-over is complete.

Good for you, Bailey, for being so independent. We won't tell anyone about the occassional lift and carry.

What a great perspective! Life from the short POV.

PS, nice view of the Doxie Rails Jim D. installed on the ramp. Good example of who needs them ;). Anne

Oh that tiny little face at the end of the cute!! I'd want to go give him a lift too. I am glad you respect his wishes to be so independant, he has his Doxie pride to think of. What a great little dog, living the good life now (I went back & re-read how Bailey got to RDR, I had forgotten how awful his life was b4 you. Bless you.) Hope your summer and unpacking is going well. Thanks for all the great posts. Anne

Reminds me of a song by a local band here in town (and also the name of the band): The Long Straight Forever. Smooches to you, sweet little Bailey!


So glad Bailey is feeling better. That photo sure makes it look like that ramp might be more than he can handle. But he's a determined little guy and we're glad to see he can do it on his own; most of the time. Glad the weather is nice so all the animals can spend time outside. How are all the horses? Did they make the adjustment to the new grass without incident? And how about a photo of where they live now and also the cat house when you get a chance. Thanks!

OH HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sweet is that???

What a brave little guy.........I mean big guy.

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