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August 08, 2010


A big YEA!!! Congratulations Miss Roo and Kathleen (and Dachshunds)! Keep us posted and we all look forward to an update and pictures :)

This whole post makes me so happy!!!

That's absolutely wonderful news! My heart swells w/ happiness for Roo & Kathleen!

I bet the furry kids loved the cookies. What a great looking display!

I was wondering what that HUGE collective sigh was that I heard yesterday from across the country.

Congrats to both Roo and Kathleen, "see you later kid"


I just can't wait to see pix with Roo in her new go-kart.

Congrats Roo on your new forever home with Kathleen! You didn't waste any time at all! Thanks Kathleen on adopting that tiny speck of love. Please keep us updated on Roo's progress with her new wheelchair, etc.
Those dog treats look yummy! Thanks to the new web team for making those for the canines. I'm sure they really enjoyed those! Have any special recipes that you want to share? My dog is on a very low protein diet.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I'm loving the pics of those smiling faces.......happy ladies and happy pups.
Thanks for the updates. You amaze
and inspire me.

So great to hear about Roo. I would like to second (or third) the notion people have put forth about hearing about the cats. How are they doing in their new place? How do the barn cats like their new barn? And how do the horses like their New Hampshire pastures? Just wondering.

I'm so happy Kathleen adopted Roo. It was Kathleen who had the brilliant idea of putting furniture sliders on a sweater for Roo. I think that's genius! After all, Roo won't be able to stay on wheels ALL the time. Way to go, Kathleen, and I can't wait for your first update.

That's wonderful, wtg Kathleen and Roo! So happy that Roo will be close by and hopefully you can see her and the progress she will be making! Hope to see some wonderful updates! And those treats look wonderful, thanks to Kim's girls!

Believe me, there will be no lack of updates on little Miss Roo or pictures either. Just don't expect the quality of commentary or picture taking of Steve and Alayne. Like Linus, they'll be very sincere, but not necessarily good!! Thanks for all the good wishes!

Thank God someone took her or I would have found myself driving up to NH to get her. Thanks for saving me the trip Kath! Good luck with your two-pawed dog.

Just LOVE those happy ending/new beginnings so! Simply meant to be, :).
And those doggie treats look delicious! What nice bakers! Must have been sweet dreams all around that evening.

Oh, I'm so happy to hear about Roo being adopted by Kathleen! I saw her comment when you introduced Roo to us and thought "how sweet! someone to adopt to already!" and it worked out! :) Congratulations to the both of them. I hope to see update pictures soon! Thank you for all of your hard resuce work. You are greatly appreciated!

Woo Woo Woo for Little Miss Roo!
Congrats Kathleen! Who could resist that adorable girl:>)

Good for you, Kathleen! May you and Roo have a very long, healthy and happy life together!

I second Arizona Fans request on updates on the kitties. Not just the inside kitties, but the "barn" cats too. Lots of cat lovers out here. Anne

Oh Roo!! A forever home of your own so quick! Yeah. I hope your mom keeps Steve, Alayne & us (& especially all the doxies) up to date on you and your progress. We out here LOVE hearing how the happy ending are going (hint, hint those who have adopted b4...Levi, Timmy, Gabe, Bunny, Herbie, Baron etc..... We LOVE updates on old friends we got to know & care about in cyberspace). Anne

I feel Kathleen's happiness and love coming right thru the computer screen! What beautiful, lucky ladies Kathleen and Roo are to have found one another. Best wishes for many happy years together.

The cookies look yummy; thanks girls!!

I have to agree with Cora. Hoping Kathleen sends many updates on Roo's progress. Hugs and kisses Roo.


The very best of wishes for happiness, good health and many many fun times ahead for you and Roo.

Now remember we want to get updates on this little one!!

Kathleen....precious Roo is going to light up your life even more than you think! We wish you years of happiness and good health together. Keep us updated; I'm sure she'll need a cart for getting around in and we can't wait to see this sweet girl move! Thank you too, Alayne and Steve, I'm sure it's hard to see this sweet soul leave the ranch. You guys are awesome!!

Congrats Kathleen! I know you had wanted Timmy and were waiting for them to get to NH, but Roo was waiting for you!! Keep us up to date on her and send pictures and video of her in her wheelchair. The folks at Doggon' Wheels are the best! I used them for my cat about five years ago.

Was there ever any doubt that Little Miss Roo Way To Cute For Words would be a short timer at RDR? Kathleen was the lucky one to get her dibs in first - I'll bet there were many considering her....what a wonderful ending!! All the best....

Dexter you charmer..

How quickly the right heart and home stepped forward in the life of this little fur child. Wishing both Kathleen and sweet ROO all the best in their new life. Please share some of your future happy moments with us as the tiny one has captured all of us with her sparkling eyes and loving disposition.

Wow, that's just great! I hope she will keep us updated on Roo's progress—she already has quite a following. Your note about Dexter is hilarious!
It's great that you have a new web designer, especially one that bakes creative treats! It sure sounds like New Hampshire has welcomed you with open arms.

WooHoo for Roo! Thanks to Kathleen and her great heart!

This IS of course wonderful... but only if she keeps us all up to date with pictures of this waaaay too cute girl! Happy homecoming Roo, and congratulations to Kathleen for giving her her own place to be!

This is simply fabulous news!!! I'm overjoyed for both Roo and Kathleen (God bless her good heart)!

What a great way to start my week...:-)

A big "brave" from Italy to Kim's girls, too.

Already?!?!? WOW!!!! You go, Kathleen! That's great! Roo - you're one special pup! And Kathleen - you're one special lady. Thank you.

I knew it wouldn't take long!! Another happy ending!

Two very lucky girls indeed! How nice Kathleen and Roo live so close that they can visit RDR and maybe share Roo's progress with us.

Ofcourse; I think Roo's adoption is just wonderful....but I have to admit to being selfish and hoping we would see many blogs about her and her progress. Nevertheless, her new mom lookings very loving. Goodbye sweet Roo.

Yay for Roo! Who could resist that face, anyway? (ahem, Dexter).

Can't wait to get updates and see her with her "wheels".

Congratulations Roo! Way to go!!!!

I knew little Roo would get adopted, but I didn't think it would be this quick. But it's a good thing that she'll be someone's only dog - one who will get all the attention all the time. And she certainly does deserve it! Hopefully we'll get updates from Kathleen as the little girl gets her cart and grows up. And they're some tasty looking dog treats there - I'm sure the gang loved them.

Wonderful! Congrats Roo and Kathleen - but please keep us posted on how she is doing! She is a special girl. Also. Any updates on Herbie? Please post on the cats soon! Looking forward to seeing there new digs ......

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