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August 12, 2010


Beautiful photo and what nice smiles on all 3 faces! Bravo!

Thanks for sharing those pictures, they made me laugh and brightened my day. And it's nice to see Briggs again!

Briggs was just sniffing and making sure he wasn't missing any ladies who might be wandering by. Briggs loves the ladies. the commentary Steve.

And getting to the last photo, which is really great was a nice treat.

Love Briggs paw over your sweet.

Well, the last picture was worth all the trouble! Looks great.

great job everyone! love the picture and the house in the background is beautiful.

Whew! Glad you finally got a great pic! Really cute!

Always love it when you see the "smiling" dog and what they are doing is really panting from wiggling around so much :) Great picture!

Steve, You are too funny! Thanks for making my day. P.S. You just leave Little Miss Marker alone. She's a sweetheart. :)

Whew! Final pictures is PERFECT!

All of you look as though this was the "first take" BRAVO!

Whew is right! You had to pick the wobbly RDR resident for the still photo..........

Please write a book, with pictures!!!...I think it's on the top of many of our wish lists ;)

Well, the final photo IS absolutely perfect (especially Brigg's paw hanging over your arm and his big smile), but dang Steve, you got 59 other subjects! Why in the world would you try 67 times???? Perhaps you need to have a stand-in at the ready next time!

Have a great weekend and congrats on hiring Judy L. (of whom I'm completely jealous!!)

Way to go, Steve....break that new admin assistant in right!! LOL....lovely 67th photo, though....well worth the wait.

And Briggs is smiling perfectly! Alayne's got the "just-keep-smiling-no-matter-what" thing down perfectly.

Alayne wouldn't be an "outtake" for most photographers! As for Briggs, he might have been considering temporary death over any more of this posing stuff!!!! What a funny story.

Did Judy have ANY idea what she was getting herself into when she took this position? ha ha

Hmmm... why do I seem to remember 67 not even being close to a record for these newsletter photos? Alayne clearly understands her job and stays out of the "tyrant photographer's" way.

I don't understand why Alayne isn't holding the minion. Steve, you and Briggs look like you are having a 'howl in' in the first photo. Steve, maybe you should stick with cats. ;p

Maybe separate photo of each then photoshop the group? 3 vs 67? Just a thought! LOLO

How does Alayne stay so cool, calm & collected through all the craziness? She deserves a special treat for putting up with your "weirdness" about the photograph. You owe her bigtime! I got lots of laughs out of the saga. Thanks for starting my day off with lots of smiles.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh, that is so funny! This really had me laughing out loud:
"...would suddenly go limp in my arms and look like he'd just died."
Oh, Briggs, too much!

Well, a bit of fame is okay and allright, but probably Briggs will pass the cookie next time! He has been off his feet for waaaaaaay to long ;-)).

Great shot, the final one! If you'd left it at that single picture, we would all think your days are only nice and easy, so thank you for the inside information, hehe.

Is Blanca still with you?

Great picture and lots of chuckles until the "Whew!" Love reading about you all and the dogs. Thanks for doing such a great job and writing so well.

Well worth it Mr. I'll-Know-It-When-I-See-It. Not for the final pic, which is great, but for the photo story!

Hey, I am so happy to see Briggs! He looks as dashing and handsome as ever!

Too Funny...Oh Judy I'm sorry you had to go through that. I know what you went through as I have been on both sides of that camera!! Welcome to Steve's world!! HA!! Just kidding Steve...well sort of!

LOL!! And there you have it! :-)

Boy, Alayne has the most consistently pretty smile of anyone I've ever seen! A good partner for a "tyrant photographer". :)

The end result was great but ummmm........Alayne looks good in ALL of the is you and Briggs that seem to be the issue.....LOL!!!

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