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August 15, 2010



You cracked me up with the images of horses grazing in the dog yards, then the dogs rolling in the results and chowing down (horse poo was my late German shorthair's favorite snack). Sounds like such a simple solution until you realize the consequences.

Unlike you, I LOVE to mow and would gladly volunteer for the chore...if you guys hadn't moved so far from MT. Even tho I only visited you rarely, I still miss your being here. But very glad you all seem to be thriving in NH. Home is where the pack is, and wherever yours and Alayne's wonderful pack is, is home sweet home.

Very cool mower and perfect for you!
Do you only mow the dog yards or do you mow a bit out in the other parts of the ranch? I know the horses and goats graze but since that grass grows so much I was wondering how you do things where that's concerned.

And yes, would love to know how all the animals have settled in!

Where does one get a Neuton, and can you give us a ballpark figure on the cost? Sounds like the perfect green machine for you, Steve, although I think adding more goats and/or sheep to your repertoire would be a lot more fun! :-)

A question about the lawnmower: does it actually use less energy than a gasoline-powered lawnmower? The maker's website doesn't offer any information about the energy usage of their products. The power coming from the wall still comes from a power plant somewhere, which is likely burning one type of fossil fuel or another. If it requires the same amount of energy, it isn't any greener than a gas-powered mower. I don't mean to be a wet-blanket; I'd just honestly like to know.

Thumbs up on the green machine. I really hat the noise of conventional gasoline powered mowers, blowers etc. When ours dies...I will suggest that we get a green machine.
I enlarged the pic so that I could see if I could see any of the dogs under the ramp. I only picked out one. Glad they found their shady spot.

How have the horses settled in? Would love to see some inside pictures of that beautiful barn.

I have to wonder what Spinner thought of the freshly mowed grass smell. I love that smell, I hope she does too. "New" smells to her must really give her something to think about. Hope Margaret and friend are doing well on all this fresh grass, dont be too hard on them, they do their best but they are just 2 little tiny lawn mowers. Hugs to all the kitties, what are they up to these days? Anne

Will you be "haying" the fields for winter fodder? What you need is a "rhumba" mower......Is there such a thing?

nice mower.
Fyi- you have never told us how all the fur kids have adjusted-or have been adjusting-to the new home and/or how happy they are now that mom is with the family again.
And, of course-
Widget. Margaret. Updates.

Thanks for doing the right thing for Mother Earth! Unfortunatly it gets so hot & humid here, I just can't mow my yard anymore, but if I could, this would be the way I would choose to go as well. Bravo for making a stellar choice! Dig the goats make it to NH? Just curious.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

As word spreads in your new locale, perhaps volunteers will step forward to not only help you mow, but tackle the weed whip along the fences and house lattice work. Wish I could help out but Central Florida is a long way to commute...
And, as always, the animals amaze us in their ability to acclimate quickly, and then settle back to to live and enjoy life. Thank you both for all you do for them.

What a great review of the lawnmower. It's always nice to learn from another's first hand experience. The Neutron is now on my list when our mower quits.
Love the dogs napping under the ramps. I think you are right on with the "den" remark. Dogs, no matter what their breed, share 98% of their DNA makeup with wolves.
And who doesn't enjoy some shade on a warm summer day?

Welcome to the East coast and thank you for all the wonderful work that you do. By the way the new lawn mower seems to be a true dream. If you don't mind my asking was it really expensive?
I truly enjoy your letting us know how things are getting along. I am a huge fan and bless you both for all the things you do for those who have no voice to be heard,
By the way do you have volunteers come from other states to give you a much needed hand?

Living in Montana, the two things I can do without are irrigating and mowing. As my partner says, if you don't water you can't mow. It IS crazy. Just be glad you got rid of the irrigating part when you moved.

Ah, the wonders of cordless, electric mowing. I have a Black and Decker battery powered mower that I got at a garage sale for 50 bucks. LOVE IT! It is all the things you said and more. I can easily mow my small yard in one charge. Hmmmn, but I'm thinking a couple goats could take care of the whole thing. I wonder if the city council would approve?

Keep up the good work.

That thing is totally kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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