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August 31, 2010


I hope Bo's problem is a simple one with a quick, painless and inexpensive fix. We "don't want no Bo problems."
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Enjoy your blog break, Steve. You deserve it!

That is some beautiful grass there! It's so nice to see the horses enjoying themselves. I hope that you can find out what's going on with Bo very soon and that he'll get to feeling better!

Spectacular! Nature's beauty at it's finest!

It's wonderful to hear the horses are enjoying the beautiful, green lush grass. I'm glad you all enjoying it too! The picture tells the story of how much it's being enjoyed by Rosie & Bo. I sure hope you can pinpoint Bo's weight issue & he is doing better soon.

Check Bo for Ulcers or the start of them. Our 18 year old paint mare, Lacey, dropped weight, off feed and started to lie down a lot. The vet was out could not find anything. I noticed a new slight head bob or popup and a twitch of the tail on occasion.I asked him to come back and check for ulcers. In short time of our move and then 3 months out there it was ulcers! I had never had them in any horse in my over 50 years. A Rantidine course and soaked alfalfa hay( still use alfalfa soaked mixed with her grass said to help acid in equine stomach)Recovery was swift. A year later she is still well and very active. Lacey was an orphan foal to start her life off and maybe was more at risk for stress in the move then our others.

Nice to see the horses enjoying the green grass! I'm sure they are doing their fair sharing of rolling with happiness!! Hope it is nothing serious with Bo.

What a beautiful shot - makes me want to be there enjoying the luscious setting and telling these 2 beauties how happy I am for them that they are so content.

Maybe chasing after his girlfriend, Rosy, is knocking all his weight off his body. I hope everything will be okay with Bo. Molly the pony is quite an uplifting story. Bless her and her "person". In God's eyes we are all perfect and have a place in this universe!

I'm so glad to finally see some horses in their new pastures! Thanks Steve!

For Tia & Karl, please let us know when sweet Molly arrives safe and sound in her new home. We are all cheering for you and her and her new & old buddies.

I was thinking of Rosie yesterday and wondering how her foot healed after Dr. Levines Christmas bootie treatment. Glad to see her & hoping she is sound on all 4. I hope you come to a good conclusion on slender boy Bo. He is a good looking horse (his ears seem to work just fine, he knows right where you are standing :) ) What a beautiful piece of property you have! I wish they all could see it to appreciate it, but I am sure they do in other ways.

It must feel great to them to be standing/lying on that lushness, compared to the Montana pasture. I am so HAPPY that you are here in New England now!

WOW!! I haven't seen the original email but those photos are just amazing!! What a pony!!

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