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August 01, 2010


This is such a loving breed and Roo seems especially loving! Welcome little Roo to RDR!!! You have found heaven on earth!

Hi Roo! You are such a cutie & the Doxies will definitely love you soon! They are worried now but once they know you're there to just be their bestie things will go wonderful. And, I can't wait to see you in your new go-cart so you can give all the bigger guys/gals a good run. Kisses on your sweet face! And, Steve & Alayne I can certainly understand why it would be hard not to pick her up & carry her everywhere you go.

Poor minnions................

She is a sweetie pie for sure. I like the sling carrier idea...I wonder if this disability happens with other breeds too.

Oh my gosh, she's adorable...look at those ears and that little face! Roo is so lucky to be with you all, I think she's going to add so much more love to RDR. Can't wait to see her running around in her new cart soon! I also think she's going to win over the Dachshund side of the pack in short order :)

OMG.....I am in love! I totally agree with Lynn from Louisiana....get a little baby dog sling and carry this one with you all the time....I know I couldn't resist that little face! The blessing of being born without her legs means she doesn't have to face a lifetime of constant breeding and now she gets to know lifetime love and joy in the beautiful hills of New Hampshire.

Welcome to RDR Little Miss Roo!
I'm sure in time The "Dachshund Brigade" will find you as adorable as we do, and come to love (or at least tolerate) their new baby sister!!
Congrats on the newest addition to the RDR family.

Oh how this blog entry made me laugh. Such clever writing. There was actually another Chihuahua named "Roo," without his (her?) front legs, that was looking for a home in the bay area (Ca.) fairly recently. I can't remember all the details, yet the dog found a home with an organization that makes carts for dogs.
Roo is too precious....

What a doll! Once she gets her wheels, those dachsunds better watch out!

You've heard, of course, about Roo the cat without front legs? He lost his to a horrible accident and went to Best Friends a few years ago where he was in the Guardian Angel program. He's now living in a wonderful home in New York and doing very well.

I'm sure the physiology of cat rear legs is a bit different than that of a Chihuahua, but I'm still confident your Roo will also have a wonderful, well-adjusted life!

Awww, sweet Roo! I can't wait to see her fully mobile in her wheel cart!

Oh, Miss Roo, welcome to RDR! What a special place you hold in the annals of the Sanctuary. You sure are a sweet, little thing. Between you and me, I think it's time the Dachels learned there are other small dogs on the face of this Earth! I can't wait to see you blasting around in your new go-kart. Please have the benevolent dictators post some pix real soon. Kisses on your noses.

BTW, there's another Roo (, a kitty, who also doesn't have her front legs either. What do you think about that?

Steve and Alayne -

what a cute new addition to the ranch. i used to work for hanger prosthetics and orthotics. one of the girls in the office had a dog very similar to roo, her name is josie. the staff there created a prosthetic for her to manuever around. here is the website:

don't know if you have seen this piece but very inspirational here in wichita.

You are so lucky - to be on the receiving end of the love these animals have to share. And these animals are so lucky - to be on the receiving end of the love you have for them. What a beautiful relationship!

How in the world will you get your work done?? You'll have to get a sling carrier for sure! :-)

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