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August 01, 2010


Roo is so petite with the cutest face. She is so lucky to have found her way to the Ranch.

I hope Roo will get her "hot wheels" soon too!

she's beautiful and i'm so glad she ended up at your door! Way to go breeder for recognizing she can live a great life with the right folks!!


What a sweet, sweet pup! She's so adorable and the name, Roo matches her perfectly! I'm so happy to hear she found a loving home! :)

Oh my what a sweetheart I would carry her around evereyday you guys were sent from God I wish I lived closer to you Erin Volpe

Just amazing the way animals love life no matter what the circumstances or the cards they are delt !
How can there not be a God ?
John B

Lio (our chihuahua: has fallen in love with Roo! I must admit, though, that I have, too. :)

I've just returned from Stockholm and I can't think of a better welcome home than the pictures and description of Roo!:-) She's just too adorable for words.

If she were here, I'd spend my days cuddling her in my arms...

Welcome to the RDR, sweetheart!

Adorable. There was a cat at Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah I believe that was born without front legs. A couple on the east coast I believe adopted her and she was doing great. For some reason I think her name was Roo also. Welcome home little one.

Not surprising that a breeder is willing to make money off these poor sweet dogs, but then dumps the imperfect ones as fast as she can!

Love that precious face and the cute name to match! Roo, welcome to the ranch! I, too, have to agree that the breeder did the right thing in making sure the pup was put into rescue.

I've seen cute before, but little Roo takes the prize. No wonder the dachshounds are a bit concerned. Little Roo: You have come to the best place in the world.--Inger

This disappeared the first time I wrote it while trying to correct it. So, again, Roo is lovely with her blonde hair and finishings. She shows up well on the red blanket that I sent for Christmas. You might want to try that again as it photographs well.
The wheelie is a great idea, as it will relieve back pain in the future. I have seen that in action on a Corgie, and she was perfectly happy with it. Keep us up to date on her. Things seem to be going well on the new ranch. Great for you two.

Oh, and is that Goldie all smooshed up in the little tiny dog bed in the back ground of the 2nd picture?? What a character. Goldie you are the best!!
Another one of Goldies Fans, Anne

How about those furniture slider things that make moving heavy pieces easy. One could fashion it onto the front of a harness and let Roo slip slide all over the place being pushed around by her back legs....when she isnt in her wheelie chair. It would give her another option of mobility without rubbing sores on her little chest. I know you have probably already thought of this (as conscientious as you are) but thought I'd give my 2 cents worth anyway. Anne

Bless her little New England heart - this is a good omen for your new location in New Hampshire - awesome Roo!!!

Hi Roo,

Welcome to Rolling Dog Rescue!


I'd love to get in the line for those wanting to adopt this little sweetheart. She'd be right at home with my two dachshunds and a rag doll cat that would groom and mother her within an inch of her life. Have you considered cutting the toe out of an old sock, one of those with the soft insides, and putting it on her like a turtleneck? It might save the hair on her chest. I really, really would like to adopt her!

Roo is precious; you can see in her eyes all she wants to do is please and love. What a role model she is!
My hope is that one day there will be no more breeders so all aniamls are treated well and get a chance for a family to love.
Welcome Home Roo!!


AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! What a precious little girl...

First, three cheers for the breeder! Most of them out there would have put her down. Second, Bonne Chance Ms Roo, with well wishes and thanks to Rolling Dog Ranch and its wonderful people.

Wow, she looks really cute and I am happy she is with you... but why are there "many" -as in, I've heard of quite a few now- chihuahuas without front legs? Or might it be that other breeds have litters like that too and the dogs are bigger and more cumbersome to keep (well, to those not in "the know" of course)...

She is so very precious and I would be proud to have a special baby like her to hold and spoil rotten. The two of you are so special, what I call Dog Angels. Bless you and all those fur babies. Sheila who is really jealous

I would have a hard time ever putting Roo down. Too darn cute not to hold all day.

She is such a little doll. I hate to think what might have happened to her if you hadn't been there.

Roo is darling, and you are special folks. I'll be adding you to my daily Reader.

what an absolute sweetheart, Ms. Roo is! Happy to know she will be spinning around in wheels soon. And you tell my doxie friends at RDR that they best like little Ms. Roo soon! Arf-a-roo!

Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog

She is adorable...and I can see you have mastered DMR or Dachshund Mind Reading. Be aware they won't give up easily. Roo does remind me of a kangaroo rat though. :)

Oh Roo is absolutely adorable! What a sweet little face... I'm glad she's ended up with you and the best possible care for her!

We have fitted many Chihuahuas and Doxies without front limbs in dog wheelchairs. They don't typically need a quad cart but a front wheeled K-9 Cart. Click on "Watch the video" on our home page ( or see a dachshund video of "Roo" in our video vault ( It is hard for one's heart not to melt when you see little dogs like this. However, it is important to get them in a wheelchair early before they have become used to walking on just their rear legs!

She is such a cutie!!

Could she wear some kind of vest with a slippery fabric on the front to protect her chest when she scoots around? Or would it just slide around since she doesn't have front legs?

How wonderful that you were able to take her in...She seems like such a sweet little dog.

What a doll! Give her lots of hugs and kisses for me.

omigosh!!! I just want to pick her up and snuggle her FOREVER!!!

What a sweet, sweet face!

Roo ~ you look like pure love!

A sling type thing (have seen Best Friends use them with a cat) can be made from some fabric and tied behind the neck and presto, seating for one. A BF volunteer made one for a cat who liked to be carried every where and see the world from a higher vantage point. How could you say no to Roo with that face?!

Oh my, what a little baby doll. I can't wait to see this little peanut getting around on her wheels. Also, maybe she could find a favorite dog to rest her little head and chest on and snuggle - maybe not a Doxie :) My addiction to this RDR blog just became more entrenched! Love to see the loving work you do.

Alayne has another minion.

I'm glad she found her way to you and I'm glad her condition is not the result of trauma. That's nice for a change. I second the other comments in looking forward to seeing her with her wheels.

Welcome to the best place to be, little Roo; may you live a long and wonderful life! Take it from me, the Dachsies are just pouting; they will adjust to having a beautiful little girl in their midst.

What a sweetie!! I'm pretty sure that she has no idea that she is 'physically challenged' either!! Can't wait to see updates on this little one:) Thanks for all that you do Steve and Alayne:)

Debra Mullen's link (a few posts up from mine) on Josie's prosthetic is adorable. Wonderful!
Do you think one is in Roo's future too? I'd be willing to make a special donation towards it and I bet others might, too.

Steve & Alayne ~
I read this posting about little Roo first thing this morning at my desk and I laughed out loud at the doxie comments! I can relate since I have doxies of my own and they are so funny. I love little Roo, I'm so happy she's in a loving, safe place. Rolling Dog Ranch is a true blessing for the animals. Thank you!!

Her sweet little face does look a little like a kangaroo in the bottom picture. Cute as can be!

Welcome little Roo!!! What a little cutie you are and you soon will have a forever home because you don't have a disability you just have your front legs missing but you have all the ability to make some special family happy and bring joy to anyone's heart.

Congratulations Steve and Alayne for your new little one. Roo is just adorable!! I wished I could have pets here in my apt building, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to...I'd certainly have an apt full of Roo is a lucky little dog to have you as 'mom and dad". Give her a big doggy hug and kiss from an "auntie" in Montana.

Oh my gosh, What a cutie. One can tell from the pictures she is full of personality and has all the spirit of any 4 legged puppy. I hope we get some video of her in a quad-runner when she finally gets one made for her. Thank you S & A. You are SO good to all Gods little critters. Who knows whose heart she will win over, you may not have her too long b4 someone snaps her up as their forever little girl. Again, what a cutie and thank you for helping her have a great life... give her a snuggle for me. Anne

What an adorable little Roo. I am so glad that she was able to join you all and will look forward to watching her progress when her new wheels arrive.

What a precious little one!
She may not have front legs, but she has some wonderful jewelry on...
Wrapped right around her little fingers!

Hi Little Miss Roo - You are one of the luckiest unlucky girls around (RDR has a few). If you haven't picked up on yet, it appears you've just landed up in "once I was unlucky" Utopia!

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