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August 05, 2010


Sooooo jealous!! Roo may be the cutest thing I've ever seen...

Roo will have them wrapped around her paws in no time, and soon she'll have more minions than Alayne! :-)

So adorable and sweet! Bailey will get used to Roo and I'll bet they will end up the best of friends!

I agree with the earlier post... If she were mine I would be packing her around wherever I went. She is so cute!!

LOVE the name. I had a yorkie rescue named Little Miss Maddie. She was a little miss, too.

I hope one of the house dogs will become friends with the little miss and give her some cuddles. She is going to be a RDR favorite I can tell........

I swear you have to be part dachshund! Everytime you write what you think they are thinking it just cracks me up.

Barbara Techel

Oh my gosh, this is too cute and too funny! Poor Dexter. It's all just too funny! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter...look at that cute little face. She is new and needs a friend. You 2 could become real good buddies and you could work the cuteness factor to the max!! If you cant beat 'em, join 'em. Just think of the attention you would get if you 2 joined forces, irresistable!

Little Miss Roo has won my heart & I think the Doxie's are just trying to play hard to get but secretly they love her as much as we do!!! I'm so glad she has found her way to RDR!

That pic is the sweetest ever & Dexter is hilarious trying to act like he doesn't care...

The humility of it all, where is your humanity? How could you betray us so? Whooo Whooo Whooooooooooo


She could not be cuter!! :)

How funny. We have a similar situation at our house, with toothless older chap just hating the new puppy. He's mellowed a bit: he now lets her groom his face. It will be interesting to see how the doxies mellow in their approach to Roo.
Pack dynamics is fascinating to watch.

What a sweet picture. These precious children are so dog gone cute.

I am in love with Little Miss Roo :=)
I have a Chihuahua mix and I bet once she gets her courage and feels comfortable, she will give those Dachshunds a run for their money...LOL. I'm afraid if she was my little girl, I would never be able to put her down.....that face is so adorable! Thank you for all you do! You two are the best!!!

I love this little Roo, she has stolen my heart and I know given time Dexter and the others will feel the same way. I am so glad she found a home with you at RDR, you are a blessing, thank you for the work you do.

Poor Little Miss Roo. She can't help that she is so darn cute. Dexter is not going to be her buddy. Who are you going to
try to persuade next?
The picture does say a thousand words. Some of the words may not be printable though ;-o!!

ADORABLE with a capitol A!!
All in good time..........

Little Miss Roo will win them over.

Sweetness!! Maybe it would be good if you told Dexter, "Shhhh, you're the king of the doxies. We need your help to look after the baby 'til she gets her wheels."

Is there anything more perfect than Roo? Dexter, my man....give in; women, almost always get there way!!

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