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August 24, 2010


Oh Widget, every dog deserves a good roll & you sure know how to do it just right!!!

Precious pictures!

Anne, that was beautifully said & you are so right. I love to come here & feel the love right through these blogs. I live vicariously through Steve & Alayne & I look so forward to each & every blog. Steve & Alayne thank you for RDR & for the wonderful place each of these sweet, deserving animals call home.

I totally agree with you, Steve--With all the important things to spend money on at an animal sanctuary--preventing dog-urine- brown-spots on a lawn would be a foolish expenditure. Furthermore, what might the needless side effects be on the dogs who were given the supplements? Also, how much extra time would be required to purchase, prepare, and give the supplements to the dogs?

Widget is happy in her new home. Widget is satisfied with her minions at the moment. Widget wishs a few wiener dogs be moved to another realm. Widget offers thanks for your acceptable service.

Surfing the web at lunch today I read 2 stories about really awful things people have done to animals. I dont even want to read the news anymore, it is too sad. That is one of the reasons I am so glad Steve and Alayne decided to start a blog when they opened RDR. This is a sanctuary not just for the animals they save, house, love and care for but it is also a place we can come to be reminded there really are good people and safe places in the world. Places where no matter what an animal look like or what is wrong with him or her, they are still loved and valued. Bless you both for the work you do and the care & love you share with your animals and with the rest of us too. Anne

Ah, yes - fall is here. The rolling part of the walks I take with my dogs has tripled. Maybe I'll roll with them so I can keep getting my exercise. Lynne, where can I find the video you mention of Widget rolling and with a song in it too?

A dog rolling in the grass; brown spots in that same grass, all signs of a well loved home.

Love this picture of Widget...that is contentment!!

Congrats on winning some funds from the Shelter Challenge!
Hugs & congrats all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh, how precious! :)

I don't mind brown spots. Much better than the monochrome green of Chemlawn. Besides, they eventually turn into bushy green clumps anyway. Widget looks very happy. What a sweetie. Glad everyone is settling in so well. I hope you like your new digs half as much as the 4-footed ones do!

One fallen leaf - fall is in the air!

(Or is that a chewy toy?)


Thanks for reminding me to stretch Widget.

Especially love the middle photo with your legs straight up in the air. Looks like you are enjoying the day to the fullest.

Rolling, rolling, rolling ...

Brown spots lend character to a lawn ~ (that's MY excuse)

I think Widget's practicing for the Doggie Gymnastics team tryouts !!

Precious, precious baby!! I can't help but smile seeing the pure bliss on that sweet baby's face. Life doesn't get any better than a good back run on lush green grass! Thank you to Seve and Alayne and everyone who makes it possible.

Reminds me of that wonderful video you have of her having a good roll and singing a little song! I watch that when I need a smile.

Re: the brown grass—most of your dogs are blind anyway, so they don't care!

and a thousand happy beagle whooo-whooo's too!

She looks so happy

Steve, You are just simply too funny..thanks for getting a jump on the brown spot recommendations you would undoubtedly receive, but you forgot to mention a solution for what appears to be a know, there are solutions for ridding yourself of a is a rake. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :)

What a great way to start the day-seeing Widget happy in her new home! Lots of love to you all. You are truely remarkable people who really are doing g-ds work on earth.

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