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August 26, 2010


This story made me chuckle as I have a tabby cat that will climb onto the 3rd level of their platform "toy" then proceed to loom, then lean into, then finally push off any other cat who might already be there. Thankfully, there have been no injuries, as the pushed cat usually ends up hanging then dropping. Share? :)

It's obvious....after being photographed for the previous post, rolling around and symbolizing the ranch, Widget was feeling a sense of entitlement!

Widget's always stealing our hearts!

Do you have any idea how many people love and adore you? Or how you brighten the day for so many of us? I wish I just give you a big hug and a kiss!

I'll bet you anything that Widget ALWAYS thinks the dog moving is because of her silent intimidation and not something else or someone else. Too cute!

That is hilarious. Widget, you certainly don't back down to get what you want, do you?

I love how Dexter decided to try & wait her out. But knowing he wouldn't get any rest being stared at decided the best way to not let Widget know she "stared him down" was to use the excuse to follow Alayne.

I can't believe it's been 2 years since you posted this same scenario between Widget & Stuart. Wow, time sure flies!

LOVE it. Baby Sissy did it to Mugsy - "I wanna snuggle!" - then baby Gretchen returned the favor and poor Sis still will give me a look that says, "She's cute, but she's a nuisance you know..."

for Ray the Blind wrote "I pretend not to notice"...sometimes it is best to just 'turn a blind eye' to certain things ;) (heeheehee)

OH THAT WIDGET! Her posts always make me laugh! : )

You really need to compile your blog posts into a book - they never fail to brighten my day!

That is so funny! Like Adele, I never get tired of the stories, especially the Widget tales.

Love it! Great way to start my morning with a dog story and lots of chuckles. You write well.

I have 3 dogs, Tara and Angel who are rather large and Kassie who is of medium stature. All Kassie has to do is go up to either Tara or Angel and stare for a moment and they will abandon their comfy napping place. Angel, for example, would be laying on one side of the couch and the other side would be empty. Yet when Kassie wants to get up there she will stare and make Angel get up even though there's plenty of room for both.

Widget, you are the queen! :)

The next Animal Rescue Site Shelter+ Challenge will begin on Monday, September 20th!

Widget certainly knows what she wants and knows how to get it!;-)

Widget is a girl after my own heart.

We have a female bulldog and she does the same thing with our two male boxers. When she starts to stare we refer to it as "the stink eye" and the boys always respond by moving. She has no idea she's one-third their size, she rules the roost!

I never tire of hearing about your wonderful babies!

Ray the Blind Dog does the same thing to my husband, G. Just crawls up on the (favorite) chair behind him, or next to him, or wherever he can fit (he is NOT a small dog) and waits for G. to cave. G. has started to do it to Ray. Just sits on the chair, however he can fit, and waits for Ray to cave.
I pretend not to notice...

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