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August 17, 2010


What a great picture, made me smile to see Dusty all curled up like that in his den. What a life!

That's an especially lovely picture of Dusty, and I was glad to see it as I was just thinking about him. Everybody seems to be at home already. reflecting the superior care you and Alayne give them. Thank you for all your photos and stories, Steve. All best wishes to you, Alayne and the animals of RDR in your new home.

Thank You Steve! I enjoy each of your blog entries,through your eyes and words we all become a part of RDR!!

Thank you for the lovely picture and description of Dusty's daily routine. I felt as though I was watching him.
Perhaps because there are so many RDR critters moved together, they have adjusted better than ones that are "onlies".
Thanks again for the updates. I truly enjoy them.

What a wonderful picture!!! The husky we take care of that is colored like Dusty loves to lay in the dirt--it doesn't do wonders for his coat either! Yes, it is obvious the animals are all adjusting well. I can't wait to see the cat's new digs!!!!

Thanks for sharing this. Our dog went blind and it is amazing how well thier other senses compensate. This was a nice reminder for me.

Sounds like you all have found your "niche"

Thank you for all you and Alayne do!!

By the way, beautiful photo. You have a great eye for composition, color, light and setting. The afternoon light on Dusty is right on and highlights exactly what your story is telling. Nice job.

What a beautiful picture of Dusty & his den, would love to see a video of him in action, thank you for this update!

Great picture of Dusty. Glad he has "his spot" in the yard. When you mentioned how Dusty uses his "mental map" to navigate, I immediately thought of Levi. If you watch him cruise around the backyard, or head for the back stairs to come back inside, you would never know he was blind!! When we hike Mt. Helena and he is off leash, people are amazed when they found out he is blind. Levi is one confident dog and I am blessed to have him and Timmy in my life. Thanks again you two for all you do. I miss you terribly!!

Wonderful story and photo :)

Hi Steve and Alyane,
Thanks for the updates! When we moved Parker had a horrible time adjusting. So, I couldn't imagine what it was like for all the RDR fur kids to travel across country, find themselves at a new place, and not to have mom there. Glad to know they are as resilient as they appear-in the photos- to be. :)

What a beautiful pic & story. It would be great to capture on film, but you've described it beautifully. I'd say that Dusty has found his "niche".
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh, and as to Dusty not showering b4 he comes inside....Silly Steve, If he did you wouldn't know who he was if he came in all clean, shiny and not DUSTY.

Steve, you have done a wonderful job not only showing how everyone is adjusting but also glimpses of all the mountains of work this move produced. I think all of us have our favorites (a few of mine are Cinder, Hawk, Spinner, Daisy & of course, Miss Maragret etc...) and we so badly want to see them individually. You cant put them all on one post but we each want to see our favorites. Also I, & probably others too, would love to see more of the 'lay of the land'. We get glimpses of your beautiful new home and it does look wonderful! Keep up the good work. You have so much to do and yet you are so good to us to share the days stories with us, Thank you.

I love the photo of Dusty's den. What a perfect spot! The description of him navigating his new surroundings is much appreciated. These animals are amazing and I'm so glad to see they are settling in so well. Why wouldn't they?
Yes, please, more photos. Your new place is so beautiful. I can't be the only one who is jealous! ;)

Ahhh, what a wonderful life. Dusty, I think your name is very suited for you giving how you remind Steve of a coal miner when you return home every evening! I would love to see the evening routine. I'm so glad to hear all the animals are adjusting well. I can't wait to see the new cat house!!!

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