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August 19, 2010


I love the work you guys do....however as a long-time cat rescue worker...I cringe at the outdoor cats. I've seen so many of them after they tangle with something that they have no defense against.....

From the looks of it, Smoke has found some new prey to hunt. Consider the feline job complete. ; ))
Love the barn cats!!

Yes! Cat post, on a post no less! I agree with some of the other comments, more cat post are needed! Horses too!

He is soooooo handsome! My My!! Please dont take the perch down. Wonderful picture :)

Smoke is absolutely gorgeous!! And what a lovely viewpoint for him... I don't think I could take the fence down!

I too am glad to hear something about the cats, and would love to have them be a little bit more regular part of the blog! Some of us have a special fondness for them.

He looks perfectly balanced up there - and ready to spring - would not want to be looking up at him!! Lovely picture.

Love the picture. Lots more places to explore in N.H. than there was in Ovando. The tall green grass, the forest and who knows what you'll find by the pond!! What a great place to be a cat. I know mind would LOVE it!!

So glad to hear a lilttle something about the cats. I love your great work with all of the critters you have saved but just wish that the felines could be a little closer part of the family. (However, I do get the alergy problem!!) Thanks for all of your work and updates.

Does that grass need mowing??? ;-)

Smoke looks right at home. I recall a similar picture from back in Montana of a cat doing the very same thing.

That is one beautiful cat and I love the rings on the tail!

What a wonderful place to let a cat be a cat. It looks like he has this little corner of the world all to himself, at least for the moment. What a great shot. Happy hunting Smoke. I bet Smudge is somewhere close by keeping an eye on the 'cat deck' where she likes to nap while watching this corner of the world go by. You "barn" cats are the coolest.

I had been wondering how the barn cats were adjusting. Being so used to living in the Montana barn, they got put in crates and hauled across the country. Not sure they were too happy about that! Are they all friendly enough that you are able to pet and hold them? (and pick them up to put in a crate?) They seem to have adjuted remarkedly well, like the rest of the animals. And I'm betting they enjoy the lush vegetation, also. I hope they're not allowed out of the barn at night. No telling what might be lurking in those woods. (Lions, tigers and bears - oh my!)

Don't take the fence down, it's very picturesque!


Smoke almost looks like an owl on his perch! I had to look closer to actually tell that it was a cat. Maybe I should get some sleep. Glad Smoke is enjoying the leftovers.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a good looking cat Smoke is! I love this picture. It looks like the king sitting tall surveying his kingdom! Thanks for sharing!

Amazing how well the Barn cats have adjusted---cats are such creatures of habit and to think they have settled in so quickly is truly amazing! HOME SWEET HOME in N.H.

Oh boy are you going to get harsh comments about that. I on the other hand, love the picture

I thought it was a mountain lion....

I love it! What's for lunch today, Smoke?

Leave the fence post! It apparently makes a wonderful perch, not to mention a good subject for a blog photo...

Yes indeed. Looks like everyone has settled in nicely!

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