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July 29, 2010


Thank you to all! Norma is sooo very lucky...what a beautiful, priceless quilt!

Wow...what a prize Norma and in Switzerland. It's amazing and warming to see so many RDR fans across the world. Enjoy your prize!

Absolutely beautiful quilt! Thanks for all you do for RDR, Barbara and congrats to Norma!

Wow - what a beautiful quilt!! Thanks Barbara for your work - and congratulations Norma!!

How nice to see Dr. Dave! And Barbara: thank you again for your generous labor of love.

Congratulations Norma!!!

Barbara- such a cute quilt. I'll bit it is exciting knowing your creation will reach all the way into Switzerland!

And above all, AWESOME contribution to RDR.

Congratulations to Norma!

Thank you to Barbara!

It's nice to see Dr. Dave again...

Wow! Barbara has done it again. As a past winner (I love my quilt), I can only hope we can look forward to another beauty next year - that is if Barbara forgives you for deserting to New Hampshire!

Congratulations to Norma!! How wonderful that one of your strong long time supporters has won the lovely quilt that Barbara Edwards made. You are amazing Barbara!


Another gorgeous, creative quilt and gift to the RDR. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and generosity for the animals.

You are an angel...

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