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July 18, 2010


I am glad that the move is paying off with reduction of gas and etc, but we sure miss you guys and all the animals in Montana! Keep up the great work!

Gotta love the gas savings! Living close to the places you need to go is great. I agree with others...I would keep both the big trucks since you just never know when having both will come in handy, not to mention that they are both paid off!

Saving cash for the residents (yourself included), your priceless time AND improving your carbon footprint. Great results!

Hmm, well, I think I really have to vote 'no'. So sorry. The above referenced photo shows ok composition, not very cute or cudly tho. The colors are nothing to write home about but the focusing is right on. The exposure is also good but the rt. to left balance seems a touch off (electric pole). And the biggie: lack of dog muzzle sticking out the drivers side window watching what is going on outside...a cute blind Madison nose would have added a lot to the photos chances. But alas, I must cast my 'No' vote for the "Should this picture be in the maybe sometime in the future RDR calendar." I know the picture has to go to the preview commitee but I dont think they will see much in this one either (commitee members: Lena, Cinder, Spinner, Helen, Widget, Cedar and Hawk) Better luck with future shots...although this does make a great point about how nice it must be to be so close to town. ;) anne

I'm cheering for you! That will sure free up some money for you to spend on other things.
And it isn't as if BP needs any more of your money, is it?

My congratulations! And I understand about consolidating errands. We live just five miles from anything--grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, mailing, etc.--and considerably farther from a lot of other things. I rarely go out without making 6 or more stops.

That's wonderful news about your savings in gas! It really makes a difference in the budget to lower the usage!

Hey guys, thought you should know that Google still shows you in MT. :)

That's great about the savings in gas. It will be really interesting to see what your utility bills will be like compared to MT. I think being 3 miles from town is going to yield many benefits. Some of the sanctuaries here who have acreage have an open to the public day once a month and they get lots of donations in cash and wish list items and potential good donors plus lots of volunteers to help out on a regular basis because it's not far to drive to.

WOW! Amazing and obviously a welcome change. B4 trading in a truck you may want to go thru one whole round of seasons first, including a never know when a truck, or two, will come in really handy. Just a thought for ya. Anne

Glad to see the move is paying off already. My gut says to keep both trucks. You just never know, like for reasons that you've mentioned, when you might need both at the same time. And when you can fill up this infrequently, it's not like there's a lot of gas guzzling going on. Are both trucks silver?

Hi Steve and Alayne

I'm new to your blog/ website and just wanted to congratulate you on what you've achieved and thank you for what you're doing. Rolling Dog Ranch is a real inspiration.

As to the trucks - anyone looking after lots of animals know that you probably need three! One for each partner and one just in case.


WOW!! Hey, how about two trucks and heaven for bid you get a "people" car too!

That's awesome news! I'm envious! Seems I'm always having to fill up -- but we live out in the sticks too.....that's nice that you guys are getting a lot of breaks on things since you have was meant to be...

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