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July 20, 2010


No kidding...Is that dog really has no teeth at all? How pity..

I love to see updates about Dexter! This is probably a little bit of an over share- but when he had his first surgery with us in California the vet sent his teeth home with me. My dog ate them the next day. Apparently they were just irresistable! Thank you for taking such great care of this guy- He has truly landed in Doggie heaven on earth!

Poor old Dexter, he so reminds me of my old dog who was constantly leaving his teeth all over the place, till he ended up with a face only his mother could love.
This is a really friendly blog and to anyone that takes care of wounded animals deserves a pat on the back.

I love this picture. And since my little guy, Renaldo, is not far behind Mr. Dexter, I always enjoy seeing stuff about him.

Dexter, you are one handsome boy with or without those teeth! Love your cute face!

Oh, sweet Dexter, you are so hugable. I hope you work this sad, pity-me look to the max. Teeth or no teeth you are adorable. (better no teeth if they were going bad, bad teeth can be really, really unhealthy for you!). Hugs to you sweetie. Anne

This has got to be one of the cutest pictures ever!

It seems like all the animals are having a smooth transition to NH. Would love to hear from your perspective how they are all doing. Has it been smooth for everyone?

Your animals make me smile.

How cute! One of my cats has lost his two upper canine teeth and often has the very same expression!

Oh well, forget the teeth - my long cute ears, big eyes and sweet pointed little face make me too cute anyway! - so there. :)

Dexter, you are adorable and one lucky doggie.

Wonderful that you keep up with the needed dental work. That could be really painful otherwise and bring on other health issues. The cuteness is a bonus- made me smile, :) Worth blowing up onto a larger screen view for sure.

What a sweet, sweet face.

My three cats, Willow, Charlotte and Plum were part of 25 feral cats rescued from a NJ backyard. Turns out genetically most of those cats have bad gums & teeth so I know about getting dental work done on animals. Even though my girls lose teeth every time they go for dental cleanings (Plum is down to 3 canines) they feel so much better it's worth it. So, I know Dexter might look like a little old man but he must feel so much better with someone watching out for his chompers. Go Dexter! I think you're adorable!

Dexter is such a cutie! I love that pic & the title of this is perfect!

What a sweet little guy!

I heart Dexter T. Dickens. The minute I saw his picture my day got better!!

Like Ev, my first thought was, "Grampa"! What a cutie he is.

I've got a little guy like that, a miniature schnauzer rescued from a puppy mill. He has about 10 teeth left. I feed our dogs raw, so he gets a grind of raw meat and bones. He scarfs it down like a champ and looks around for more!

This photo is priceless. Just like Dexter!

What a great shot! Dexter's adorable no matter how many teeth he has.

It is amazing to me how doxie's are cute no matter what... and you hit it on the head... this photo of Dexter is indeed endearing.

Barbara Techel

Dexter is my man so glad to see that sweet smile!

I took one look at that picture, got a big grin on my face and then just started chuckling. Dexter has to be one of the most adorable little dogs I have ever seen! That toothless grin on his face is just priceless :)

The picture of Dexter made my day! What a sweetheart. Hope the transition at the ranch is going well. We miss you guys dearly!

Dexter T. has a "permanent" smile! Simply adorable!The photo says...... Look at me, Look at me!! Reminds me of Widget and her "Wink"

I love how animals can make me chuckle no matter how I'm feeling - just by being themselves! Thanks for sharing :)

He's still dog-gone cute!!!! Love you Dexter

Steve: Dexter says "What goes around comes around". He has asked Alayne to post a picture of you when your toothless day comes. Revenge! :)

Sweet Dexter. You look adorable! And don't worry, cuz Mom and Daddy will mash up your food real good for you, honey.

Poor guy!!! But for most old animals thats not too bad. My cat OJ has only his 4 canines left and all he eats are crunchies, you wouldn't think so with only 4 teeth left. So go to it Dexter. Love, Cheryl oxoxoxoxoxo

You hit the nail right on the head Steve....he looks exactly like a little old man with no teeth....adorable all the same!

You two are the best. There could easily be a hourly blog with all the antics and quirks. Thanks so much.

Dexter is as handsome as ever!

My dog, Jack, had a root canal 6 years ago to save a molar. We were told at the time the root canal wouldn't last forever and he'd eventually lose that tooth. Little did we know he would end up with heart disease that prevents him from being anesthetized, and now we can't remove the tooth. It has resulted in a chronic sinus infection and he's on long-term antibiotics.

So the moral of my story is that it's a good thing Dexter lost those teeth and didn't get a bunch of root canals that could cause problems later! Besides, he's incredibly endearing... and you picked exactly the right title for this blog.

That is sooo CUTE!!!!!!!

Dexter T. has cute down pat!!!! I guess he was kind of embarrassed about smiling for the camera or was he? Poor Baby! Will you be switching him to canned food?
You can only do so much "gumming". Smooches, Dexter T.!!!

Poor baby - it's not easy getting old and having bad teeth. But he's taking it in stride and looking as cute as ever. And that big nose of his contributes to his endearing look.

Grampa Dexter is adorable, even without his chompers. Nice smile Dex.

Oh bless him.. that photo is just adorable!!

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