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July 11, 2010


That is just too funny! And, boy I can relate & wish I was laying right there on the floor beside him. Hope you get a pic of the flying Widget...that will be hilarious!!

Maybe you should go ahead and invest in air conditioning:

Our puppy lays on the ac vents. Girl dogs are smart!

Gotta love Widget...she's a hoot! I wish there were days I didn't have to use my air conditioning, but like Lynne said, we here in South Carolina would die without it! I know the northeast is still having some very hot weather. Could you put a couple of window air conditioners in? At least they would be there when you need them. I hope the rest of the summer is pleasant up there for you and the crew!

Lukes new BFF is the box fan in my bedroom! I also thought it was funny that the "people wing" has been taken over by dogs already, although i think most of us knew that was going to happen eventually!

Finally a post on Widget..
Great photo... hows Dexter??

I thought of Travis during that heat wave y'all had last week. But of course I know you're keeping a special eye on him so I don't worry. Thank you for providing me with a place to come and see animals having a great life. I read so many stories of otherwise.

If you freeze some blocks of ice like in tupper ware containers. Place it in a bowl in front of the fan, the fan will actually be blowing cool air instead of hot air.

Humans will feel better as well!


Better than -22F ?

Widget is a very smart girl. My dog, Jack, hates hot weather - he's more sensitive to it than any other animal I've known. This summer has been especially tough on him with his medical conditions (recently finished chemo). We bought him one of those cooling beds that you fill with water and we are amazed at how cool it is! We're only sorry we didn't buy one sooner...

Here's hoping everyone at RDR finds a way to keep cool this summer!

Your description of the flying Widget reminds me of one of the doxies (Bailey?) in the wind tunnel between buildings there in Montana. Those were funny pictures!

You people in the New England area have been on my mind during the heat wave. I know many places don't have a/c because it is usually not needed. Here in South Carolina we would just die without it. Hung laundry out yesterday and within 30 minutes it was baked to perfection!

Widget is unhappy. Widget requires a nice comfy bed in front of the fan. Widget is losing faith in her (up to now) acceptable minions to treat her in the manner Widget requires.

Aaackkkk - no air conditioning???!!!

Please tell me that your heat wave was around 75 - 78 degrees -

Looks like Widget is the smartest one in the bunch, picking front and center by the fan... soon the word will spread and they will all be lying in front with him, spread out in a circular pattern like spokes on a wheel.

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