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July 13, 2010


I drove past Ovando about 10 days ago and thought about the ranch. Sad that it is not here in Big Sky Country, but I am sure glad that you are continuing tha fantastic job that you guys do with all of these special animals. May you have continued success and happiness in the great state of New Hampshire! Missing you in Montana!

Welcome to NH. My husband, dog and I travel up to the White Mountains every Thanksgiving to Franconia. If you ever need volunteers, let me know.

Congratulations on a successful move to your new home! Love your choice in vehicle plates!

You lucky dogs!!

Having been an Army wife for 21 years, there was always wonderlust for the next place, and a little tug at the heartstrings for the place I just left. As others said, I'm sure it was bittersweet. Hope you feel as "at home" there in NH, as I'm sure you did in Montana.

Your commitments to the animals and your choices are always so admirable. I hope it feels to you both like it appears to all of us.....this was a good move for the animals and the future of RDR.

Congrats on the final chapter of the move. You and Alayne are truly an inspiration!

Hey, how do I know that's you w/o a hat?

Guess I'll just take your word for it , Steve

I wish you total happiness in your new,beautiful home !

Welcome to your new home. Home is where the hearts are, all different species of hearts. Bittersweet to take the Montana plates off tho, I bet. Montana was pretty good to you all. Glad you are feeling at home now. Dont forget to take a few moments every now and again to just enjoy where you are. : ) Anne

It is amazing how well your move went...due I am sure to your careful planning...all the a job...too bad you can't take a well deserved rest...hope you can relax at least a bit now that all the move is finished and your plates make it official :)

Congrats on making it official!
Love the NH Moose license plate too.

Now how about a family picture of everybody ;)


Us folks way out west feel a little empty knowing you'all are "way over there" on the other side of the country! But what a great move! You've been truly inspirational in all you have accomplished! I get bone tired just reading about it sometimes. LOL

It's a privilege to be a tiny part of RDR!
Blessings to everyone and especially those precious 3 and 4 legged critters!

Congrats and welcome! Let us all know when we can visit for those of us who are now within driving distance of the ranch.

Congratulations on a huge task completed so efficiently! Hope you can get some relaxation mixed in with taking in your new surroundings. Interesting plate!

Now you need a Red Sox hat!

WooHoo, it's official. What a beautiful new home you have. From what I have seen so far, the animals will definitely be happy too. Thanks for the great work you do.

Cheering here in SC!

Congratulations on a well orchestrated move.

Changing the license plates is like a 'right of passage.' Welcome to New Hampshire!

Not use to seeing you witout a hat!!

New Hampshire is lucky to have you!

I hope so. I am sure you the logistics of moving again would give you nightmares!!
Glad you feel at home. You have a lovely place. Good choice you 2.

Thanks for supporting the conservation fund! And the new license plates mean welcome to sweet home New Hampshire!

I'm so glad that it feels like home to you already.In your feild of work it sure looks good to be supporting the conservation too.Now you just need a "HOME SWEET HOME' sign.Bless you all

What? No vanity plates in NH? RDR1 and RDR2?? ;-)

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