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July 22, 2010


Dee's Mom, Anne in FL, Lynn(in Louisiana)

Thank you so much for your prayers & words of comfort!!!

Goldie looks so content livin the good life!
Colleen,You and Sweet Kitty Erin are in my thoughts & prayers.

Colleen, you are in my prayers, as is Sweet Kitty Erin. My heart aches for you in your loss. Anne

I said a prayer for you Colleen and Sweet Kitty Erin. He is in Heaven playing with his new friend, my kitty Spanky. I understand your sadness. I'm sure everyone who blogs here does also. XOXO to you. You'll meet up again one day.

Oh Colleen, I'm so sorry about Erin. Hopefully your happy memories will give you some comfort.

Goldie is too cute and I just love the continuing saga of the laundry basket beds!!

I see all is good in the world of RDR..

Aw, Goldie is such a pretty girl. I think you should just get a bunch of baskets for every area of the house and line them with some old towels and let the furkids have at it! Maybe even outside on the porch, too. So much cheaper and apparently comfy since the dogs love them so much! Like I always say...whatever works! :)

That is the cutest picture! Goldie sure knows comfort when she see it. Wonderful to see her! My nephew has a lab & a chihuahua & I will sit for them when they are out of town. I think about this blog every time I go there cuz the chihuahua is always on the big bed & the lab is on the little one. This is always going to a puzzle to us humans!!!

On another note, I have been following this blog for a long time & those who have seen my posts can see I always have included my sweet kitty's name. Sadly, shockingly & unexpectedly he passed away yesterday. My heart is broken & I am racked w/ grief. With all the pet lovers here & if you pray I am asking for a small prayer for comfort.

RIP, Erin 12-9-2004 to 7-22-2010.

Blockin' the door - so what! I've got my basket and I'm in it NOW! (said in J.D. Wentworth voice). What a sweet girl Goldie is - thanks for the laugh :)

Is the living room in the "people" wing or the "dog" wing of the house? How long did that last? They train us quickly, don't they?

Goldie! nice to see you sweet girl. You know where the comfort is. My old kitty, Ross (18) loves my laundry baskets too. Hugs to you.

Awww, love Goldie. Does she need any more stuffed squeaky toys to remove the squeakers from? Her surgical precision makes me laugh.

Your dogs like baskets as much as my cats like boxes! :)

Awww, so glad to see that all the residents are settling in so well at RDR v2.0. Clearly they have adjusted well to their new home!

Awwwww...gotta love those comfy beds! Glad to see Goldie is looking cute as ever!

Home is where your basket is! and your blankie, too.

And they are cheaper than dog beds that one can buy at the pet store.
What an inexpensive way to make dogs and kitties feel comfortable!
Goldie is adorable!

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