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July 27, 2010


aaahhhhh home *happy sigh*

I googled your new location with satelite imaging and couldn't figure out what the large blue tarp was for. Now I know you have 50,000 pounds of "stuff" under there.


Good Bless you Both! That is alot of stuff to move. Thanks for doing everything you do for animals. If we can help you out in any way we live in NH and would love to help!

There's a couple of Army schools that could issue you credit for a logistics course......but I think you could teach them a thing or twenty. The Army kinda moves itself, they only have to move their own equipment. What you guys pulled off is way complex, and I enjoyed every blog in amazement of your thoughtful planning and execution of it all!

Congratulations! You guys are tough!--Inger

Wow! That's a major fete! I think the town should throw you & the animals a major welcome party with all the hoopala! You know, champagne, live music, the works. They've gotten something that's going to put them on the map. Congrats on getting everything there safely & a terrific job in doing it all!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Awesome! You all continue to amaze us. Congratulations.

And here I am figuring out how to clean out my garage for the new freezer. Sure puts that into perspective!

Thank you everso for all the hard work you have done and still need to do. 50,000 lb of "stuff". It makes my head swim and my body exceedingly tired to just think about. Whew! I still am very sad that Rolling Dog is no longer in Montana but I have to support your decision and the reasons why. I appreciate you informing us of all that has been going on. I have enjoyed the info you have sent as well as the humorous anecdotes about many subjects. I am exceedingly glad you are now "all moved" and ready to get on with things, that is, after you unload. You now live and work in another beautiful section of the U.S. I have hiked a number of times in northern NH, including part of the Appalachian trail and have stayed in huts of the Appalachian Trail Hut system. I loved the country and the people. Keep us posted. Thanks a bunch for keeing us informed throughout this move.
May you have the best of success with your venture in NH. Phyllis Snow, Kalispell, MT

Wow! I knew this was a huge move, but hearing about the pre-departure health exams for the dogs and horses was an additional surprise.

All I can say is well certainly had our respect before, but now it is really over the top.

Best wishes to you all in your new home!!

I tried picturing in my mind getting prepared for such an event and all I could see were clipboards of tasks to do and lists. Lists everywhere + Post-it notes everywhere! It just boggles the mind. Not only the prep work involved, but the cost of the new place, the vet expenses to get the animals ready to transport, then the actual moves...OMG! You must feel you can handle anything at this point! Job well done guys. Congratulations on a MOST successful relocation!!

Kudos to Mike, Dave and all the other wonderful people who helped you along this journey to your new home. I'll bet it feels wonderful to know that the move is finally finished and all you have to do is put away some things. All of you at the ranch are so inspiring!

Wow!I can't even imagine moving all that. God Bless you both.

Has the place in Montana sold as of yet?

Such great news, and what a relief, I'm sure! Now you can all (animals and humans) take a deep breath and enjoy!

Impressive and amazing! And how appropriate that the last item off at RDR would be a dog house! Woof!

As they say on TV
Welcome Home Rolling Dog Family Welcome Home

Actually I've been thinking about the logistics and the time you must have spent planning, scheduling, organizing.....I can't even imagine. You made it look so easy. Congrats on completing your move and warm wishes for settling in! : )

Oh My Gosh!! I dont think many of us had any idea of exactly how much went into the collosal move! I am so glad you had such good people to work with...Dave H., Mike, the wonderful pet trasport team, your vets in MT etc... Wow. Thank yous to everyone of you all. You have my utmost respect. What a huge undertaking. I am glad you are all there safe and sound and have the rest of the summer to get settled b4 winter comes in. Again, WOW, what a move, I'm impressed (and glad I don't have to do anything like that!) Hugs to all, especially Hawk, Spinner & Cinder (a few of my favorites). Anne

How wonderful to have all of your moving done...even if it is not all put in it's are amazing...a real inspiration!
God Bless your new home and all you do!!

I admire your devotion. You all absolutely amaze me. It was a long journey but I wish you all the blessings life can hold in your new home.

AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN!! 17 trips--WOW!!!!!

Makes moving a sofa bed easy! Yea dog houses!! I don't see any cat trees! tee hee

I get exhausted just reading about all that you do. I think I'll go lay down.

Bless you both for your compassion for animals that otherwise might be overlooked. You inspire me.

Thank you Mike. You're part of history.

I am so incredibly grateful that I have been along on this journey, albeit from the comfort of my desk chair.

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