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June 20, 2010


Beagles do NOTHING in moderation!!

I hope the people in South Bend treated Alayne and her furry companions well. South Bend is about 35 miles from where I live. (I live in Michigan.)

Glad Alayne and the gang are on their way.Wishing her and the fur kids safe travels. It will be nice to see you all togather again.Now maybe you will have a little time to enjoy the little things in life! :-)

Wow...what an expedition you are undertaking! Best of luck in the move and familiarization of your NEW home. Now that you're a bit closer(I'm in New Brunswick-just north of Maine), I may be able to go and visit your new 'digs'(no pun intended, Austin) some day.
~ judy and my Newfs Alex & Misty ~

I have digger dogs too and if I could only convince them to dig the holes for my tree plantings, all would be right in my universe... like that's gonna happen....

Austin's still in the hole waiting for Alayne.

Oh, Austin you can always provide a smile & a laugh. Ya know, I think he believes someone has to have buried a bone in there!! I love how he is peeping out of the hole with a look that is saying...ah, Dad, it was like this when I got here!!!

Happy that Alayne is on her way. Prayers for safe travel! I know you & all the furry kids will be very happy to see her & have everyone finally all under one roof!!!!!

HAHA - Too funny to see Austin's cute little slightly tilted head - A beagle just has to have a little fun - and maybe you and Alayne can break out some champagne for the occasion of her arrival -- Hooray, you did it!!

Steve, you forgot to add the rabbit to the hole! ;)

Best Wishes to Alayne for a safe journey.

Nothing neater than a dog who likes to dig getting a hole of his own and permission to go for the gusto.

RDR2 will be official when Alayne arrives. It probably doesn't feel weird to you since you're there already and busy but as Alayne goes across country it's the final bit of RDR1 being no more and left in the past. If RDR2 wasn't so darn beautiful and homey it would really be sad.

Nice to see the dogs are making themselves at home and making some modifications to have their home the way they want it. Safe travel Alayne, Hope the navigators dont take you too far astray. Have they taken you to the worlds largest ball of string yet??

I'm so happy to hear that Alayne is on her way. You've both been having to do so much alone. Your new home is beautiful, but it will be even better when everyone is home (and together.) Can't wait to hear that Alayne and her minions have made it there safely.

Good travels for Alayne--which means cooperative doggies. I'll be so relieved when she's finally there, so I can't imagine how much more relieved you will be!

That pic of Austin made me laugh. He may be on a treasure hunt.
I'm thrilled that Alayne and the last five of the dogs are well underway to you. I know it's going to be a joyful reunion for all. I'm getting teary just thinking about it.
I'm sending her safety vibes as she travels smooth sailing.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Glad to hear Alayne is on her way with the rest of the crew. Please take lots of pictures of the fur kids welcoming her home. I am sure the greeting she will get from you and all the fur kids at the ranch will be priceless!

Hip Hip Hooray !!

Alayne is on her way !!

How happy she will be to see her new home and be a family again

So happy for ALL of you !

I can't wait to hear that Alayne and her five four-legged companions have arrived safely in NH!

A HUGE hug to you all from Italy.

That picture is priceless...nothing but a cute dog head popping out! Adorable!

So glad Alayne is on her way. Sending safe travel vibes for her and the canine clan!

Beagles are excellent excavators!!

We are so happy to hear Alayne is on her way. :) I heard a tornado touched down in Billings Montana and was hoping she wasn't anywhere near there. I'm glad to hear she is so close to home. Thank you very much for the update. Our prayers are with her. XOXO.

Too cute!!!

Bravo Alayne! You have been missed by all! Prayers for safe travels.

Hey, any chance of a search feature being added while you're updating the website?? I seem to recall a beagle who would disappear into holes at dusk; was that Austin?? I'm too lazy to search the archives.

I feel good about Alayne having Mitch with her. I like a feisty dog.

Safe travel thoughts being sent from the south.

Too precious... great picture!

I am very happy for you ALL, that you will finally get to be together again.
I can only imagine what a great plan, and astronomical amount of work, this task has been to accomplish.
Bless all of you; and each of those who have contributed to the journey. A special hug for all of those who have adopted the precious tresures.

Safe journey Alayne.....I am sure the entire human and animal crew is missing you greatly.

So glad that will all be together soon.The ranch is beautiful...

Hilarious!! My dogs love to "dig to china"

Alayne is in my neck of the woods! Prayers for a contined safe journey home.

Austin: "My hole! Don't no one come near it.... no bones buried here. Nothing to see. Move along."

Steve: "Call the fence man... we're going to need a wee tiny bit more of fencing for Austin's hole" :-)

Glad to hear Alayne is on her way. We'll be waiting for her travel story...... of course, she MUST have a travel story - Cross country with 5 blind dogs navigating.....

She was planning on South Bend, right? LOL

Sending best wishes...... are so darn cute!! You are such a ........ well....beagle!!
Safe journey Alayne. I am sure you will all be grateful to have your family all together again.

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